WATCH: Black Ink Crew’s Miss Kitty disses Dutchess & lash out at producers for making her look bad with fake storylines

Miss Kitty says that her and her parents initially thought that it was a great career opportunity for her to jump on the Black Ink Crew roster and serve as Ceasar’s receptionist, but after being jumped by multiple girls, pepper sprayed, and roasted by her costars, she’s now lashing out at the show producers for putting her in a chaotic situation and crafting a storyline to make her look bad..

Watch as she goes live to vent her frustrations.

Sorry this clip has been removed at the request of Miss Kitty, she feels as though the video that she made isΒ damaging to her brand and reputation

  • #rapcrush

    Yes sky was going in the bathroom that date I remember

  • pooty


  • Nadi

    She wants half of black ink her intentions from day 1she used him I dont understand how he didnt figure That shit out talking about she was queen of Harlem girl bye with her crusty lips

  • Nadi

    Mixxies aka the girls that live in that area

  • Benquisha

    “She feels as if the video she made is damaging to her brand and reputation” So why did you make the damn video!? Girl bye can’t deal w/ her fake bougie, wannaba classy but you’re the same as everyone else plssss

  • Benquisha

    She’s not tryimng to get custody of her kids tho, she just wants to make sure they’re good & that they know she still loves them

  • Kendra .frederick

    idk sky is 30 I think and she said she had one when she was 14 so I think one was

  • Dr1nk1ngRum

    She’s the only one from 125th that wanted camera time. She’s too self absorbed. The bad guys this season are Donna and Nikki. Kit had to give herself a storyline to get more camera time stop no one forced u To Fck Caesar.

  • Nichole Fauley

    she need to stop that


    I NEVER forgot she was proud to be QUEEN OF THE MIXXIES


    What brand?

  • Giovanni Drayton

    The ball is not in Sky court anymore. It’s up to the young men to seek out their birth mother, if they even want too. But you were judging her because she had a few surgeries done instead of having custody over her kids. And there is a such thing as closed adoptions plus a birth mother has a timeframe to stop the adoption, if that timeframe passes then the birth mother rights are revoked. Just because she has been on the show for 5 yrs does not mean she has the right to see the kids she gave up. Reality is that Sky may feel guilty about her decision but as it’s up to those young men to decide if they want to see her, not the other way around.

  • Peaches

    Did you watch it last night???? Everybody ignoring the fact that Don said; “What do Dutchess, Sky, and Kitt have in common?” It takes someone with common sense to observe and comprehen. Everybody educated though, “Let them tell it.” But still broke.

  • Abstruce

    ??? Now, you’re taking this thread too seriously.

  • Peaches

    Do you know the definition of the term “hood logic?” Post your degree…What I will not do is entertain social media Beef. My nerves won’t allow it.

  • Chezza49

    Love to know how sky gonna run black ink Atlanta!!! She can’t run to the shop without drama !!!

  • Chezza49

    They must’ve given kit her walking papers !!!

  • Antoinet Lake

    So we’re just gonna act like when Sky first came on the scene that they didn’t protray her as one of Teddy’s many hoes. But now that she’s been on the show for a couple of seasons, her and Ceaser grew up together and she’s like his little sister…. Interesting. How quickly we forget the original script.

  • Pebbles

    She put her hoe-ness on front street that’s why she mad because of the back lash ( she getting from family & friends)

  • Pebbles

    WHich only proves that their relationship had been going on way before it was shown on camera..

    I mean how she having all these feeling for something that initionally was a one time smash

  • Pebbles

    the people on this show aren’t teenager, or in their 20’s these are women and men close 30 or over….sky had childre and 13, 14 something like that her children grown and probably were grown before she joined the show.

  • Pebbles

    I think they’ve been messing around for a while… just check out the body language.

    Why Kitty get mad that he smashing alison if they only smashed one time (wink! wink!)

    Why she wearing a negligee for a dude she only smashed one time.

    cease sending roses for a one time smash?

    Nope! I believe it was going on way longer…and remember she and dutches were friends….. and dutches used to confide in her and I’m sure Kitty ran back and told cease cause she messy like that

  • Kay

    Why do people go on reality tv for a quick comeup then get overwhelmed by the backlash then starts m blaming it on producers. You know what you’re signing up for, none of us was born yesterday. Plus producers didn’t force this girl to act stuck up and then smash Ceasar and then act like a mini Duchess. She did all of that 😳.

  • Chantel

    Girl bye with your BS u know what u was signing up for. Reality show is 95% percent fake and 5% real.

  • Talone

    Oh were they grown 5 years ago when she got on this show?

  • Talone

    Ok so u know that Sky has been on this show for almost five years right? Her kids were young teens when she got on tv cuttin up and showin out. So I guess because they’re over 18 now it doesn’t matter? Gotcha

  • Abstruce

    I’m sorry… I forgot, “hood logic.”

  • NubianQueen

    Reality stars are always saying this shit when they do stuff that they regret, she don’t want her parents to know the truth behind the ratchet stuff she was doing on tv so she’s tryna discredit it. Own your shit

  • 007odc .

    I would fallow you on that but this is coming from a race of women who have children by a man there no longer with by the time the child is born…ive understand that the last few decades black womens morals,standards,and honor have gone out the window and have been replaced with “you can’t judge me”. As if everyone is supposed to ignore the sense that’s keeping them alive sense we have been born by making judgment calls…thanks for opening my eyes Tommy Sotomayor

  • D. Markelionis

    Oh shut up who cares

  • Giovanni Drayton

    Everything is a process. Sometime fixing the outside helps when you feeling down, but you know Sky did go to a thearpist, so she working on herself again a process. Plus she bipolar, meaning things most people know are wrong feels right in her mind. Everyone process or deal with things differently.

  • LadyTruth

    I been saying the same thing. They definitely are fcking on the low and I suspect have been for awhile. He supposedly wanted to marry Dutchess yet constantly allowed Sky to disrespect her. He let Sky, who was just a receptionist and who brought no money into the shop and was on the payroll, bully and make tattoo artists quit who brought celebrity clients and money to the shop aka Ceasar. Where the hell is the sense letting Sky bully and fight the very people making money for the shop? She has major anger issues and acts bipolar as hell yet he never really checks her on her bad behavior. The average business owner would have been fired her. For her to have only been his receptionist, she sure had alot of power and control when it came to the shop. She can do whatever she wants and he doesn’t say shit. Notice how jealous she was of Dutchess and Kitty?

  • Peaches

    That’s what lowkey sneaky ass bitches do!!!! Hunny what almost perfect world are you living in???

  • Abstruce

    Why would Sky throw Allison at Cease tho? That’s something you do with a guy you never messed with and have no intentions on messing with.

  • Peaches

    She needs to stop getting in everybody Else business and humble herself… But I’m about to watch that episode and get back with you.

  • braveheart341

    No, that was for her storyline. She knows she can’t visit those kids. She was planning to show up unannounced and just surprise everyone and let the chips fall where they may, but in the end she “chickened out” but it’s really because she had a CLOSED ADOPTION. That means, legally she is not alloeed to contact them before the age of 18.

    I also think i *remember* her saying she can’t make contact with them before they turn 18, and i think she has a few more years until then, but Sky says a lot of things so don’t quote me on that.

  • Peaches

    That’s the question that crossed my mind. They get paid Millions per contract. Depends on their abilities

  • Peaches

    Sky judges EVERYBODY. We don’t know how those kids was treated. Neither does she. Don’t fix the outside when the inside is still torn..

  • Peaches

    Kitty is beautiful but she’s full of shit.

  • Peaches

    She had the opportunity to see her kids. She said she couldn’t do it

  • Peaches

    I don’t know what y’all watching, ∡because Dutchess don’t love Cease. Like his Mother told him he was a top that she was spinning, in the direction she wanted him to spin. I haven’t seen not one real tear fall from Dutchess eyes about Cease. Hell I been watching it since day one. She tried but hell the water dried up before it touch her face.
    Sky fucking Cease too.. let me know once y’all figure that out

  • Peaches

    Speaking as a person that was raised by everybody but My Parents!!!! The only time I had the privilege to see my Mother was when my Daddy put her out. The only time I saw My Daddy was when he got hungry so he would come to pick her up. Then another 6 months-1 year before I saw either one of them again. I can remember not seeing my Mother for over a year. My mother is living with me, but my daddy is deceased. To be honest I don’t know what I’ll do without her being here.

    I grew up angry at everyone, but when I took that dollar store test life itself changed for me. I became a woman. 3/19/2007 I became a little girl, whom I named Egypt, provider and Protector.
    I’ve read the comments and all I can say is BULLSHIT!!!! Sky waited so long to attemp to go see her kids but she didn’t go. Why not humble yourself? Why try to fix the outside when the inside is still torn?
    Then she trying to fix on shit that she claim was due to having kids but wouldn’t you try to fix the relationship with your kids first?
    That’s just like saying a father not taking care of his kids subject is off limits
    Once again BULLSHIT!! Β‘!

  • braveheart341

    Half of ya’ll need to get off the internet and head to a library to read some good old fashioned BOOKS.. Do you know what closed adoption means?

    Kitty seems like legally she can’t spill real tea, but the gist of it is that the shit is scripted and she played a role and her hands were tied. I always wonder where the line is drawn for some of the “actors” like Dutch and Cease…how much of their relationship was scripted?

    And Kitty, how dumb are you? You play like you’re educated and up on it (like Dutch does) but you can’t see that both of those people were heart-broken and rebounding? Dutchess is in denial if she thinks she isn’t rebounding, and so is Cease. Period.

  • Devon Lloyd

    Just quit the show and you won’t have to deal with it

  • Hyewon

    Well I just wanted to confirm what I thought and I did: Cease is the one who really messed her up by smashing on camera and did not wife like she expected. Now she has to pretend it was for fake storyline, blame producers and violence….basically going all over the place to deflect and polish her non-existent reputation.
    Gurl bye, go back to D.C. and smash those Grand-Daddy shady politicians, we already see how you plan to come-up. πŸ€’πŸ’©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Rokses

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚these people, she still dont get it lmfao. Thats why I didnt bother to

  • Fina Jalaya Rose

    Lol sky can be super extra for no reason but I like her. I get what you’re saying though.

  • Juiceyy Babii

    Yes honey Tell UmπŸ’―πŸ’ͺ

  • Giovanni Drayton

    Dutchess is very manipulative, fake, and phony. Miss Kitty, liked Cease for real until it all went south. The producers can only do so much but kissing crusty lips and having sex, oh no honey that was all her, LOL…. As women we have to live with the decisions we make whether good or bad. Like Sky, truth be told I think she is lost and she is trying to find herself. Now Sky so say and do some off the wall things, but she call people out on their BS, when needed at that time. But people want SKY to feel hurt because they are hurting and dealing with there own demons. Her kids and really anyone’s kids should be off subject, but her behavior are as when people start to criticize her choice with her children. You can tell she hasn’t dealt with it herself. Once she gets that monkey off her back, when people throw their sluggs it will probably still hurt but she will be able to handle it. Y’all know she bipolar lol……πŸ˜₯πŸ˜£πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚πŸ˜€πŸ˜

  • Giovanni Drayton

    You throwing sluggs at a 100%, why? Did you get pregnant at a young age also and kept your babies? If so, that is the choice you made. If not, why do you feel that she should have custody of her children when they fully adopted over 18 years ago and they are grown Think about itπŸ˜’. GOD gives us all free will to make both hard and easy decisions, but only he can judge us. Think about the choices you had to make when your back was against the wall and you felt that was the only choice you had. Please enlighten us because everyone has hardship and hard times that is called life.

  • Giovanni Drayton

    Have y’all not realize that Sky is bipolar and she flips out. No one knows what she feels unless she speaks it. Sky is an emotional wreck at times as what the producers show the viewers, however she chose to give her kids a better life instead of struggling with them. Just because she had a few surgeries done does not mean she was capable to provide for them as a teenager. She probably didn’t have the support of extended family as you see yourself, her own mother somewhat went through the same things and how she disappeared for long periods of time. I applaud her for giving up her children especially when your not sure if your kids aren’t being harmed. Don’t judge the book by its cover without opening it up and reading it. I’m sure a lot of y’all was doing grown up things at a young age, but only GOD can judge you. Everyone makes mistakes and struggles with reality, but they are dealing with it now. With everyone throwing sluggs about her choice she made as a teenager, not one of y’all was there when she made her choice. GOD does not need y’all help, let it go and worry about what he might have to say when it’s your time to meet your maker. Sky is a beautiful individual whose had many storms and still have many left as we all do. For all who is judging her, let GOD handle his own children, you just deal with own demons. On that note I’m done, to those who took the time to read this and apply it to yourself great, but those others, only GOD can help you, REAL TALK…..

  • Kendra .frederick

    Sky said her kids are now grown

  • Zola

    The twisted part about Sky is her current behavior knowing that her sons can be watching her and people around them must know she is their birth mom- (their pics were posted online). Her character on TV is an embarrassment. Those boys are not that young and can soon make their own decisions if not already about having a relationship with her. Sorry but her behavior is appalling for someone in her 30’s.

  • BayLinda Washington

    I’ve watched a friend have to decide to take her kids from a beautiful life that they built to some one they have never known. Its not an easy choice. Put yourself in that position. In the kids position and the mothers. Should they be pulled from that? They family and life AND friends they come to know and love. Should they be pulled from that for 1person?

  • ThisIsGarnet

    I honestly believe Sky doesn’t want custody of her kids. Not to say that in like a bad way but they already have a loving home. It doesn’t seem like the family she gave her kids too are evil disgusting foster parents. So I think she doesn’t want to uproot them maybe she’s building a relationship with them from outside the home.



  • Yeayea

    No that’s a signed players not a practice player do some research homie you sound dumb

  • Fina Jalaya Rose

    Lmao why dutchess need to be paying your bill for you to stay away from ceaser. Don’t pretend to be her friend then fuck the man she’s been with for years after she left. Y’all must have known that the producers edit the shit don’t play fucking dumb.

    For those talking about Sky not trying to get custody. Y’all some unintelligent fools. Her children are adopted not in foster care; she cannot just take them, she already signed over her rights.

    I liked dutchess at first but she’s just full of bullshit. Don’t talk about the girl parenting skills. They don’t live with her, she doesn’t have custody over them and she was very young too. She can’t just see them when she likes.

  • Reina1718

    Who paid ur bills b4 the show?? Girl bye no one thinkin about u

  • Reina1718

    2 become “famous” lol

  • Reina1718

    She sounds like Tara!

  • Hyewon

    Agree, I know she has to earn that check but her behavior is over the top ratchet for someone who has teenage sons out there.

  • Hyewon

    These people set themselves up by engaging in fake shit then when it turns on them- suddenly a victim.

  • Jackie Ross

    Probably because her kids were adopted. Once a child(ren) are adopted, the birth parents don’t have rights. I don’t see why she’s wrong. She is just showing how that decision still haunts her even though she knows it was the right one.

  • Talone

    I have no idea why she’s defending what Sky did with her kids. People aren’t hard on Sky for how she gave her kids away when she was a young girl, they’re giving her a hard time for how she’s handling the situation now that she an adult. How are u all on tv fighting, getting fake boobs, fake ass etc but u aint got custody of yo kids?

  • Hyewon

    Lol, that has to be it, nothing else makes any sense.

  • Hyewon

    Huh! She and her parents watched Black Ink, a show filled with hot ghetto mess and thought it was a good opportunity for what exactly? Did the producers frame her to fuck Cease on the show too? Because above all the shit she mentioned, fucking the boss was the worse.

  • Prive


  • Lacy4u

    Did she really say “Technically, we all know NFL players ain’t got no money. Technically, Cease actually got the longer paper?” She must be talking about semi-pro football players. NFL League minimum is between $500,000-$800,000 per season. Majority of the players make multi millions of dollars per season. Like I said, I guess she’s only speaking on the players she knows that make less than Cease.

  • mirra.k

    She mad Caesar didn’t wifeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Pebbles

    People who are in these only begin to complain when the show doesn’t place them in a favorable light.

  • NewbieNubian

    No what she said was that the scene that they are airing now is One that was filmed way back in the summer but they are using it in the second to last episode to facilitate whatever scripted mess theyve come up with. All of these shows do it which is why the continuity or lack there of is laughable. Using the scene with her parents, which they got them to film under the guise of getting know Kitty better, for whatever fake storyline they’re pushing is the exploitation. It makes perfect sense.

  • 9Ether

    There’s Kitty’s truth, Dutchess truth, and the real truth.

  • NewbieNubian

    So glad u posted this. Feel bad for her and I look at the whole situation different. That whole scene with her storming in on cease and even the soft core porn was uncomfortably fake.

    But it was very telling her saying Dutchess didn’t consider scripted shit fake. That’s beyond fucking nutty and def helps prove she was doing shit for the show. That is also lowkey scary

  • Keishabae

    If she already knew that they were “exploiting” over the summer when her parents came on then why did she continue to film for months and months after. It doesn’t make sense boo

  • J-Dub

    So the show is on its fifth season and you’re telling me that she had never watched one of the episodes before to know what the shit was all about?? hmmmmmmm

  • Ree_RN

    I saw this when she first went on live and I believe what she said about VH1 and their shady ass producers! They’re taking a page out of Carlos King’s playbook. I do think that she made a bad decision allowing them to use her because if she was a fan of the show before, she had to know how they can edit you and make you look crazy. Since Dutchess and Cease were breaking up, they had to make someone look like the new bad guy (girl)