Love & Hip Hop New York Season 7 Episode 7 – ‘Secret’s Out’

On episode 7 Mendeecees intervenes in Yandy and Erika’s feud, and Bianca clashes with Mariah Lynn after she stirs up beef between her and Drewski’s girlfriend Sky. Meanwhile Drewski starts working towards getting back on Sky’s good side following their fallout. Later, sparks fly after Rich rats out Cisco to DJ Self, and Yandy reveals a dark secret about her marriage to Juju and Kimbella.

  • Kamo Brinson

    Why the eff she went in about an apartment that her and her bd on?
    Gurl u look mad😂😂😭😭
    If you on getcho ahhh…..
    Omg girl getcho own…duh tf
    And Yandy paper work or nah u got everything else but that.
    Witcho coin getn butt…lol..seal the bag …lol.
    No doubt Yandy Rachettness coming on but she still classy at the same time..nice nasty…
    Mariah lin wasnt wrong at all hell they both cool with her.but girl if you don’t put “a whole lot of dam clothes on😷🤕🐜body lookin….
    No shade😆.getcho shmoney.and cisco lame af,he aplogized to get in yo pockets .stop move on ya own
    And chicken noodle soup different color head ass needa gets a clue.
    Girl u to pretty to be this Thot bit…leave Drewski b, move around 😂😂😂dint u say eff him ..all dys and that But u beggin in the studio ..he put his girl fo you Evn with the music ..bye felica
    And. Frfr I think the whole creep squad should flat out be arrested😒😒
    Yall old mf creeps and creeps belong off the streets.
    So glad kardi left that ugly mf.and mariah lyn.he lame af.KARDI I love you .you bat shi crazy but 💯af…

  • C.J.

    It was probably an ode to Joanne the Scammer. Everything is “Caucasian” with him/her. Also, I’m not sure how her saying “Caucasian make up” shows discrimination or prejudice against people of other races or belief that a particular race is superior to another, which is the definition of racist.

  • MsLondonLove

    LOOOOOOOOOOOL that home wrecking whore Bianca can get the fuck out of here! That disgusting bitch played herself, throwing herself at a man that does not want you. However, snowflake is just as bad. You have a girl, you’re doing business so if someone invites you to their hotel room you tell them it’s not a professional setting and you would rather meet some where else. When she kissed him he should have put her in her place. I would never have taken him back, let alone move in with him, they are all fucking dumb.

  • Renee Jones

    Watch Judge Mathis

  • Renee Jones

    Ok Mandeece name can come off the least but there is still one more person on the least which stands now she get to live on the least by herself and or get a roommate

  • Renee Jones


  • Renee Jones


  • Renee Jones


  • Bri Truthful

    Yes! Finally someone that understands!!!!!! Me and my husband has a union also between him me and God with no third party government liabilities. We have been legally unified for 6yrs We legally drafted our own marriage contract between and we do things our own way when we got it done so many people called me dumb stupid “girlfriend, etc not understanding why we chose this way but we didn’t want our lives together to be controlled and dictated by the government but at the end government I had to ask people what can with a government marriage contract that I can’t don without one???? What significance or power is it giving me the same thing he can do with a marriage is the same thing he can do without one nothing changes

  • Jaccy

    I guess Mendecees is a whore. Ra Ali, and three baby mommas. Who knows the rest that aren’t on this show?

  • Jaccy

    Thank you

  • R C

    Your twisting my words

  • Victoria M.

    Her argument isn’t BS. You just said she isn’t power of attorney because they aren’t married. She doesn’t have to be married to be the power of attorney. So if anything, the argument you just tried to present is BS. You’re not making any sense.

  • R C

    And that’s why her argument is b.s. ANYONE can have power of attorny. She’s puffin her chest way to much when she’s supposed to be the happy and nlove one with the ring. She’s mad cuz she married vh1 aND Mona.

  • Momof1

    I didn’t hear him say they had a relationship. He did however confirm that their son was not a break baby and that what they had was over 6 years ago…which leads me to believe that when he was conceived they were not in a relationship. I think they’re all crazy for dealing with him.

  • kneesee

    Ok question…the whole wife thing…does it matter to everyone legally or from a commitment perspective? Because if a piece of paper saying you married dont mean ish if the person is not respective to the law of marriage. So I rather have a partnership and all my coins anyday then a piece of paper that dont mean nothing but to further make you a slave to the government. As long as he made a vow with God and me thats all that matters. Now he can break that vow with or without the paper so what does it matter….please help me understand.

  • Victoria M.

    Common law marriage may not be recognized but civil unions are recognized in every state in this country. So she’s his wife who has power of attorney and doesn’t have to assume responsibility for his restitution fees. It’s a win-win for her honestly. I agree with her when she said she be damned if she has to pay for crimes she didn’t commit.

  • fran

    i seriously think they all needed a storyline so they decided to fight kml and smh. love and hip hop has isnt even about talent anymore

  • Reece

    So true. I actually like Bianca, but she played herself by going along with this storyline

  • Lacy K

    LMAO I just died and came back to life. Poor Mariah smh

  • Victoria M.


  • R C

    I can’t with these story lines.
    I can’t tell who has the worst one

  • Victoria M.

    I’m not trying to clown Erica. She’s clowning herself. And you don’t have to be married to a person to be their power of attorney. Whoever the person appoints as power of attorney is power of attorney. It can be a spouse, relative, or a friend. So how do you know it doesn’t exist? Or are you just talking just to talk the same way Erica is in this episode?

  • R C

    Y are you trying to clown Erica? Yancy ain’t even married to the loser. What power of attorney??? Doesn’t exist

  • R C

    I did. But I think there was something said for her to say that.

  • Batman

    As a man there is 2 parts 2 every story. They aren’t even married so she is the 3rd baby momma. Women always keep alot of shit going. Creep squad stole the show. Yancy mandy or whateva is last.

  • Sapphire Royale

    This is some crazy shit! I knew that Drewski was going to choose his girl over Bianca because she’s immature as fuck. She played her for thinking that he was going to fall for it even though he started it. Self is comical for thinking that Cisco’s going to ask him to work with Mariahlynn when she didn’t even sign the contract! He’s a piece of work for real. Bianca can’t get mad for her plan backfiring she should blame herself for being stupid but going to tell Mariahlynn who’s cool with your nemesis that you don’t care that he has a girl is hoe behaviour, take seats sweetie. You do care, move on. These old men acting like they a real squad is more like the nursing home gang, go take your sponge baths and dose on meds. Grumpy old men they are. Yandy trying to say proper English we have a union but I didn’t sign the paperwork to commit to Mendeecees and the government, bitch just say that your ass is not married and that you’re not his wife just a woman with his children that he calls his main slide.

  • J-Dub

    Italian and Puerto Rican are not races they’re nationalities, big difference

  • Alexis_Gloria

    How? She’s Puerto Rican and Italian, so how did Caucasian Make Up sounds racist to you?

  • J-Dub

    It actually sounded kinda racist to me….

  • Alexis_Gloria

    Who else laughed at “Caucasian Make-up”????



  • Rokses

    Bianca, this was the wrong wrong move. U clearly signed a bad deal with the devil. Sad

  • Candace

    Boy… I hope that in 2017 black women have more to look forward to than being “claimed”

  • Britney Porter

    So no one knew yandi and mendecees wasn’t married? Kmslllll….. This season is so whack especially this creep squad shit…. This grand daddies need to cut it out.

  • Fee2nice

    What Yandy and Mandeece did is nothing new are fake, Jewish people (and other religions) do this to live the “American dream” … They get the benefits as a single parent while their “spouse” make as much as they want.. What’s fake to me is that wedding And how Yandy yelling “wife” every episode. I get it Mandeece wine and dine women, He chose Yandy because she’s smart and could clean him up while Sam and Erica look like they leeches. Everybody’s being used in this situation, at the end no one is a winner

  • Puerto Princess

    Ummmm maybe that would be true if common law marriage was recognized here in New York, but unfortunately its not so she’s basically just a girlfriend who has power of attorney

  • Mamibori

    Wait so people call Jocelyn a liar for saying she’s married when she’s not but Yandy doesn’t look stupid? Please ! I understand why she did that but everything that woman has said so far has been a straight lie, the other apartment is in that woman’s name yet Yandy claims her and her ” husband” just let her stay there to get off her Mom’s couch and Yandy husband admitted on speaker phone she wasn’t a slide and had a relationship. yet Yandy in her face downplaying everything… Just say that’s in the past how do we move on from here? Then she saying I can change the Locks cuz I’m his wife…Bitch no you not! .. not legally anyway.. looks to me like this dude is for everybody so keep holding him down stupid cuz he’s about as faithful as his options.

  • Victoria M.

    Drewski is dumb. How can you flirt with someone, admittedly lead them on, and then get mad at them when the person you’re in a relationship with gets mad? You can’t expect anybody to respect your girl or relationship when you don’t. He called that girl his assistant and was definitely giving Bianca the green light. If he wasn’t with the hotel scene, he would’ve left as soon as he saw what she had on. He’s a clown for that.

  • Victoria M.

    They have a civil union so she is still his wife. Basically like a common law marriage. Just because she didn’t go into an agreement with the government doesn’t negate the fact that they’re married. Definitely a lack of understanding on a lot of people’s parts.

  • Whitney Williams

    I’m just trying to get everyone’s story line straight. Like after all this confusion who is going to stay next season lol

  • Whitney Williams

    I’m just wondering if legally she couldn’t talk about it at the time of the reunion because of all the legal drama Mendeecees was in

  • Kay Brown

    they got Bianca looking really thirsty and dumb this season.

  • Aleshia George

    A yo… Mariah Thin… you are not hard your hella corny, your so called music is a joke with your little bitty ass. That body is straight up starving honey.please do us all and yourself a favor and stay far away from the gym and eat something! Anything! A lot!!

  • Scarlette

    Its not about having a lack of understanding of what she did hun, its about her LYING about it instead of just being honest and explaining this during her 2 hour wedding special last year

  • MayK

    My point wasn’t about Mendecees being in prison. My point is that this people are fighting over somebody who isn’t even around. Mendecees is this… He said that and so on. The baby mommas and yandy are making a fool out of themselves. What’s important are the kids not being separated and that’s what should come first. I agree with you about men are being fasely imprisond tho.

  • Lauren M. Cameron

    Him being in prison means what exactly? You know how many men have been to prison and come out to be upstanding members of society and are good men? Do you know how many men are falsely imprisoned and how many criminals are walking the street? At the end of the day, Mandecee claims Yandy so Im not sure why the others are fighting in the first place.

  • Lauren M. Cameron

    LOL! She doesnt look stupid at all. Peoples lack of understanding of what she did is the issue. Most likely VH1 paid for their wedding…PLUS! They have not marriage license but are still legally bound to one another without the involvement of the government DOUBLE PLUS!

  • Franklin

    lol I agree

  • Monica XXX

    Yandy is trying her best to save face but she actually look really stupid confessing that her marriage and wedding was fake after spending so much time bragging about being a “wife” and putting down the other women. Rah Ali already said that Mendeecees has the smallest peen that she has ever seen on a human being, so im confused over why their fighting for a convict with multiple baby mamas

  • MayK

    So sad to see grown ass black women trying to claim a man in prison. Biancas storyline is annoying and boring too.