BLAZIN CLIP: Ceaser finds out that Dutchess cheated on him while they were engaged – Black Ink Crew Episode 17

Dutchess has been fighting through a firestorm of backlash from the futon critics over the past few days after going on a rant about Sky not being involved with her kids, and unfortunately things may not be getting any better for her anytime soon now that it’s being revealed that she cheated on Ceaser throughout their relationship..

Watch as Cease fume over the revelation in this scene from Black Ink Crew Season 5 Episode 17.

  • gjkugfv

    I’m sorry but didnt he cheat on her too? Like way before

  • gjkugfv

    you talking about the wrong person

  • Lorenzo Sanchez-Diamond

    Yeah,that’s all you CAN say. You cant justify her behavior.

  • naja makenna

    move along

  • Lorenzo Sanchez-Diamond

    Exactly what i thought. You CAN’T address it. Bye Felicia, lol.

  • naja makenna

    i dont care. Youre on my comment section. So you can move along

  • naja makenna

    shut your bitch ass up , you’re on my fucking comment

  • Get ur dumb monkey ass on… no more replies for you, i hate ratchet lowlife hoes.

  • Lorenzo Sanchez-Diamond

    Miss, I NEVER talk in circles,and I don’t presume to know ANYONE. But since you believe I’m talking in circles,let me be precise about my points: 1.) Dutchess had no right to be unlawfully entering Ceaser’s place and going through his computer and then breaking it,when she was slinging pussy out of Both sides of her panties. 2.) Ceaser is no saint,either, but he didn’t go all the down to North CAROLINA to vandalize Dutchess’ shit.
    There, no circles, plain points for any LOGICAL person.

  • naja makenna

    Lmfao you the one talking like you know them , you’re just talking in circles

  • Lorenzo Sanchez-Diamond

    Oh so you know for a fact who cheated first? Also we know if his name is in her mouth as much because it’s HIS show and she is no longer a factor. But i see you didnt address that computer theft,though,lol. I’d have called the people on her ass for that.

  • naja makenna

    Please, she just mirrored Caesars behavior. And you’re going besides the point, Dutchess doesn’t have Caesars name in her mouth like Caesar has hers in his. Thats a bitch move.

  • Lorenzo Sanchez-Diamond

    The same reason why she was fucking someone else and SHE going through his computer with her people and takin’ his computer. That’s ratchet!

  • naja makenna

    Listen, nobody ever said Dutchess never done any wrong. I choose to comment on Caesar due to the simple fact that nigga, you guys aren’t together anymore and you’re fucking KIT. So why the hell are you even still talking shit about what the next nigga is DM’ing you about Dutchess. lmao im dead. Dutchess not worried about him

  • naja makenna

    Naw nigga , I speak my mind . And ima ride on a MF or 2 while im at it.

  • Lorenzo Sanchez-Diamond

    But you believe Dutchess’ triflin’ ass?

  • naja makenna

    THANK YOU!!!

  • naja makenna

    No i watched it, and I dont believe everything I see on TV. Fuck what Ted said. Thats Caesar cousin, of course he’d cover for him. smh

  • Nikke0208

    She’s the reason I stopped watching too

  • R C

    I don’t know what ppl see in dutchess..
    I could see her true colors front the minute she appeared on the screen. Which is why i stopped watching in the first season. She is conniving and shady af

  • R C

    She got with him bc she wanted fame. She’s always been a sneaky bitch. As soon as she got with him she became a different person.

  • CirrocObama

    Awww ok….umm no I’m not into that….part lol….Vjay Jay? now we talkin lol

  • Becka

    I don’t know I believe dutchess loved Caesar ….who knows why cause ever since I been watching this show, not to sound to Harsh but he seems like a narchistic pig who doesn’t know how to treat people and just what he can gain from them. But I think dutchess got fed up of dealing with his drama and wrapped up in his bull at the same time being not encouraged when doing her own thing. That kinda drove to acting like a woman scorned (sidebar- which she was)

  • Akire

    I bet Dutchess had pics and texts in her phone too lol

  • Akire

    Yes he’s been spreading that beef. Tattoo Baby like nah I’m good on that don’t blame her lol

  • shasyl

    Lol i never seen that movie but am going to watch it on my next day off.Am a nurse that why i said it because people think they can’t get anything from eating the butt they are so wrong.

  • Fee2nice

    Why they never mention dutchess on a second phone when donna, sky and the girls went to Miami πŸ€” She been cheating (even though Caesar cheated too) but why play games Dutchess?? Oh yeah to get your publicity and coins from black ink πŸ‘πŸΎ

  • CirrocObama

    Lol…i had just watched Harold and Kumar Go to White Castles…i heard that line on that movie lol

  • Lmfaooo.

  • Rissa

    I just can’t with Kit. Sure she’s pretty (with makeup on at least) and she’s funny every now and then, but I can’t. From day one, she came off as manipulative, conniving, arrogant, condescending, the list goes on. She pretends to be above the people at 113th, but she’s just like them. And whatever she got going on with Cease is ugh. In a more professional company this wouldn’t fly and for legit reasons like what Sky and Walt and everyone brought up. They all need ethics training.

    I know this video was about Dutchess cheating, but seeing Kit urked me lol.

  • Esther Jeanpierre

    No dutches scratched him, kitt on the other hand will put a DENT in his skunt . DOLLAR $$$$$$$$ all day.

  • laquinda lee

    And you feel like you can judge her by her actions lol God bless ya she a smart whore then lol πŸ˜‚

  • laquinda lee

    That’s her vagina lol like he doing whatever with karlie Allison and kitt like go somewhere with that judgement stuff. I don’t agree with the action whatsoever but at the end of the day her business still remains where as most hoes who claim they starting a business don’t last a week lol ijs

  • EastAfrika

    three d’s in ya vag all around the same time … THATS DISGUSTINGG!!!! she need to be worried for her health…but its clear they were both playing around on each other, with her spending most of her time in charlotte and him NEW YAWK!

  • Zola

    Dutchess. NFL boy toy already done with her. He said God told him he suppose to be single for life πŸ€”

  • Hair Lova πŸŒΎπŸ‘€πŸŒΎ


    Just like that, huh? Lmfao

  • Zola


  • Kay

    Lmfao tell it! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


    Shes a whore

  • Remember Donna TOLD Cease that Dutchess had a 2nd phone in Miami talking to other men…..but. I guess Cease didn’t wanna hear it…

  • Temz24_

    Lol This Is a Joke

  • Nezerelli78

    Yooo its like this if she knew she was fucking around and doing her then wtf she doing extra shit and acting like she is one hunnit….come on man!!! All im saying she acting like a the faithful bitch she she not….fuck at bitch she aint loyal,she used ceaser for a come up smmfh he the dummy on that part!!

  • laquinda lee

    Dutchess may have messed around just like cease but at the end of the day she smart and has a successful business. Plus who are we to judge like come on I’m sure everybody did some ish they not proud of. Ijs but her SnapBack game is on point πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

  • shasyl

    You may eat some disease and bacteria.Why you gotta eat ass.


    Love me some Ceaser, Ditches I do believe she loved you but was hurt. And felt you was messing around so she started to act back. Not saying it’s Kool. Been then tho. Stop doing meida and go to the source. The end!

  • Chezza49

    Watch out ceaser ,That kitty gonna scratch you !!!

  • High life Games


  • High life Games

    My bad nc

  • High life Games

    Exactly my friends saw her , in GB with a dude wake up my ni##er! Not news to nx

  • Lacrecia Shemki Bellamy

    What’s that chick name cat…..You see gold digger all in her face from jump….She knows she don’t like ceez ugly ass frfr

  • Klara Bess

    These Mark azz negros ain’t loyal!!!!

  • Giovanni Drayton

    Do you think those Pics are truly Teddy’sπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”. If they are, then does that mean they share women too?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Just because Dutch act like she has never seen those pics, let’s be real folks…How long were they together, 5 yrs. Fake, stop it!!! I find it odd for inspector gadget to act like she didn’t know of the Pics. Trust Dutch knew, due to her going right to the computer just like that, finding the pics, stop it. MUST NOT TELL LIES!!!😬😬😬😈

  • Giovanni Drayton

    Stop it!!!!LOL.πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  • Giovanni Drayton

    Let’s all be clear, Dutch and Cease are both fake, phony, hellafied manipulative, and THOT’SπŸ‘¬πŸ‘¬πŸ‘¬. Neither one of them can be taken serious. Cease can’t stop watching ass and Dutch not sure what she like. Remember how she claimed Donna πŸ‘…Raped her, oh and that she screwed O $hit. Man, I guess Cease ain’t doing his job. A true b***h will stray if its owner don’t take care of it,LOLπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”. So in reality Cease lost his pet and now owns a Kitty😻😻,LMAO!!!!

  • CirrocObama

    The things I would eat out of KIT’S ass you just don’t know!

  • cassandra goth 🐝

    I just wanna know if she screwed Oh Shit .
    I remember him saying it many seasons ago but it quickly got forgotten.

  • Chelsea Gallo

    Dutchess is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Love β™‹

    I think it’s true.

  • Mrs.Fonseca

    Dutchess had it all set up since they got engaged to get her shop…always compiting with Cease fake HOEπŸ™Š

  • J World✨

    Lmao 😭😭

  • Slay Savage

    This is straight comedy, like Cease mad at Dutchess the same way she was mad at him when she found out he was cheating…and the whole time they both been cheating on each other!!!..this is Drama on top of Drama…neither 1 should be mad at the other. Hell yall both Hoes…lol!!!!…Both of their cheatin asses can dish it, but cannot take it when it is revealed that the other cheated…..crazy af!!

  • Jenni S

    Kit is beautiful…!!

  • Damn girl, which nigga hurt you?… want me to kill him?

  • Lawanda Thompson


  • Dude everybody knew Dutches was taking pipe on the side, this aint no new news

  • Kiara

    Makes me wonder if that rumor about her in oShit is true

  • Moise Sineas

    THESE HOE”S AIN’T LOYAL. .LOL…FAKEASS dutchees…#badtygial

  • Lorenzo Sanchez-Diamond

    I completely agree with you.

  • Lorenzo Sanchez-Diamond

    She was and still is a Garden tool.

  • Lorenzo Sanchez-Diamond

    Um..that was his cousin Ted’s pics and texts (you might have missed that episode)…Dutchess WAS a hoe,though.

  • Rue

    Dutchess was always a hoe!!! She used cease and his celebrity…..she knew he wud eventually find out she was a hoe dats why she got her own shop cuz wen shit hits da fan she cud disappear…Trampmove!!!

  • Ebony Williams

    No what it is that dutchess can get made at ceaser for what he did, if you going to give then for give otherwise ctfu. But forgot she is a undercover hoe as well

  • Peaches

    You can tell that she put it together

  • Peaches

    It’s a picture of Dutchess and the dude, and it was aired before the show. Watch Go to YouTube
    But again, I’m glad that she twisted his ass like a rag doll.

  • Bricis

    I’m fucking Dutchess tooπŸ’―πŸ’―

  • Talone

    Nah he prolly only landed on a small blog because the bigger ones don’t believe it. If he had receipts I’m sure all of the blogs would be talking about it

  • Talone

    Or maybe she just moved down there to be closer to her tattoo shop, the life changing move was actually to New York to be with Cease not the other way around

  • Chrissy

    She seemed REAL confused about whether to stay or go – don’t know if she would go to lengths to set the whole pregnant plot twist up.. But who knows.

  • Nichole Krys


  • @ThisisAnointed

    Whattttttt????? teeeeeeea **sips**

  • naja makenna

    Ceasar is a milk dud head ass bitch. Dont care about what she doing now nigga. He been doing his shit regardless when they were engaged. i.e. pictures and texts on his computer. Niggas always wanna dish it but cant take it.

  • Tina


  • Ree_RN

    The dude had already aired Dutchess out on social media through a small blog, it never made it big until the show was filming again. He told the blogs then DM’d Cease. The Football player recently went on Snapchat saying he was single and wasn’t claiming her. I believe she did it… and I also believe she or someone she knows set that whole Cease got a bihh pregnant plot up at the beginning of the season so she could dump him

  • Hyewon

    That dude was all over the blogs months ago chatting like a straight low grade bitter bitch, all mad about Dutchess new nfl guy. Hilarious! A bunch of sour cheaters.

  • Reina1718

    Cease u knew! Thats y kitty on the show, she said it herself πŸ˜‘πŸ–πŸΌ

  • Verbal-Leigh

    Would explain her life changing moves down in Charlotte

  • Verbal-Leigh

    Lmaoo right!

  • shell

    Dude went to all the blogs and blew her up,….he was butt hurt and messy because she got with the nfl player too

  • ImSomebodyToo

    and what kind of dude slides in a next man DM telling on himself after the break up? really. whack!

  • Kay

    Yessss! I was thinking the exact same. He’s just trying to make Duchess look bad. The whole thing makes no sense like he’s the one who cheated and did her dirty and now he’s tryna save face by making it seem like she did him dirty too πŸ™„.

  • Abstruce

    πŸ˜† πŸ˜‚ 😭

  • Talone

    Hmmmmm something just seems a lil funky about what Cease is doing, it just seems as though he’s trying to make Dutchess the bad guy because he already got caught cheating on her. I dont believe it. Some random guy send you a DM and you just believe everything he says? He wants it to be true so bad

  • β™₯Sugar&Spiceβ™₯

    why you mad? ur a thot, ces. tit for thot.

  • Candance Smith

    We talkin about Dutchess, we ALL knew she was a hoe but u Cease. We all told u to leave tht manipulating trashy hoe alone, but u wouldnt listen. When I say all, I mean your folks too n your Mom told u! Moms tellin u, damn, did u haveta get your shit blown out, she left u! If nooooooooooooooobody like her, viewers n all, tht should of told u somethin! Anybody tht talks about kids from a kid aint shit! To talk about kids period!
    Someone elses kids are never up for discussion, I hope Skye beat the dogshit, well no I dont, cuz tht bitch got the police on speed dial n we hate the police!

    Ted is so good lookin to me, but I stay mad at him because he REFUSE to get his shit together! I BE STEAMIN MAD FR!

    Kitty pretty!