WATCH: Tiffany “New York” Pollard goes unfiltered on David Otunga, her miscarriage, & death of Ahmad Givens

Tiffany Pollard has already been slapped with a warning from VH1 that if her new ‘Brunch With Tiffany’ web series fails with the futon critics that she won’t be getting another recurring prime time show on the network anytime soon, so in the meantime she still plans to keep a foot planted in the reality TV game over on the E! Network where she’ll be shaking things up with Malika Haqq and Chad Johnson on the upcoming season of ‘Famously Single’..

Watch as she chops it up about her eventful stint in reality television, future projects, and more during her recent stop at Hollywood Unlocked..

  • Cauzin Diem

    Bitch NO. That was the original fake tea on NY over 10 years ago that you chose to believe. No matter how high you go, there is someways some fuck boi/gal trying to tear you down, stir your pot and dig your grave. Let the girl win and get yo life…

  • Chezza49

    Ikr Farah thirsty and a nasty ass hoe !!! Do anything for a dollar !!!

  • Chezza49

    I can’t STAND this “women” ? She thirsty and comes across like she’s desperate !!!

  • 💋Thick Madam💋

    Tea spilled all over 😂Did she really smash flavor flav? I watched all of them and I had no idea💀😱

  • Daiki

    at least she one of the originals tho

  • R C

    Tiffany is classic

  • Janelle Hammeren-Silbernagel

    I love Tiffany! We would be besties if we met. She is beautiful and hilarious and sweet when people are nice to her. I hope she stays with Action. He is good for her and loves her. I could watch her all day!

  • Prive

    Really? Im looking that up bc Sister Patterson would be the last woman Id hire to be my mother. All I have to say is they are good actresses then!!

  • Prive

    Wth? I look manlier than her? Bahaha… thats real funny but ok we all have an opinion…

  • spiritualsherene

    😮 OMG , you didn’t!!😲😲

  • Jen Driscoll

    Not as thirsty as Farrah Abraham.

  • MChantye

    I cannot hardly stand to watch her, she is the thirstiest woman on reality tv that I have ever seen, thirsty and crazy

  • Nubian Goddess

    Wow Damn I had no idea about all of that, now I gotta go do some digging on my girl and see who she really was before tv. I feel some type of way about Sister Patterson not being her real mother

  • Sondra Cherry

    Tiffany Pollard aka Kenya Simmons from Jersey. She’s an actress/ex-stripper, everything we’ve ever seen from her in the past was fake. “Sister Patterson” is also an actress, and not her mother. She’s actually only 5 yrs older than New York/Kenya. Kenya was turned down numerous times for other reality tv auditions, including the Bachelor. Look it up. I’ve never been able to take her seriously, especially after reading about her past. Her craziness did make for good tv though. I won’t lie, I watched both seasons of Flavor of love, and I love New York.

  • The Observer

    You look more manly than her tho LMAO. But I agree I LOVE New York/Tiffany Pollard!!!

  • J-Dub

    Probably the most normal interview that I’ve ever seen her do. I’m glad that she’s trying to get rid of that obnoxious New York character

  • Prive

    I’ve ALWAYS loved New York/Tiffany Pollard!! She is a smart unique as, beautiful yet manly looking chic, lmao!! No seriously she is like a funny more rachet Mimi. Lol