BLAZIN CLIP: Matt snaps on Kenya after getting dumped in this scene from RHOA Season 9 Episode 18

Matt Jordan has been on a social media rampage over the past few days blasting Kenya Moore as an alleged prostitute for wealthy Nigerians, which is a stark contrast to how he seemingly felt about her a few weeks ago while filming this scene from Season 9 Episode 18 where he broke down in tears after being handed his walking papers. Peep it out below..

-Matt shares fresh thoughts on his relationship with Kenya below…

  • tbos01

    Matt is just as bad for staying, he aint have no contract with bravo. Matt seems mad more or so about the money because he could of told her he would see her off camera only. This situation was bound to get messy eventually, so he should just cut his ties and stop trying to milk that 15 mins and leave with some type of integrity. Matt want that lime light or he would just let them keep being phony as he says. Matt you got duped, move on!

  • kneesee

    Probably not but ok.

  • kneesee

    Probably not but ok.


    He looks like a broken woman at the end of her rope.

  • JSF

    Matt is gay. Period

  • spiritualsherene

    True true!!

  • spiritualsherene


  • Hyewon

    Dummy dont realize at the end of the day, these people will keep it moving doing what they do while he will be remembered as Kenya’s unhinged abusive toy boy. Good luck getting a decent job and an income which he clearly needs seeing that he was so mad about that 10G.

  • Hyewon

    And thats why they won’t f**k with him, not because they don’t keep their word, because he is a straight POS. Both these men maintain a friendship with Apollo in jail and stood with him before he went to jail which makes me think they are not fair-weather friends.

  • spiritualsherene

    Matt already said he KNOWS EVERYTHING about their business as a cast, and already warned them that they have more to lose than he does and to be careful… he ain’t joking man!!

  • spiritualsherene

    Peter and Todd are probably SO SORRY that they said certain things to Matt!! He singing like a bird 🐦 🤣😂🤣

  • spiritualsherene

    Kenya done let in and messed with the WRONG young boy!!😂🤣

  • Judith Lewis

    I agreed 150 percent but Matt wants some MONEY. He has the potential to really hurt Kenya and the other cast members. They really should distance themselves from him. He is a time tomb. In his mind, he was done wrong. I see a little mental issues surfacing.

  • Ancient Wisdom

    As long as you’ve been a dumb ass!

  • Doris G

    Matt may seem like he is whining, but Kenya used him to the max. He is hurt, immature, angry, and I can understand why. He need to move on, and know that love,happiness and success is the best cure and revenge.

  • Sky Vega

    Like when Phaedra manipulated Apollo and he wanted to light her ass up with that screw driver 😩😂😂💀

  • Sky Vega

    Wowww you know Kenya so well. How long have you known her?

  • Sky Vega

    Walter never said Kenya tried to pay him that was Phaedra..

  • Akire

    He has been banned from the reunion and won’t get 10k.

  • Denzel Bostic

    Im sorry but if she had all that going on wgy you with her. And why us you complaining if you get paid at the reunion

  • Truthteller20423

    The world’s biggest baby award goes to….Matt grow up!!!

  • Uk-zone7

    He goes in

  • Da1stBitch

    This funny and disturbing at the same damn time

  • Bodhi Jibri

    Eww everything about this scene screams out fake and over dramatic. Something about thier situation is off.

  • Trice

    I agree …it’s pathetic

  • Scarlette

    This is what happens when you date someone too young, they don’t even know how to handle their own emotions yet so they throw tantrums like lil boys when they don’t get their way. Just a grown ass boy smh

  • pooty

    ctfu……she was like yes baby, tears of gold….

  • Lex

    Matt is a downlow queen with those eyebrows tries to play the tough guy role & lol Kenya tries to act like she’s right they way she speaks to him like a kid putting on for the cameras 🎥 like she so mentally stable & he’s not. He put her ass on blast about the smash down in his truck everybody knows she wanted that to stay a secret to make it seem like she’s not dealing with him at all but all along playing a mind game with him behind closed doors

  • Sky Vega

    You just confused kenya with phony Phae Phae lying ass 💀 Y’all gon be shook once the reunion comes and you see the real manipulator #issaFraud

  • Sky Vega

    Bye matt. Your story keeps changing 😩😂

  • ThatBi

    He’s funny with his swole chump ass 🏃🏾‍♀️😩😹

  • Tee E

    💀@ those last 2 seconds

  • AndJuDontKno 2016

    Every season someone got a rich African, please tell me where these men be at? LOL Kenya told him to hold his head up for her own 10k at the reunion.. I cannot ….

  • Zola

    This guy is so lame but her getting up in his face like that is confusing. If he is as violent as he appeared to be on the show, the last thing anyone would want to do is push their face that close to him when he’s mad. It’s almost as if she’s dealing with a controllable retarded child who has problems expressing himself as oppose to a violent grown man.

  • Ancient Wisdom

    This is horrible! I am so disgusted for the both of them. Displaying all this dysfunction for the world to watch. A train wreck for sure! Obviously both Matt & Kenya are mentally unstable. She lured that young man with promises of love & celebrity & $! After he told the world she had raunchy sex in his truck, she holds his crying face up for the camera! That was her way of revenge…embarrass him yet again on film to collect her check. Kenya’s crazy is exhausting and Matt’s is just painful. Don’t pass go! Go immediately to the nearest mental health treatment center! go! Scat!

  • pooty

    She made sure to hold his face up for that shot ..ctfu…..but for real, for real, hopefully she is done with him. She may have issues but is real life problematic.

  • kneesee

    KENYA ASS is like the lady stirring the tea cup in Get Out….it shows in how this man breaks down over her. She is very manipulative and the queen of flipping the script to come out smelling like roses. You play with someone heart of course they gone flip the hell out. Women we do it all the time. I actually feel sorry for him. She had his nose wide open and had no good intentions…EVER. The show’s producers probably told her…UmMMM we need for you to at least get a man at some point if you gone be on HOUSEWIVES. Girl bye…. She better stop playing with ppl. I cant stand her. uGH

  • Slay Savage

    lol!!!…yes he did!!!….that ninja went da fuq off!!!…rotflmbao!!!!

  • Slay Savage

    This is beyond cra-zeeeeeee!!!!(But the way he just exposed her for being manipulative tho!!)truth be told, both their asses iz fuckin mental!..One cuckoo bird deserves another!!!

  • Carol

    Matt lit her ass up in that post smh. This is what happens when you treat a man like shit, they get bitter and act like children. Both of em look stupid at this point

  • AtlantaTasha

    That sounds about right.

  • Chezza49

    Kenyas got to be doing something wrong !, Never married at her age ,Something isn’t right !! Can’t be the man are the problem all the time !!!

  • Matty Burnside

    Why you doin’ 3am surgeries though?

  • Matty Burnside

    lmao. so true.

  • Nothing like a man scorned, I guess lol. :/

  • Kymberly M. Chandler-Silver

    So happy she can’t do it Nomore because Matt is on the downlow probably her gay friend she payed off to add spice to her story line. His eyebrows more on Fleek than hers.

  • Loripeterson

    Kenya loving every moment this give her another story line

  • Hyewon

    He should be ashamed to admit Kenya tricked him for real. Anyone with sense will promote their lil business and bow out but not this fool.

  • Fina Jalaya Rose

    Lmaoooooooo. Right.

  • Fina Jalaya Rose

    lol he’s too hurt. You that broke you’re willing to get humiliated for 10k. Boy staaawwp this.

  • Hyewon

    Gotta love a$$holes who make themselves look worse in the process of trying to slander someone. This SOB has the nerve to imply she’s whoring around with Africans yet he’s the one that was paid or promised payment for his services, LOL.

    Men say crazy women got the best pussah but the same don’t apply to crazy dick…..that’s what crazy dick look like- not nice at all, just unhinged and ugly.

  • Pebbles

    Matt unstable, I would’ve dumped him too.

    He should’ve promoted his business, & walked off with this head held high like the first guy….

  • cassandra goth 🐝

    Fucking weirdo.

  • thekeep itonehundred

    Wow 😂😖👀👀👀👀

  • Trel Hollywood

    MAGNUMS?? 👀👀👀

  • R C

    Kenya got that good good! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • J-Dub

    Wow damn Matt smh. He called her an evil lying sack of shit 💀

  • Chrissy