Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 9 Episode 7 – ‘Model Behavior’

On episode 7 Porsha introduces her boyfriend Todd to the family and he reveals something Porsha wasn’t expecting. Phaedra calls Kandi to clear the air, but the conversation takes a turn when Kandi reveals some long-held secrets. Meanwhile, Shereé acts as momager to son Kairo, as he explores a modeling career, Cynthia anxiously awaits news of whether her offer on her dream home was accepted, and Kenya calls on her dad for some fatherly advice.

  • Chelsey seay

    Did episode 8 come on tonight?

  • Z’blu

    Gotta find this on another site its giving me an Unknown Decode Error it wont play…..booo:(

  • GirlFriend

    Phaedra and Kandi both have been making shady comments towards each other in the green room and for a lil while now.. they aren’t friends and hearsay has really helped create that wall right in the middle of whatever history they had. I love me some Kandy bc she does keep it real.. And I admire me some Phaedra bc she does put in a whole lot of effort to hold her mess together regardless to whats going on in her life or around her. What I can’t get with is Kandi breaking the girlfriend code though, you can say Kandi kept it real in the restaurant if you want to BUT bottom line is, she just outed Phaedra’s business like its a shame to want to be private; not once has Phaedra just been out with Kandi’s business that Kandi hasn’t spoken on already. You don’t just air your ex-friends info just bc ya’ll for Whatever reason aren’t cool anymore. Watch though, every time someone gets code-breaking messy like That.. future episodes reveal an even bigger mess for them.. smh

  • Jazz

    Why tf Bob always sweatin nigga ain’t even moving

  • Bri Truthful

    Yup and it back fired Smh I feel bad for him he really cared for her and she did him dirty

  • R C

    I agree with your statement whole hearted. I said the same thing in previous comments. That he’s not as bad as they make him out to be. He knows Kenya is a firecracker and when she had previous boyfriends they brought nothing to the show or her life and when he was brought on the scene I think he liked her so much he was willing to look bad on camera just to win her love

  • Bri Truthful

    He didn’t even want to do it he did because he cared for Kenya and she agreed to pay him you can tell by his demeanor that he is not like that but Kenya offered to pay him and he was in love with her so he said okat ill play the bad guy only now taping is over and she haven’t paid his ass so his pissed and he spilling the beans

  • Bri Truthful

    Kenya offered to pay Matt to tear up her shit for the cameras he not the bad guy she is she just making him look like one

  • Pebbles

    I don’t have a problem with what Kandi said: Pheadra been rutting Kandi out for the longest and she kept quiet…. if a person is lying on you than you speak the truth…,but if they’re not friends and keep it kute then the person keep kute too.

  • Sapphire Royale

    I don’t respect Kenya when it comes to these men that she’s getting into relationships with because she don’t know how to pick them and I see that she can push a lot of buttons with men because her attitude is damn saddity. A man is going to do what you let him do or if you push him to his limits, Kenya. You start it and he finishes it for you. Stick to twirling in and out of your dream world, your reality is real. Phaedra is so fraudulent as an IOU she can’t give nobody nothing but shade behind the back and not to the face, Kandi just called you out on your bullshit. Kandi is so damn real and you can’t deal with the fact that she’s speaking the truth and you don’t have nothing to clap back on. Find another felon to marry and keep sending that money to those books and keep that chocolate in your mouth and not on your hands, Phaedra. Now eat those M&M’s, honey chile.

  • R C

    He’s doing the most for the show. Its a very bad look but he feels and the show feels they need someone who’s equally a fire cracker like Kenya. Recall that her past bf’s were a bore and brought nothing to the show being with her. … Listen don’t get me wrong If this is in normal life she needs to run and run fast away from him because his actions are signs of a violent and possible abusive person. But they push the limits and boundaries so much on reality t.v that its really hard to take anything serious cause they are always trying o push the boundaries.

  • MsCoco_Duh😒

    Maybe I haven’t been watching the same show everyone else has but Kandi kept shit real.

    Every confessional Phaedra is throwing shade.

    Phaedra is a fake who wants the public to believe she is someone she isn’t and feels validated by putting others down.
    Just like when she knew she owed Todd for that video & because she was pressed for cash gone try to flip it like Todd was only asking for his coins because he was broke. She act like every other clown that receives what they want & when it’s time to pay back they catch amnesia.

    Kandi been clocking Phaedra dirt & out of friendship she been keeping quite but when Phaedra started coming for her family Kandi like shit enough is enough shit. Kandi human too & can only take so much. She over Phaedra bs lies & that fake ass friendship of which Phaedra took for granted I’d walked off on the hoe to & shed light on her bs ass life just like she was trying to do to Kandi. Only difference is Kandi really living the life Phaedra once portrayed to have & now envies.

  • Victoria M.

    Did you miss the part where he kicked the glass out of the door or when he told her dad that he gets mad and breaks things? That’s not violent?

  • Candace

    I agree 100% about Phaedra and Kandi and their friendship!

  • Candace

    I respect Kandi for being honest about them no longer being friends, but damn if she ain’t the friend that’s gonna spill allllllllllllllll your tea when things go left. Sheesh. And if it’s not right from her mouth, she let’s her “people” drag you on camera like she doesn’t know it’s going to be seen.

  • J-Dub

    Damn Kandi savage af

  • Goddess

    yasss preach hun could not have said it better myself

  • Pam Mitchell

    I think this whole thing is sad. First, I do not feel sorry for Kenya because she screamed, put down and demeaned Porsha for being violent, put her out of her home but yet, Matt is worse and she “LOVES” him and wants him. Give me a break. You are either against violence and tempers or you are for it! She put the man down, said she was done but yet, called her father to talk to him. She is so desperate to have a man in her life that she will take ANY man.
    As for Kandi and Phaedra, Kandi’s mother needs to stay out of things. She is too f*cking nosy and causes more harm than good. While Kandi is walking around putting people in their place, she needs to handle her mother. As for her friendship with Phaedra, she needs to stop running to her workers and telling them about her friendship and she should NEVER (as a so called friend) allow anyone who is not in their circle of friends, speak about her friendship (workers). Phaedra isn’t running around telling her receptionist about Kandi, she is speaking about it to the ladies (their circle). Kandi’s workers need to fall back and know their place. Phaedra introduced Kandi to Todd so she should know about his pennies and we can all see that he barely has the money that Kandi has. More than once someone has stated that he was looking for the come up and even Kandi’s mom mentioned it so she needs to check her Mom on many things before she check someone about her mom. Stop defending bad, tacky, rachet behavior. Since the cameras were not running when she was with this Chocolate or supposedly told Kandi about wanting him to go to jail, then we don’t really know what was going on but I do know that they need to do better as women, BLACK women, mothers and friends. Kandi AND Phaedra BOTH need to work on their friendship without anyone else being in it and they BOTH need to stop running around behind each others backs talking about it because it is easy to see that they are both hurt about the friendship. Be about grown@$$ woman Sh*t and stop the nonsense. BOTH ARE WRONG!!! I see BOTH are wrong. Only young foolish people take sides, grown people can see their bull$h*t and work on it. Both need to grow up!

  • R C

    See, I don’t think you have it right with Kenya and Matt. While I do agree That no one should be in a domestic violent relationship. I don’t believe Matt is violent or abusive. I believe he’s doing all this for the show and Kenya. He’s trying to come off a little coo coo like Kenya with all the sassyness. Its not a good look for him, as a man to be seen as abusive but in today’s society everyone wants to be famous and the more outlandish things you do the better it is for business.

  • thekeep itonehundred

    I see what Kandi mean now…when Phaedra was on the phone or hanging with Kandi she would make it seem like she didn’t have issues or problems. But when she was around Nene or Porsha she having pitty parties talking about Kandi shouldve been there for me. Well Phaedra how she suppose to be there for u if u telling her nothing is wrong ? Or coming up with some random story to tell her… that’s fake! U telling her u cant wait until your husband go to jail…but then crying to Nene?…smh

  • Sarah jane

    Kandi came out to play!!!…She finished her so badly, there was no coming back! If i was Phaedra why would i have left the table first! And you know it was all true cause Phaedra had no come back what so ever….She needs to stop being so concerned with what people think you married a convict in the first place, you already tarnished your image, although everyone deserves second chances..

    I think Matt is crazy but i believe there is a lot of truth to what he says. However, he has demons and you can see them in his face i think if he deals with them he will be a beautiful human…I like Kenya’s father his speech was exactly what needed to be said, he know his daughter aint no angel.

  • Doris G

    Phaedra you have back-stabbed Kandi enough!!!! You get it straight quick Kandi, Bravo. Phaedra is full of it. At least Kandi keep it real 100. “I never put down my laundry list on you”

  • KellieeJelliee

    Kandi looks flawless!
    Porsha is desperate.
    Phaedra flip flop because she can’t seem to confront her issues. Kandi is on point. She’s not going to come for you if you don’t come for her and her family. Phaedra is the second shadiest on the show. First place goes to Kenya.

    Kenya needs to let it go when he started tearing up stuff it should’ve been a wrap, Love yourself enough to
    Leave what can be domestic situation.