WATCH: Things get ratchet & rowdy in the extended trailer for Black Ink Crew Season 5

Now that Ceaser has ditched Dutchess and have brought in a few fresh faces to shake things up at his new Black Ink location on 125th street, you can expect season 5 to shine light on his new life as a single man while also setting the stage for another batch of feisty felines to get ratchet and roll out some fresh hood tales. Peep the extended trailer below and catch the premiere on January 18th..


    can’t wait

  • Ash

    Yas!!! I love Black Ink!!!

  • 💋Thick Madam💋

    This season looks like it’s gonna be Lit yassss👏

  • Sapphire Royale

    Hell fucking yeah! Black Ink Crew NY is back! I’m going to watch this whole season, love the drama baby!!!!

  • Lol at oh 💩 getting married before Dutch and Cesar

  • Ree_RN

    According to @Fameolous … Sky got her ass beat on the show and VH1 will edit it out to make it look like she won! I sure hope that isn’t true, you can’t win em all but its corny to have ppl make it look like you did

  • Ree_RN

    Because of VH1s Loyalty to Stevie J and K Michelle. I think it’s dumb too but at least I’ll have something to watch on Wednesday now

  • Zola

    I love how raw and real the Black ink crew bring it to reality TV.

  • Christa Love

    Sky still on here fighting? smh she’s a little to old to be fighting. I wonder why they’re moving this show to wednesdays

  • o.g. henny loc 🥃

    Why are they moving to Wednesday? This is stupid.