WATCH: The gritty official Extended Trailer for ‘Power’ Season 4 emerges

The bulk of the next round of ‘Power’ will unfold behind bars now that Ghost has been tossed into the slammer, pop the top and catch an eyeful of the Season 4 extended trailer to get a look at how all of the mayhem will play-out when it’s unleashed on June 26th..


    same here lol

  • Kid Mohawk

    I didn’t know shit about power last year so I watched all seasons. Now I’m Been waiting on season 4 like crack heads waiting for crack

  • wavy cap

    I’ve watched season 1 and 2 so many times. i’m a power expert. I can’t wait

  • Santana

    😍😍 that beautiful ass golden gun reminds me of the 007 video came on Nintendo 64 😂😂😂 this season looks lit btw 💁🏽

  • Matty Burnside

    Its going the fuck down, fam.

  • linda

    I have to watch the last 2 episodes to refresh my memory i mean its been over a year but i been ready since the last episode

  • Ashley Davis

    Im ready

  • ZionLive

    What type of fuckery! END OF JUNE!? Ah cmon man we been waiting since last winter like wtf…. I just hope it’s good cause this long ass wait is not necessary.

  • Faithful Believer

    Yaaaaas!!! Power is the business!

  • LaNiece Robinson

    I like Power, but this long ass wait in between is ridiculous….50 needs to do a regular and then mid season or something and more episodes…Or I’m gone start watching every two seasons …

  • Ashleigh Ayler

    I just Angela gets killed

  • kneesee

    Man been waiting so long for this to come back on I gotta rewatch the last season to remember who did what. lol

  • Mz DiDi

    oooowwweeeeeeee…I cannot WAIT….I love this show!!!

  • Faithful Believer

    I can’t wait!!!!

  • Pebbles

    We tried to warn Jaime , whiteBoi Tommy Tried to Warn Jaime … he left his wife, family for Angie & the first sing of trouble she turned on him and about to bury him… meanwhile the wife he dumped is the one who is there for him & gonna help him get through it ..,

    Lawd!!! This show about to be lit …

  • Sarahspeaks

    Grinning away with excitement 😂roll on June

  • ken

    Cant wait