WATCH: Kenya Moore bares all on RHOA drama to The Breakfast Club

With Phaedra Parks now potentially facing disbarment, and her family reportedly receiving death threats, it’s becoming very clear that the entire Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion fiasco is starting to get out of hand. The latest to add their two-cents to the pile-on is Kenya Moore who recently shared her candid thoughts about Phaedra and more during her stop at The Breakfast Club..

  • Akire


  • Jasmine

    She is such a damn liar talking bout people don’t have memory of shit, I guess she don’t remember Porsha was actually friendly toward her in the beginning and then her whole issue with Porsha started simply becuz the girl called her Miss America and not Miss USA. Fake ass bitch. Other than that, decent interview

  • Adrianee P

    Don’t project your issues on me because the only time you get attention is online

  • MChantye

    ;ok sure

  • Ttrini

    I like this side of her personality and wish she would show it more. I found her funny articulate and smart. It was a good interview

  • Exactly!!

  • Inipow

    Exactly .Trick and Trash are only threats to themselves.

  • Inipow

    I cannot see what she has to be jealous of . Her body ? No and no because Kenya had a great body before Whoresha bought her breasts. Career ? She has actually had one check her Imdb . Wealth ? Again check her net worth. Men? Hell Whoresha tried to buy that football player who did the smash and run then it’s rumored that she was paying Todd. Whoresha rents while Kenya owns . Hair Kenya has her own and a hair care line that is in a chain store. Whoresha lingerie and hair are online. Intellect Kenya has a degree from a university. In order to be jealous there has to be something to be jealous of.

  • MChantye

    I can believe that, but I still think she inserts herself in others beef, especially when it comes to Porsha, the jealousy is real

  • Akire

    Yep so I’m sure she will be on the show sometimes.

  • Adrianee P

    Why are you so mad though? You know Phaedra? 😂😂

  • Sonya

    Basically what I get from this interview is that Kenya hams it up for the show ! I found her to be articulate, intelligent and even funny during this interview. I suspect this Kenya is who she really is and she’s alright lol 😂

  • Inipow

    Me too

  • Inipow

    Check out the latest installment and I think you will see most of Kenya’s fault are edited that way. Unlike others I find her confessionals hilarious and always on point. She is perhaps the most intelligent of all the cast.

  • Inipow

    Thank you ! Wisdom thy name is Adrianee P.

  • mirra.k

    I’m starting to believe ur a fuckin lesbian get off my clit bitch u blocked ugly ass..eww

  • thekeep itonehundred

    Ugh that means she will bring her back as a friend 😕

  • Adrianee P

    Trolling again per usual. ..

  • Adrianee P

    So lipstick is black lips .. all u do is troll in here. You have no life.

  • mirra.k

    After u buy some Burt’s bees for them ashy black ass lips! Talking about troll but u look like one! Hoe! And I didn’t know ya name was Kenya! You a grown ass man y u so angry??

  • Akire

    Rumor has it that Omarosa will be the new housewife and that’s Phaedra’s friend

  • Adrianee P

    Kill yourself troll ass bitch

  • Thalia

    Kenya reads lol first time seeing Charlemagne at a woman without criticizing them. That was kind of cute 😄

  • Ree_RN

    I’m interested in seeing what it has to offer

  • Ree_RN

    Charlamagne has a lil crush!!! lol one of the only interviews that I have ever seen him do with a reality star and he didn’t go for the jugular! This was actually a really good interview. She seemed sane and likable (for once) lol!!!

  • Adrianee P

    Phaedra is entirely behind the Kenya slander .. she will go to any lengths to make ppl look bad. I saw through it soooo many seasons ago. That’s why I’m side eyeing Kenya haters.. all she did is defend her self. There are times when she’s messy but duh.. it’s reality tv. Without the mess there would be zero show

  • mirra.k

    Bitch bye

  • Ashley Davis

    and will never be one

  • Ashley Davis


  • Donnell Hamilton, Jr.

    Yes she does

  • Luccicreno

    I really do not understand how she is surviving on this show when she really brings absolutely nothing. Her shade is not humorous,it’s mean spirited and obnoxious. I do,however,agree with her here in regards to Porsha. Porsha absolutely knew she was coming to throw Phaedra under the bus but Phaedra never got the memo and was thrown completely off guard. Porsha could have easily called Kandi the moment she heard it and asked her or even had Shamea ask her…why repeat unsubstantiated GOSSIP as a way of winning an argument. I think Phaedra SHOULD come back but the irony will be her only real way back into the circle will be through Kenya. Kandi,Kenya and Nene are all on a witch hunt to get her off the show. All of the women get along -Kim & Kenya but that cant last a ln entire season(ie Chateau Sheree vs Moore Manor). There HAS to be a villain and in my heart of hearts,Kenya would rather see Phaedra’s character “exposed” for the betterment of the show and her own personal satisfaction over firing her.Season 10 will more than likely be: Nene,Kenya,Kandi,Kim(Part time),Sheree,Phaedra,Porsha(in a reduced role) and a NEW WIFE. My opinion is,Phaedra needs a new friend! However she has to be equally,if not more manipulative and backbiting as Phaedra! Bravo would be on their MF SHIT if they finally gave Marlo a peach. With Phaedra’s history of being tied to criminals,I could actually see them working them as a storyline.Nene & Kenya on the same team warrants a new trouble maker coming to town.If I have to sit through another season of Kenya’s falsehoods and fabrications,Bravo better BRING IT!!! I say: Nene,Kenya,Kandi on one side with Kim,Marlo,Phaedra on the other with Porsha & Cynthia as “Friends to the show”

  • Marcia Herbine

    Kenya just a hater. Can’t stand her so messy

  • MChantye

    She always has something to say about things that have nothing to do with her, she inserts herself into others beef, ugh, constantly has Porsha’s name in her mouth, but she cant address her own issues with her not a housewife and never been one

  • LaNiece Robinson

    Well Fakedra and Horsha has already faded….So much that they both will probably be a blur on the next season cause they won’t be there…

  • Lmao that nigga side eyed her ponytail fo 5 minutes straight

  • Micoláii-Yomaris Fuentes-Dayto

    Right! She was never “accused” of rape to my knowledge, Phaedra claimed she made a verbal admission to her that she wanted/planned to…all lies.

  • D money

    Kenya throws the best shade I promise I love her

  • MsCharlieChan

    Get it, Kenya — excellent interview! 👏👏👏 I might even start liking Charlamange for a change, now that I see he has good enough taste to flirt with my girl Kenya.

  • Nita_rae

    I agree. At least they were housewives. Has Kenya ever been married? Smh! Kenya will fade to background once NENE and Kim come back. lol I notice how she ignored if her pony tail real or not. It’s not her pony tail. lol. SMH!

  • Abstruce

    Threat where?

  • Chloe Mailey

    I do love kenya. I have never like phaedra since Apollo left. In my opinion Phaedra had to stay relevant because she lost Apollos income.

    What i do not like is a lot of the reviews now say Kandi is accused of rape amd that was never said. There is a big differnce between wanted to, attempred to amd actually did

  • Hyewon

    I hated Kenya up until this season. She seem a whole lot more calm…..part of being real is knowing how to play the game. Wish her all the best.

  • wuzzy

    I would support it. I’m going to Sally’s

  • ZionLive

    Yeah Kenya is so beautiful and she’s very humble.

  • Kay

    I love this woman ! ❤️

  • Kay

    Ikr! ❤️

  • kneesee

    Charlamagne about that ponytail….LOL!!!!!

  • Steve

    She is such a darling

  • Karyn Kay

    No surprise that she thinks that Phaedra and Porsha should be kicked off of the show, those are her two biggest threats and she knows it

  • Lacy4u

    I enjoyed her interview. Charlamagne is a fool pretending to read the Bible. LOL. Has any one purchased or used any of Kenya’s hair care products?

  • Victoria M.

    Nice interview