BLAZIN CLIP: Donna breaks down over being mistreated by Ceaser in this un-aired scene from Black Ink Crew Ep.11

After being ceremoniously stamped as the most disposable member of Black Ink, Donna was pushed to her boiling point and brought to tears while coming to terms with her current position at the bottom of the totem pole. Watch as she vents her frustrations with Ceaser, and more from Black Ink Crew Season 5 in the clips below..

  • Kamo Brinson

    See I did like donna
    but uhh u aggy af…
    Desprate like hell..just sloppy .yo husband had no reason to hit u
    But maybe he seen how heard how u carrying yourself in these streets.u also said before he was all good .so um yeh
    anyway u stick your tounge everywhere and anywhere😝
    U can’t keep no nigga cause u is a dern nigga ..well aCT like a dog.
    And then go after ppl thats already in a realtionship.chile lay on dat dam bunkbed stfu an tke a nap..

  • Faith

    Walt is the voice of reason. He appears to pop off fast without looking at you, but he sets you straight.. lol lol

  • Chantel

    Yes girl that hair is a hot mess. No bueno!!

  • Chantel

    Ladies and Gents I have a question why isnt Walt in the credits too???

  • Sonya Sostraightforward Menefe

    That’s what I want to know too.He was fired from being a Manager

  • Messy Matt

    Ugh Donna sittin on that bed looking like a damn baked potato…No ma’am

  • MChantye

    what position does she think she hold? cease put her right where she should be

  • Bodhi Jibri

    The brand ambassadors hair loooks craazaaay lol but I just wanted to say Ted is still a duck.

  • wuzzy

    you’re right people doesn’t lol

  • MsCoco_Duh😒

    Why cry & you fucked his chick? Why let her back in just to shit on her? They both need to part ways! If Donna valued working at Black Ink like she states, she should have just found a jumper down in Miami & passed on Dutch. End of Story….. Miss Me with the tears

  • Allergic2dumbstuff


  • Allergic2dumbstuff

    I’m wondering the same thing about Teddy.

  • Rokses

    She comes back cause shr has no other options.

  • Grace Turner

    Donna, stop fronting you know why he really dislike you beacuse you Licked his woman Dutchess!

  • Reina1718

    Why does every one always look sticky & sweaty & stank on this show! Looks like they all have hot ass breath!

  • Sweet_Ness

    Donna has fought and/or fucked EVERYBODY in the shop and her tattoos SHITTY af… she just a cast member for the show. its plenty tattoo shops she just need that VH1 check…

  • KnowledgeIsPower

    Black Ink is the only shop in Harlem getting play from VH1 and inviting Donna to be on the cast…

  • Prive

    Donna on the thumbnail though!! I wish her mom was there to tell her ass not to slouch! Lol

  • Ashley

    I think Walt is the realist on show IMO

  • Candice Codrington

    So happy things worked out

  • Tori Vee Jena

    Donna looks pretty here

  • Coco

    Why is Walt on the show 🤔😒

  • Chantel

    Donna get it together stop with the winning. U brought this on yourself u know u was being mistreated why stay??? .Black Ink is not the only shop in Harlem.

  • Scarlette

    People can only be continually mistreated by someone if they allowed themselves to be mistreated. Instead of trying to bash that man for how he’s running his business maybe she should just keep it real that she’s really putting up with it so that she can stay on this show and collect a check.

  • Sonya Sostraightforward Menefe

    I think Ces is a sucker ass nugget..Who’s a cheater and a liar that’s why Dutchess left your ass..Donna you don’t need to be working there find something else or switch careers people doesn’t all the freaking time..Girl stop letting people walk all over you….