WATCH: Cardi B goes on a drunken rant about the dark side of the music industry

Some may argue that Cardi B suffers from Munchausen Syndrome being that she finds comfort in the attention that she draws when venting over her life woes to concerned fans who then drown her with sympathy, opposed to finding self-validation based on her current success..

But while on her recent trip to Dubai, watch as she goes live on IG to plead her case by exposing the dark side of the music industry that has put a black cloud over her recent achievements.

  • Lean on me🤷🏿‍♂️

    Lean on me

  • Ms.KerryBaby!

    She lost me a little bit when she said “people think I’m very out there but I’m low key” …cause we know her from being VERY OUT THERE on Instagram. But I do feel her……This dude comes up to her “are you venting? can i say hi?”….Now thats not a friend right there. He should have said “What’s wrong? Let’s talk when you’re done”. SMH

  • futuresomething

    She is not strong enough for that industry. Everything that is said about her she takes it to heart and changes herself to fit the mode. If you don’t love yourself and have a strong spiritual foundation that industry will eat you alive. I hope she can get it together.

  • Alexis_Gloria


  • Gabriella Amariś

    He did but like cardi said in the show because he said she changed and she made no time for him. Not even a letter. Smh.

  • Alexis_Gloria


  • Alexis_Gloria

    Didn’t the dude in jail leave Cardi though?

  • Teairra

    She needs someone badly. She sounds so sad and hurt. I feel so bad. I like Cardi but I wish she had someone to vent to for real. She needs someone.

  • Teairra

    Somebody said she was talking about Lil Kim. True?

  • Gabriella Amariś

    Cardi feeling it cuz she left her dude in prison for Offset. Now she see how easy it is for a nigga to get took by the next hoe. I fukx with Cardi the long way, but she def fuked over her nigga for Offset the same nigga that still begs his babymama to be wit him! Smh she should have never left home for the next nigga #factz

  • thekeep itonehundred

    So shes talking about Missy and Trina?

  • Mz DiDi

    The first 3 minutes of listening to this young lady, told me that she’s been propositioned by the DEVIL…Illuminati. I hope she doesn’t sell her soul. I like her and can see that she’s crying out for help. This is really sad.

  • leapyearpisces

    Well thank you. I try, chile (Cynthia Bailey voice). LOL.

  • Mz DiDi

    @leapyearpisces You are amazing!!! I thank you for being a mature adult about the realities of LIFE.

  • Rokses

    I dont have the time for the whole video but do underatand where she’s coming from. The introduction says it all, with the ignorant ‘ Munchausen Syndrome’ comment.

  • Alejandra Carolina Fina Maltez

    Cardi B does not have Munchausen syndrome, and whomever thinks that is retarded. This is a girl that is real and feels very deep therefore being too delicate for this industry. I feel for her. Shes like a fish in a sea of sharks. I wish she thought twice before signing her name on the dotted line. Créative control, puppets, monarch programming is very real and shes getting a taste of it. Like she said shes now a slave to the money and fame. That shit is blatant af. I hope she remains loyal , true to herself and continue to expose but keep her opinions to to herself and observe cause the élite dont play. Saying minimum is smart.

  • Love ♋


  • Love ♋

    Maybe she needs a change of career.

  • Zola

    Cardi B needs a strong solid partner to lean on; behind all the jokes and drama is a soft person.

  • leapyearpisces

    I don’t have 16 mins. to give her, but I did watch a one minute clip on another website, and I felt bad for her when she said the very people who inspired her, who she looked up to, are the very ones that got their foot on her neck. I will say this, some people are envious when it seems like someone “blew up” overnight with little or no effort, but no one knows how many years, and how much struggling and hustling this girl did to get put on, so to the outside, it may seem like she became an “overnight celebrity”, so people get envious, and YES that can include successful, rich celebrities (them probably more so than the average 9 to 5 person). For years, I had a real jealousy towards people like Amber Rose, and Joseline Hernandez. I would be like it’s not fair, that they are becoming millionaires with no redeemable character or morals, and no education, while I am out here college-educated struggling to pay college loans. Then one day I said self- and my self said “huh”, and I said stop being a bitter hater. Can’t be mad when folks take an opportunity and make the best of it, NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE. I said self, instead of hating on these folks and whining why them, and not you, get up your azz and STOP waiting for an opportunity, and CREATE am opportunity for yourself. You can’t be mad athat people like Cardiff B, Amber Rose, Joseline, Draya Michele, etc. for being in certain situations, and CREATING opportunities for themselves, because at the end of the day, THAT’S the definition of a hustler. Cardi B will be just fine.

  • #rapcrush

    Alotta ppl can’t deal with that shyt that’s y the do hella drugs n stuff it’s sad

  • MChantye

    Thats exactly it! They hitting her up for another step up in the game and she has to sell her soul to do it, smh

  • MChantye

    She is really speaking the real truths of how evil the music industry has become, especially about selling your soul for money, that why those who can really sing, have not had the success and exposure like the rich popular ones, aka..rhi.bey.nikki.etc

  • Ukkubit

    Same here I get real emotional when it comes to loyalty and hypocrites and fake ppl it really fucks with my spiritual energy

  • Truthteller20423

    She better be careful. Dubai locks people up for cursing!!!

  • R C

    Absolutely in the wrong field… She should be a teacher or councilors if She wants real

  • Mia Bradley


  • hiphopbaby

    That’s what it sounds like to me too…

  • chinaa’ starr

    i sorry, i love cardi … but i can’t watch this whole video.

  • Nate

    I appreciate her honesty. We “the people” need to get back to this realm. Honesty.

  • Pretty Eyes

    I feel her! Although she’s drunk she is all the way real, and honest. She still loves Tommy! I love it!

  • Ree_RN

    I have listened to her clearly in this rant and rants over the past few years as I have been a fan. As a fan, I can be unbiased and say: She does this EVERY few posts!!! She complains about all the fake love but she has been getting fake love since she was a stripper and she used to think that shit was cute…bragging about screwing ppls boyfriends, bragging about how much money she gets etc….then in the next few bipolar posts, “Ppl are hating on me”, ppl are fake etc!!! She’s bipolar as hell! Add to that, she has millions of fans who give her props constantly and she never thanks those ppl or addresses those who support her, only the negative shit she sees which is the entire basis for the reason why she’s famous! She wants everyone to be all positive and happy go lucky and that’s not real life! In real life, as long as you are comfortable with what you are doing and have ppl who genuinely love you (as she says she does), it doesn’t matter how much fake love you get or who says what about you!

  • Ree_RN

    if she can’t handle fake, then she’s clearly in the wrong business and she knew this for years since she was famous on social media before even being nationally known! There is nothing real about the entertainment industry yet she continues to pursue it. Even regular ppl have to be fake to some degree when you separate your business and personal life. She needs to grow the hell up

  • R C

    Not everyone speaks in code that you have to read btwn the lines. There are actually ppl who would tell you straight up

  • R C


  • R C

    I don’t think you paid actual attention to what she was saying. Cause I don’t think you heard her right. She wasn’t complaining she was clarifying how ppl are fake. How does that equate to her having low self esteem when Hollywood is all about being fake and wiping each other’s ass? It bothers her cause she doesn’t come from that world. she’s used to being 100% and never having to kissing ass.

  • R C

    I feel Cardi. When you are real and loyal but bugs me and it’s disappointing when ppl don’t show it back.. has nothing to do with insecurities but being 100%. For alot of ppl it’s very easy to smile and be FAKE. Or as many call it just going to get along. But that’s the difference with ppl like cardi and myself we don’t do fake well. If I don’t like you I’m not going to be smiling in your face and pretending. I just approached someone who I thought was talking shit and being fake. They tried tuning it to me like nah I only fucks with them cause you keep your enemies close. I’m looking like yea ok, where’s your loyalty. And now I don’t fucks with that person. I just can’t and won’t. Just like alot can’t and won’t be 100% to avoid confrontation

  • Ree_RN

    As much as I like her, she CLEARLY has low self-esteem because she lets other ppl determine how she feels about herself and the moves she makes in her life too much!!! She’s going off about ppl talking about her being a stripper, her messing with a dude in jail, her teeth, her family, her style…I mean DUH she is FAMOUS! They do it to everyone! Get the fuck over it! Obviously ppls opinions (good and bad) have gained her a seat at the winner’s table, and yet she still continues to complain about ppl not liking her! So much so, that she fails to recognize the ppl who do like her and want her to win!!! She’s one of the ppl who are super talented but will let that industry eat them alive because they let their emotions govern their actions, instead of being smart about it and shaking off the hate! I get that we as humans have feelings and all that blah blah blah but there is no place for feelings in business, entertainment especially. She needs someone to operate her social media from here on out unless she decides to quit and fade to black…she needs a “handler” real shit

  • MsCharlieChan


  • Ms305

    I feel you. That fake sh!t is every day life, tho. Celebrity or not. One of the main reasons why I keep my circle small.

  • Abstruce

    That’s not saying much for current music, if she’s the best.

  • MisunderstoodInTheSouth

    I’m not sure about what she’s referring to. I hope she isn’t in cahoots with that mess though. She still has my fan ship.

  • MisunderstoodInTheSouth

    I hear where you’re coming from. The celebs are human beings before anything. They still have the same human nature feelings etc.

  • Akire

    As much as I did not want to I found myself liking Cardi and she deserves her accolades. But it seems like she may be referring to the Illuminati because that shit is real.

  • HardFacts

    So lets read between the lines here. She basically has gotten played by Offset of Migos and now she’s blaming the entire music industry over her heartbreak. She caught feelings for that nicca and then got her feelings hurt. This is what all of this mess is about

  • J-Dub

    I hate when people do this shit. Why even go on tv or make music if all you’re gonna do is whine and complain abut the fame? She does this shit for attention

  • Mikki

    Cardi B, in my opinion, you are the best female rapper in a loonngg time!!! You always spit from yo 💜❤️Ma. Your music 🎤🎼🎹🎶 is so real. If you are doing bad…or well folks gone come for u! God has blessed you and put you in the position to live your dream. Don’t let anyone bring you down!! Keep on spittin that real ish some folks not ready for. Your voice deserves to be heard. Don’t let anyone try to make or break you girl. Much love to you from Dallas TX baby!