Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 9 Episode 9 – ‘Char-Lotta Drama’

On episode 9 Kenya is invited to host Peter’s grand opening of Club One in Charlotte, but Cynthia is disappointed to discover she was not invited to join the celebration. Meanwhile, Kandi feels betrayed by a former employee as she gears up for her Bedroom Kandi convention, Shereé prepares to drop a tell-all novel based on her life, and Porsha temporarily moves back in with her mom until she can find her dream home.

  • KnowledgeIsPower

    Somebody roll my face up in the window they’ll get more than a slap!

  • KnowledgeIsPower

    Exactly! WTH did she pop-up and force herself on that man?!??! Anything for some ratings. He told Todd he didn’t invite her because he felt it was unhealthy. She DGAD! Rolls up “looking like ice cream cone” tempting that heartbroken man when he’s trying to heal. Dirty!

  • KnowledgeIsPower

    Yes to everything!

  • Victoria M.

    Matt is crazy but I’ve been saying that. Lol. All jokes aside, no matter what happened, he’s wrong for busting her windows out. AGAIN. smh.

    Can’t believe Cynthia is homeless. She just bought that beautiful lake house. Hope she’ll bounce back quickly.

  • Miya Lee

    I felt bad for Peter, he just probably wanted to talk. I’m not sure what he’s done to Cyn, but she has made up her mind.

  • kneesee

    She is like a spoiled baby and very selfish.

  • kneesee

    I believe Matt when he says Kenya is messy and manipulative. She has done it for many seasons right before our eyes. How in the hell is she ALWAYS the victim? I really dont like her and wish they would recast her. Grant it Matt should learn how to control his anger but dealing with Kenya i can see how that can make one crazy. She have had more men blow up on her than anybody in the history of reality TV. That says something.

  • Prive

    Yeah it happens

  • Sapphire Royale

    The only ones who doesn’t have drama is the dogs. Kenya and Matt’s storyline is getting boring, the relationship is toxic so they need to move on. Kenya needs to keep twirling and Matt needs to be in a straightjacket. Kandi’s ex-employee is trippin and he’s very childish in the way he’s handling the situation. Him talking about his ex-boss on social media, that make him look like he’s so salty and a loser. Unprofessional. Porsha trying to get it on with her man, too much for tv. Sheree maybe messy as hell but congrats to her for her book! She got it made!

  • Robin Argueta

    She got that nigga on some caveman shit lls

  • Ree_RN

    it was probably them re-shooting the scene of a situation that has already happened just like they always do


    hey it is what it is …

  • Prive

    Yes Shell!! And then at first Brokensilenze didnt have the comment section so I would scroll down and NOTHING . Until Now and I luv it. YOU are so right about NON EXSISTENT, BUFFERING, NON PLAYING videos Yardie has!! Pfft. 😃

  • Prive

    RIGHT, I REALLY went overboard on this one A_CUTECRITIQUE.!!! Shooo lol

  • Shell Wholmes BaseballSoftball

    I use to love the banter on Mr world premiere but unfortunately lately the videos get put up late or they don’t work at all. It’s a damn shame !







  • candy smith

    Its official, MATT IS CRAZY!

  • Theres a lot I can say about Sheree but secretly I love her messy ass, she had me at “Whos goin check me boo and when she “adjusted Kim Z’s wig lolz

  • “I wish Cynthia was TRULY ATTRACTED to him..”

    this shade has me dying over here!

    “Hey btw do any of you guys know how I can be a consultant for BEDROOM KANDI?!”

    Yea go to the bedroom kandi site, theres a form.

  • Scarlette

    Yea ive been coming here for years and brokensilenze has always shitted on those other sites

  • Preach!

  • Prive

    I agree! Went from Ddtomen and then Mr world premiere, theres PLENTY MORE SIGHTS I go to but They all have fell off or have NOTHING on BROKENSILENZE! To this day still my FAV.

  • Branden

    Hmmmm out of all of the people that were in that picture why would Todd and Kandi automatically assume that he was talking about them? A hit dog will holler. They obviously knew that they were cheating that man out of his money

  • Prive

    Matt is an idiot. Whether Kenya imbelishes to her favor, he is a grown man and if he is being manipulated she is OBVIOUSLY guving you that GOOD so he had to have gotten something out of it. Whether it be that good good or $$. He is GROWN. SO GTFOH MATT with your victim ass!!

  • Prive

    Agree Staci, he looked like he REGRETED it. Imagine the rest of his day with her and her employees setting up that place. Poor baby. Bc Im SURE she actually gave him work but really wasnt worth the pay (considering her track record of paying ppl). But the EXPOSURE got him more jobs. He is very green bc he shouldve CHARGED his worth. His work looks good and I hope from now on ppl can appreciate that and not this debacle and that he LEARNED from it. Otherwise poor him.

  • Prive

    I think sometimes you take the pay bc you need the $$ whether you agree on amount or not. He mightve thought if he stuck it through it would get better but 4 yrs in, promises of partnering ina restraunt and then to get fired 4 yrs. Later! Shoo I dont blame him for putting time into his side business bc 80+hrs and only 500 bucks, shoot!! He’s dumb he shouldve spoken up. But then we DONT KNOW what kind of ship she runs and if he heard horror stories from previous sweat shop workers-oops I meant employees. He may have REALLY needed the job. Idk, theres always 3 sides to a story; the truth is one, but kandi ALWAYS thinks shes the victim and doesn’t acknowledge her faults EVER. I use to luv her but now, uhuh cant. I bet Tiny secretly hates her. LOL. JUST MY OPINION. Dudes def. Immature but he does look young. Kandi is an old as business women and acts just as bad. SMH

  • Prive

    He did that months later and its funny they automatically assumed it was IN reference to her and Todd when there were TONS of ppl in pic. She asked him and he responded. He was STUPID for it. But Kandi can be in trouble if she didnt pay him OVERTIME. I think Phaedra handled it gracefully and Kandi looks like a hypocrite. We ALL KNOW what Todd is so NO COMMENT.

  • Prive

    I Loved this episode!! Ohhhh I luv Peter and Cynthia… poor guy 😢 I wish Cynthia was TRULY ATTRACTED to him bc it would have, should have and could HAVE been A BEAUTIFUL THANG ! Anyway, Kandi is UGH! I’M SORRY she used to be my fav on season 2 maybe 3 but this girl is MESSY, hateful and vindictive and then tries to act like a victim. Phaedra has NEVER been my fav but I DONT think she comes CLOSE to Kandis fence riding arse! Shes ALWAYS so passionate and such a crybaby when it comes to herself and her own perspective. Anyone else pfft! Its ALL THEM, Close minded, no humbleness, no compassion having ass. I think Kim rode on her D’ so much and consistently called her “rich” that she believed it. And she penny pinches EVERYTHING NOW trying yo keep that persona up of a “RICH BOSS BIYCH” bc she has a leach as a mother, of her aunts, employess, Carmen and friends and the BIGGEST ONE her hubby;… hell their making Riley into a BIG ONE too! Lol So she has to compensate in ALL DIRECTIONS financially now. Hey btw do any of you guys know how I can be a consultant for BEDROOM KANDI?! LOL.



  • Yea… I was young and immature once but you really cant have it both ways. Hopefully this doesnt hurt his business too much and he learns his lesson.

  • kneesee

    Well that was big of Phadrea because I guarantee you if it was Kandi she would be about that coint!

  • I agree.

  • “Whatchu think I am, Superwoman???
    You look like it!”

    Hahaha…she sure does. If there’s one positive thing I can say about Sheree is that she really does look amazing! Great physique.

  • Kay

    Brokensilenze literally never disappoints. He is the first to post shows, we can always count on him 🙌🏾

  • Kay

    Ofcourse he hit a soft spot. Imagine posting things on social media about your employer telling them that they’re fake etc. Most employers wouldn’t even let you show up for work the next day, they would fire you over the phone. Johnnie is immature and childish and all the way up in his feelings. Kandi is a businesswoman and this is work, he needs to check his feelings at the door and do his job.

  • Kay

    What the hell is wrong with Matt and Kenya? They both seem to be up to no good like why did Kenya say yes he could attend then change her mind and expect Peter to cancel his flight? That’s messy! Why did Matt show up at the exact time Kenya did and then want to speak to her? The whole thing makes no sense. Their relationship is TOXIC. They need to quit while they’re ahead, before someone gets seriously hurt.

  • Kay

    That ex- employee (Johnnie) is immature as hell. If you accept pay, then accept it and do your work. You can’t accept it then go on social media calling your employer fake then when you get your ass fired go to Phaedra wanting to file a lawsuit. Where they do that at!

  • fran

    cynthia you wanted a divorce, nope peter isnt going to be smiling in your face right now and hell no he isnt going to want you to host kml

  • Kandi’s ex employee: He seems young or immature. He has a right to feel whatever he feels about how he was fired or how he was treated by Kandi- But if you cant take shots on someone and expect them to still put money in your pocket. Life doesnt work that way but he’ll learn.

    On Kenya and Matt: I dont know if Matt is crazy or whatnot ( leaning toward something being wrong though because a grown man should have self control) but its not hard for my to believe that Kenya encouraged Matt to pursue her and manipulated him for a story line. But its over between the so I guess it doesnt matter

  • J-Dub

    Matt is savage as hell for randomly slapping the driver lol

  • Brittany Bee

    Kandi’s employee read her for filth and didn’t have to say a word, u can tell that he hit a soft spot that’s why she was going off so much. She’s been overreacting a lot this season because they starting to expose her ass for being shady as hell

  • luvpolitics .

    you never disappoint! thank you for posting this!