Leave It To Stevie Season 1 Episode 2 – ‘Southern Discomfort’

On episode 2 Stevie link up with Ray J to shake things up and let loose while he’s in town. Meanwhile, Stevie catches some unexpected feelings for his longtime pal Faith Evans following his breakup with Joseline, but he later starts to wonder if the feelings are mutual on both sides.

  • R C

    His kids are annoying. This fame is going right to their heads.

  • Victoria M.

    I think him and faith actually are together though. They’ve at least tried a relationship. I’m not sure if they’re still together or not.

  • Prive

    Well they are in a relationship, he confirmed on the BC, however Idk that its working out to well. BC of the things he put out there on interviews.

  • Christa Love

    Something about this “crush” on Faith just seems desperate, he needs a rebound chick now that Joseline is gone but Faith aint havin it

  • Sapphire Royale

    I’m glad that Faith didn’t want to spoil the friendship because knowing how quick he falls into a relationship with someone, she will be hurt. Maybe he will change? Nah, he’s the same old Steebie