T.I. & Tiny: Family Hustle Season 6 Episodes 1 & 2 – ‘Basically, He Was Framed’

On the Season 6 premiere T.I. and Tiny welcomes a new addition to the fam in the form of their new baby girl Heiress Diana. Meanwhile, Tiny vents to Toya Wright over her marriage issues with T.I. as news of their separation and looming divorce starts to spread like wildfire. On episode 2 Tiny sets out to prove that she can be a mother and a strong businesswoman at the same time. Meanwhile, Major is no longer the baby in the family and is growing up too fast.

  • Hair Lova 🌾👀🌾

    Idk but when Tiny was in the confessional and they handed her the baby, it broke my heart. I felt so sad for her cause I could see the sadness within her. Smh

    She needs to just move on. You can tell TIP is over it. He still loves her but not the way she love she him

  • Ree_RN

    Domani looks like he smokes hella weed lmao! Deyjah is so pretty, I wonder how she feels about the whole divorce situation. It’s always the middle kids that get forgot about. King and Major are so funny to watch. Heiress is adorable. Messiah has grown to be a handsome young man. I’m sad Tip and Tiny can’t get it together

  • SupremeRose


  • Shamara Lamb

    Raised a concern for YOU? How does that affect you? It’s men out here who are their kids 2_3 times a year. I’m my opinion his kids have always been a top priority..the relationship with the mom does not matter especially if it’s a civil one..

  • SupremeRose

    For TI to say he doesn’t see a difference in how he’s a parent through his current situation with tiny raises a concern for me. I hope thier relationship works out.

  • Nikki Nicole

    major reminds me of my son

  • Chezza49

    All love matters !! Only joking couldn’t resist !!! Lol

  • Chezza49

    Tiny is a great mom plus I’d love to have a loyal friend like her anyday!! They’re hard to find,friends like that !!!

  • Dana Butler

    Yes!! Any one with two eyes can see that child is affected!! It’s like the kids are taking sides; siding with their respective parent!!

  • Diane Delaney

    Major is too cute. I almost can’t handle how cute he is.

  • cara

    Nah they’re cute , they seem to have better chemistry now that they live apart lol

  • cara

    Why did major turn down his brothers handshake like that loool

  • Lala Marie Powell

    Now they all of sudden such a cute couple and look good together oh look at how the tides have changed.

    Ive always been steadfast in saying don come for Kim or Tiny looks. They are beautiful women.

    They do look good together but the love seems unbalanced to me.

    Keep the sanctity of black love in your prayers period.

  • KnowledgeIsPower

    Lawd I wish they’d work it out. The love is real and they have so many children. Idc what they say Major is effected by it, that’s why he’s acting the way he is.

  • Faithful Believer

    Its real unfortunate that they couldn’t work things out, however, I love these two for being able to be mature enough to be civil for the children, keeping all of their super personal details of their relationship and why it didn’t work out to themselves. We don’t need to know everything. The best part of this show is the awesome family dynamic & how they both stay true to themselves as in they’re both hood but at the same time are highly intelligent & business savy. The well roundedness shows. I hope they realize that they are a dynamic duo and work things out. No one is gonna be able to take the other’s place & it will take a long time to fully move on w/ all of the connections that they have.

  • Akire

    Black Love matters😍

  • Akire

    I know they are such a beautiful blended family. I hope they push through so they can continue to be a positive example to African American families 😍

  • Nikki Nicole

    best episode of them all

  • Love ♋

    She needs her time to grow, but they still love each other.

  • Artra MsRax Johnson

    I hope they work it out they just need a little space

  • Fina Jalaya Rose

    I love them together.

  • Desalyn Jones

    This episode was better than ANY other ones that I have seen. I like the reality part more than the scripted version.

  • Nik Nicole

    I Hope TI & Tiny Work Things Out. They Are Cute With A Cute Family 👪

  • Vexielee818

    When Major says he ain’t her baby no more 😂 boy you’re everybody who seen you since you were a baby , baby !

  • Vexielee818

    Bitches been wanting Tinys spot , which was always laying right next to/on her man w their kids surrounding them . Sad to see them change it but I like the begin I g , everyone looks so GROWN in the intro now

  • Vexielee818

    Aw King is so cute w his 3 year relationship

  • Prive

    Those Kids are a•frigging•dorable!!!


    It’s good to see Tiny & Toya on screen together again.

  • mirra.k

    I shed a tear watching these episodes!!!

  • MyOpinion

    I love that T.I. has always been a great father to his children. It’s unfortunate that things aren’t working out for him and Tiny. 😢