Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 3 Episode 13 – The Reunion Part 1


After a whirlwind season packed with sex tapes, prenups, and rappers having more kids out of wedlock, the cast of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood polished off round 3 with a celebration of love on the strength of Ray J’s wedding. But now that the dust has settled on all of the heart-string pulling festivities, the crew is ready to get ratchet and air-out their grievances at the 2-part reunion.

  • (((((YEP I SAID IT)))))

    I totally agree
    on the arm of masika dress It look like she got in she go in a knock down drag out with
    NASAL- E πŸ‘ƒ , NASEL- EπŸ‘ƒ is Always throwing the first punch all the time she needed to keep her old Mama hands to herself she the oldest person on that stage I bet she smells like old lady perfume NASEL- E she always Pressed about something Masika is funny back in the day we us to say CADING or CRACKING ON SOMEONE NOWADAYS they say Throw shade and Masika was Cracking all on NASEL -E and all of it was sooooo funny. Love me some
    Miss Maskia 😊😊😊

  • Aleshia George

    I went back an d took another look and I’m wondering what’s going on with masikas look/ dress. Something is not right.

  • William Freedman


  • IG: ThisisAnointed

    Lyrica’s husband. Hmmmm. He’s very uhhhhh pinkly.

  • Pebbles

    Nikki is very insecure…because if she says that she is above it all and don’t care why do she gets upset when someone does to her what she do to them… especially if you’re not in a relationship.

  • Pebbles

    True! I say look at the baby him or she is sooo precious….(that’s southern talk for your baby ugly as hail).LOL!

  • monerobinson

    It’s never cool to call someone’s child ugly, but not every kid is cute lol

  • unbothered

    Then dont watch

  • fran

    i agree its crazy how brandi made a negative motherhood comment then jumped to fight moniece last reunion but dont understand why the moniece did what she did. i died when moniece said she shouldve have said her child was ugly outloud. but correction princess tried to jump in when lil bradi went to fight mo. and why is shonda trying to put her input in. she doesnt want to be an outcast so she words her statement good when it comes to talking about brandi but rolls her eyes at moniece smh at these chicks who judge. !) shonda a former stripper but judges mo, 2)brandi steals from her child and lies to her husband. 3)princess has no kids but is a known thot, dated floyd then married his good friend. 4)MAX acting like a bish ,like ray j did last reunion.

  • Aleshia George

    You took the words right out of my mouth. I don’t even need to comment! Lol

  • Lacy K

    Masika always talkin bout how much work poeple had done yet she clearly has had her lips done and has fake titties, and probably a few more things we dont know know about. Girl sit

  • asidkisses

    I’m getting so over the N*gger Scott Young Productions.

    -Nikki is the Mannequin challenge itself. When her and Rosa kissed, I GAGGED.

    – I have really come to love Safaree. Females always want to holler out someone’s a lame and that’s why they stay with a guy who treats them like shit!

    – Lil Brandi is SO annoying, the drama with her and Mo started when SHE jumped in her and Princess fight last season.

    -Princess is so childish to me, she can’t even handle Ray, so please stop talking about fighting Moniece… I can’t stand women who put up with cheating men, then wanna buck up on everybody except them. I hope her and Ray work out… but I think it won’t last past 2 years.

    -The whole sex tape thing is so low to me. I understand Jason Lee is a blogger but don’t try to act like you were just doing your job, you personally held on to a sex tape to expose her to this cast and that is disgusting. I though bloggers report on whats already public? I could never do a vile thing like that, especially if I was a man… it’s pig behavor.