WATCH: Nicki Minaj sets off the 2017 Billboard Awards with a medley of ‘No Frauds’, ‘Regret In Your Tears’ & ‘Swalla’

The Billboard Awards rolled out the red carpet for Nicki Minaj as she grabbed the reins as the opening act for the ceremony this year. With Lil Wayne, Jason Derulo, and David Guetta riding shotgun for the performance, get into her live medley of ‘Swalla’, ‘No Frauds’, ‘Regret In Your Tears’, ‘Light My Body Up’ and more below followed by Drake’s outdoor performance of ‘Gyalchester’.

  • Matty Burnside

    Like Nicholas, you’re a loser. Go lose, bitch.

  • Matty Burnside

    Damn, this comment was 3 months ago – your prediction was true. Top spot = Cardi B.

  • Tinisha MrsHarper Sutphin


  • Channell Torres

    Ppl here talking shit that Nicki took this from Lil Kim she copy that I didn’t know that if u do something someone else can’t do it cuz is already taken STFU every pop star or rapper or whatever copy from other artists
    And she was lip singing but she was singing to even artist does it just because u have a amazing voice don’t mean shit ur voice still got to rest while u waist your time judging and hateing she up in the stage rocking it and living her dreams

  • Polyn Shumba

    Yes Nicky she did that

  • Rachel Smith

    Just because people are expressing they opinions . It doesn’t mean they are a hater. She is falling off. I use to be a huge nicki fan . But she need to tighten up . I can see cardi b taking her spot EASILY. This performance was whack . Lip singing . It’s just half ass. She do however looks beautiful .

  • R C

    I didn’t say your name was garbage… 🤔

  • Chantijai Crowder

    Yes I am thank you for acknowledging that. Just because my Name is different that means it’s garbage 😂😂 ok!! I’m sure you choked while trying to pronounce it, but I’m certain you didn’t pronounce it right. And CIVILIZED nah I don’t think so your mother was just to LAZY to name you anything different. I’m sorry she picked the easy way and gave you something common 😂

  • Chantijai Crowder

    Yes I am thank you for acknowledging that 👍👍 and garbage?? I’m positive you didn’t pronounce it right!! CIVILIZED 😂😂😂 YEA okay your mother was just to LAZY to pick anything different. Instead she thought less of you and gave you a CIVILIZED NAME

  • Loverai

    K and? girl bye

  • R C

    Nope college graduate. Sure I can pronounce that garbage you call a name. Btw I have a civilized name, nothing to be ashamed of

  • Chantijai Crowder

    😂😂 and you are afraid to put your name huh?? RC 😂😂 Try not to choke and accidentally kill yourself by trying your hardest to pronounce it.

  • La Dominicana Negra

    You are so pressed, lol. This performance was trash. Race ain’t got shit to do with anything. You don’t have high standards and it’s okay.

  • La Dominicana Negra

    You are so pressed, lol.

  • Reina1718

    Well my kids wont be watching this performance smh…everything is so sexualized now a days…what happenned to censorship 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • YoungFabulous

    I guess she paying your bills that’s why you on the internet disrespecting people. Empty puppet.

  • Reina1718

    These were all pop songs 🤔

  • Tamela


  • Capricia Woods

    Not guttersnipe😂😂😂😂😂😂


    The only category she dragged in was bundles. Nicki weave was stupid long pretty and flawless.


    And that was the worst verse I’ve heard from Wayne

  • André Christopher Valentine Jo

    Queen 😩😩😍

  • OneHunnid24/7:)

    Eat a Dick you clit riding ass hoe..who the fuck you think yo peasey head ass is going round capping for this lame hoe trolling everybody comments talking to people like that. .pussy hoe your opinion is not the only one that counts silly ass bitch.

  • Ms.KerryBaby!

    Wow….what the fuck is going on here? I didn’t hear ONE track that I would listen to twice. I KILLED Beam Me Up Scotty and things got shittier as she became more pop but WTF is this??? So she’s making money and now can make garbage??? And is she lip syncing??

  • Prissy Missy

    Don’t nobody wanna admit she stole anything from Kim… smh…these raggedy millennials suck

  • Prissy Missy

    How about you kiss my ENTIRE black ass! Fuck You for sucking Nikki’s dick!!!

  • Nickybaby773

    Yall dumb broke bitches really just clicked on here to hate smh I swear i hate black bitches yall be so quick to hate on a bitch doing better than you Nicki can buy all you wack ass hoes hating!

  • Nickybaby773

    Bitch stfu up clown ass hoe

  • Nickybaby773

    Dumb bitch you clicked on it tho

  • Nickybaby773

    So you just came on here to leave a negative ass commet bitch bye with you lame ass remy will never be better than nicky just face it

  • Nickybaby773

    Right i cant stand hating ass bitches

  • Nickybaby773

    Girl stfu all that hating shit will get you no where!

  • Andrea Berryhill


  • Prissy Missy

    Nikki stole Lil Kim’s entire LIFE and has the nerve to rap about frauds??? Fuck that! Nikki wouldnt be where she is if she never got her ass jacked up with implants and mimicked Kim’s gimmicks… she’s wack as hell and always has been!

  • Prissy Missy


  • Such A Baddie

    I wish Nicki would stop with the singing and just stick to rap. All that pop stuff was cute for a couple of songs, but now it’s just annoying 😫 Just rap sis

  • R C

    Coming from a Chantijai lmfao OK! 😂😂😂😂

  • D money

    i dont understand yall, yall arent haters yall are fans who even clicks on a video of somebody they hate, log in on their discuss account, then leave a comment ? remy get your flockies please

  • Teairra

    This was lovely

  • Dark che mack

    whatever nicki is legendary………remy naw is not……remy is trash

  • Matty Burnside


    You’re dead. Is this a hologram? Remy gave this bitch her eulogy and it will go down in history as THE BEST diss in history.
    Ghost, bye.

  • Loverai

    i remember when i knew most of her songs, shit she was so lit back then but idk about now.. she barely raps and when she does its kinda whack, i want ole nicki back.

  • treyvor

    The performances were cute but the songs are trash , sorry 🙄

  • Ashley Davis

    garbage af yo

  • Ashley Davis

    agreed and I fucks with Nicki but maybe she just need to be a pop singer or something

  • Ashley Davis

    exactly lol. people just love mediocrity at best !!

  • Ree_RN

    this is cute pop music but Safaree was needed for lyrics and hypeman support! No Frauds is a horrible song

  • Chantel

    Great performance!!! But did anybody saw she was running out of breath??

  • 9Ether

    Exactly. That sh*t was wack 😂😂

  • April Jewels

    Yes Nicki! I feel like a proud mom lol. She has come a looooong way performancewise and Im so here for this upcoming tour. Kim and Remy fans mad af lmao

  • Debra

    She is not as hot as she thinks she’s very insecure always looking for approval she did not even give down low drake a chance to big her up b4 she saying what about me little black girl lost smh insecurities is a heavy drug

  • Chantijai Crowder

    So why is Kim not hot anymore? If she jacked everything Kim wore and act then Kim was GARBAAJ 😂 and still is!

  • FullOHoney

    Garbaaj is the fraud. Kim originated Garbaaj’s stolen so called moves. Kim doesn’t need to reinvent herself. Watch the youtube on how she jacked Kim’s clothes and swag. Pathetic.

  • FullOHoney

    I don’t have the stomach to watch but we’ve fallen SOOOO far from Latifah, Hill and Salt N-Pepa. They never stuck their a$$es out to divert from rap skills, or done dispicable things like Garbaaj. I hope we soon return

  • Simon Miller

    Ok she put on a show, she had to all them songs were whack so to distract you from the whackness a whole heap of dancers and stage props #GirlBye

  • Artra MsRax Johnson

    Nicki did a great job!

  • mirra.k

    Because they are maddd .and miserable

  • mirra.k

    Getttemmm nickiii💕💕💕

  • Chantijai Crowder

    Lol Kim is all the way played out with the same dance moves she’s been doing since the 80s 😂😂😂

  • R C

    Gtfoh! You right Kim has never put on a show like thst cause Kim always was 100%. She didn’t mimic any other female rapper. She didn’t have to STEAL someone else’s look and flow to be successful talking about no frauds. Lmfao

  • Victoria M.


  • Victoria M.

    She had to. She knew the songs were trash. Lol.

  • Victoria M.

    You really thought no frauds was a drag?? 😂😂 Those lyrics were a disappointment at best.

  • YoungFabulous

    a bunch of empty music don’t make ya feel nothing

  • barnes

    why are people soooo lame thats bae and she killed that! glad to see her back on the scene! #queennic

  • Arnold

    Ummmmmm boo Kim has NEVER put on a performance anything close to this but…. that was some cute shade that you tried to throw

  • Thalia

    I’m not really a Nikki fan like that but it was refreshing not to see Beyonce singing and doing the same stuff ‘! N I don’t watch award shows either but this clip was entertaining and she did that well for her! Lol

  • 23 Isback

    Mediocrity at it’s finest! When you dont have the lyrical ability and you literally have to distract the audience with every gimmick possible. Sad what Female Rap has become and ppl will spplaud this nonsense because it makes a buck.smh

  • Love ♋

    You go girl!

  • R C

    Oh shit lil kim!!!!!!!

  • Keishabae

    lmao hell nah

  • Talone

    Yaaaasssss Nicki dragged Remy Ma by her bundles all up and down that stage. She is so bomb

  • Becka

    Loved it

  • MsCoco_Duh😒

    It’s gone be a NO fa me dawg 🙅🏽🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Leah


  • wuzzy!!

  • Kay Brown

    she pulled out all the stops. lol