Leave It To Stevie Season 1 Episode 1 – ‘Stevie Is Back’

On the series premiere Stevie dives head first into his new life as a single man following his messy public breakup with Joseline Hernandez. Meanwhile Yung Joc and Scrappy kick things off with a bang by planning a guys’ night out to celebrate his new freedom, and Stevie’s daughters pull together a yard sale to help him get off to a fresh start.

  • candy smith

    This episode was so damn funny, I had to see it again. Thats right, run Stevie! Far as Stevie n Co, keep bringing Joseline up, yall killin me, like yall aint brought up a ex, u ARE in love with, MISS ME WITH THT! Stevie, your Daughters need a smack down, esp the oldest! They need to stay in a kids place, the oldest do act like u datin her n was so wrong selling JOSELINE BELONGINGS, NOT HER BELONGINGS, BOX THEM UP N GIVE THEM TO HER, now JOSELINE would be wrong if she slap the shit out of her, nope, cuz I would too!

  • R C


  • anaya

    Ok be stupid if you want to lmao

  • R C


  • anaya

    Looooooool there’s nothing racist about that which clearly proves my point it’s ignorant yes but not racist should educate yourself a bit more before you use it around people and ridicule yourself 😂😂

  • R C

    How are they not. I know the definition and I used it correctly. If a white person calls a black person aunt Jemima that’s racist. Well they did that when trying on her clothes. But your smart enough to realize fact

  • anaya

    How are they racist ? ermm I really think you should know the meaning of words before you start using them lool smdh

  • Robin Argueta

    what the?? seems more like a sitcom that whole schoolteacher situation was fake as hell

  • Pisa

    Why is this show ALL about Joseline Hernandez. They can’t even carry the show unless her name all is all up in their mouth. Don’t they not have anything else going on? Wow,….pretty sad! Those daughters are annoying, and Scrappy and Joc are actually pretty funny.

  • Mc_brittles


  • Scarlette

    Yes im soooo glad that Joc got rid of that female hair style and is back to normal, guess it was just a phase

  • Sapphire Royale

    This shit is so funny. That chick was trying to become the new Joseline Hernandez. Stevie good job leaving that alone. His daughters is trying to keep him grounded and I commend that shit because he doesn’t need another crazy ass woman trying to bleach his clothes. Stevie is single again, back on the prowl… Joc and Scrappy need to have their own sitcom like Redman and Method Man just more funny!

  • makayla

    scrappys face when stevie said bowling was priceless lmfao

  • Victoria M.

    That first date was hilarious!!! 😂😂😂😂
    SN: I think it’s crazy that people are calling his daughters annoying. All I see is two daughters overprotective of their dad. Most girls who have a good relationship with their dad are overprotective of their dad. Lol.

  • Rachel_IrishColeen

    His daughters are very annoying, They should just base the show on Joc and Scrappy. there funny as fuk

  • Whitney Williams

    I may only be one minute in but I never understood why people act like they really walk around with a huge wad of money in their wallet. Have you never heard of a bank account?

  • TinyTimothy

    Ugh i cannot stand his daughter! She acts like she’s his girlfriend or something. I dont know, its just seems really weird

  • R C

    Stevie’s daughters are annoying and racist. Why make that ignorant comment about having a bowl with fruit on her head. Smh