Leave It To Stevie Season 1 Episode 3 – ‘Standing Down’

On episode 3 Stevie hit the golf course with Scrappy and Yung Joc to blow off some steam, and later challenges Joc to a stand-up comedy contest to see who’s funnier. Meanwhile, Stevie calls on a friend for backup to help stop his daughters from feuding.

  • Victoria M.

    Daisy is crazy too! Lol.

  • Sapphire Royale

    Crazy ass Renaye is his assistant? Thank God Siya left her ass for Daisy but Siya likes those mental patients, I thought Diamond would have messed that face up for real! I’m glad that the daughters made up for their younger sisters sake. Joc’s hairstyle ain’t as bad as Bobby V looking like the Munchkin from the Lollipop Guild now that was a fucked up bad hair day!

  • Leroy Thomas

    Im digging the show but somebody got 2show these rich cats how 2 maneuver when it comes to the outdoors. Eventhough i Can’t play golf either but i can dam show fish. Next time they go out on the boat they need 2holla at ur boy from North Carolina frfr.

  • Prive

    Really?!! Dng gotta play that back too Lacy4u bc that looked NOTHING like her! Also I actually feel his eldest daughter being mad at the younger self entitled daughter. She was annoying like gum stuck under a shoe yo!! #leeching…. #reachin’… I think she jealous if the cute University GRADUATE!

  • Monica

    Joc is funny as hell, this shit had me crackin up. Finally a show without a bunch of hoes cat fighting over bullshit

  • MChantye

    wow, i missed all that, guess i will have to watch that again later, dang

  • MChantye

    I like the show with the fella’s clowning, hilarious bunch, not feeling the fling script with Faith, not buying that

  • Ms. Cynthia

    I really like the knew Stevie he’s come along way. I luv watching him with his children and his homeboys just being men instead of thots. #1luv

  • Scarlette

    LOL damn I knew that whole Renaye situation seemed really familar but I couldnt put my finger on it

  • Lacy4u

    Hold up! Stevie’s new assistant is Siya’s (from Sisterhood of Hip Hop) ex-girlfriend Renaye? Wow. No wonder she took him to lesbian night at the Comedy Show. LOL