BLAZIN CLIP: Tiny snaps on T.I. for cheating on her with her employee in this scene from Family Hustle Episode 8

T.I. is still fuming over Tiny’s rumored tryst with Floyd Mayweather that have been grabbing headlines lately, and he’s making sure to give her the blues about it while fending off a few cheating accusations of his own in this scene from T.I. & Tiny: Family Hustle Season 6 Episode 8 where he gets grilled over his affair with one of her employee’s.

  • Such A Baddie

    Yes. And he knows she can do better. Just because he’s providing for her doesn’t matter. She has her own money and had her own, before she even met him. So what else is he really offering to make her stay when he can’t even be faithful?

  • TaRon T. Dot Thomas

    wow. you pretty much spoke the truth. everything you said… i’ve been thinking the same thing. men don’t like it when women are doing them or independent. that means they’re not needed. he don’t wanna be not needed.

  • Such A Baddie

    Thanks Taron. And you’re right my comment really does apply to anyone! If you’re not with someone who encourages, pushes and motivates you..then they’re not the right person for you. Period. Love doesn’t mean giving up who you are and what you like to do while, your significant continues to chase their dreams. I get many people say how “ugly” and miss piggy Tiny looks, but not to T.I. He’s so insecure that she’ll find someone better, he’s successfully controlled her and kept her at home being just a mom and a wife, because he’s scared if she was back in the industry she’d probably meet someone better (or cheat on him, like he’s done her since they met). I just want people to do what makes them happy and realize being in a relationship may or not be forever, so you shouldn’t miss out of living life in the process.

  • TaRon T. Dot Thomas

    i have to agree. she did not sleep with Floyd. so why exactly is he getting bent out of shape. as big as T.I. is in the music industry. all them women he’s been around. Tiny a good one because I would’ve flipped on that ass in the restaurant smh

  • TaRon T. Dot Thomas

    you need to be T.I.’s lawyer and P.R. ninja hahaha

  • TaRon T. Dot Thomas

    speak it. that comment should be for all ages, sex and more. i am proudly gay. i sat and watched my mom give up her life for my dad. to sit there and be disrespected and made to look bad. i will NEVER give up my life and career for no damn man. bet that smh

  • Damn

    Plus he’s wearing sunglasses and that says a lot . So disrespectful like he feels like he’s better than her and she should be kissing his feet . Disgusting.

  • Such A Baddie

    Ladies let Tiny be a lesson on what NOT to do! Whether it’s your boyfriend, or husband and you have a family or not, put yourself first! Continue to have a career, life and do what makes you happy. I wish I would stay at home and give up my life for a man. Cuz if/ when he decide to leave you have nothing going on. It’s not about the money, it’s about doing you and having something for yourself. I’m not saying being a stay at home mom isn’t nice, but when the kids can go to school it’s time to do something else. Keep going to the gym, have hobbies and interests etc. I see it every day! yes tiny is gonna have money, but that’s it. She basically gave up her life and aspirations and dreams for a ninja who wanna ditch her and be on to the next thottie. You can’t get time back! 💯

  • Such A Baddie

    Tiny was TINY when he met her. He wasn’t no damn T.I. He was Clifford Harris…a dude from the streets tryna be a rapper. No one was checking for him when they started dating and she had her own coins…matter fact, she had the money and he was broke tryna record an album. He’s been cheating on her throughout their relationship and marriage and she’s allowed it. If I was her I would f*ck the smithereens outta Floyd, just to hurt him! T.I. doesn’t care about her feelings, but he is super bothered about Floyd. That would be the ultimate pay back. What bothers me is yes a person has the right to want to leave a relationship or marriage at any time, it’s he’s going about it the wrong way. Just admit you aren’t in love anymore and wanna move on. Stop calling her a distraction and making excuses. This whole situation and divorce could have been handled much differently, but T.I. Is just a disrespectful asshole.

  • Pebbles

    The key word is that they both want to work it out .

    Ti whole purpose was to embarrass and humiliate Tiny.. I hope she blow up & find peace with someone new..

  • Pebbles

    This is the truth..

  • Amber Faulkner

    Tiny has her own money..a few of his hit number 1singles were wrote by her let’s not forget.. You didn’t want her to work TI you wanted a stay at home wife.. she took a charge for you..she wasn’t in the tabloids or no man has claim she cheated on you while you were locked arrogant mf..hoes dnt offer shit but stds & drama..Tiny let him go & get u some inner peace

  • Jalanda

    I am disappointed that this is the really T.I ! First of all I noticed two things … First thing it Tiny’s body language right at the beginning. This woman looks very sad and stressed right out. Secondly , Tip looks like he doesn’t give a dam! You can see it in his posture, arms folded in front of his chest and then his voice sounding irritated, and dismissive. I know that voice it’s the voice of I am over it , I don’t care , I’m turned off , I want to do me !! And I wouldn’t doubt that Tiny set up the meeting in hopes to express her hurt and that he would admit and apologize. Hopfully she moves on cause he sure did !

  • Sharri Hurst

    I believe T.I. does not want to be with Tiny anymore. He probably feels he could do better or will keep dragging her along. Unfortunately I don’t see him ever giving her the respect and love she actually deserves.
    He’s using Floyd and the money he spent as an excuse.
    He does not value her. He does not want her. He cares more about his own appearance than their relationship.

  • D Raw

    Tbh cheating no if ands or buts but being at his house make me automatically assume u did as well

  • J World✨

    Going to a dude house and actually cheating.. 🤔 You tell me what’s worse..

  • D Raw


  • D Raw

    “Bitch I spent millions on you! Da fuk is u sayin?!? 😂😂😂

  • D Raw

    Millions don’t suffice it but it should be extra reason you don’t go to another nigga house

  • J World✨

    Since when did spending millions suffice infedelity? I’m highly disappointed… you spent money and she took care of your kids that wasn’t even hers. Put a price on that! 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • leapyearpisces

    Annnnnd there is a LONG-STANDING rumor that Sanaa Lathan was pregnant by him, but got rid of it.

  • leapyearpisces

    I don’t know if it was a poster on this site or another, but she said that is one thing she admires about men, that once you effects up, they are out, most times they don’t stick around to give chances to see if the situation will get better. They took their losses and git!! I like, Tiny, but T.I is the MONSTER SHE CREATED, TRUST I KNOW. After you forgive a man so many times for shat, and keep’s doing the behavior, he loses respect for you, especially if you play the “we are over FOR GOOD THIS TIME”, but yet come back time and time and time, he no longer has a fear of losing you, therefore, he doesn’t look at it, like you are giving him chances, he looks at it as a routine that you are WILLINGLY agreeing to be a part of.

    In other news, T.I ain’t shat, not ONLY because the obvious, but the only reason he played like he wanted to work things out after the while Floyd Mayweather thing, was so he turn around, and humiliate at her publicly like he feels she did him (which she didnt). That takes a special, diabolical piece of shat. In my Ike Turner voice: Yeah, you sorry, bout the sorriest muthafugga I know”.

  • PlayerP

    Unfortunately, he’s still a horrible cheater.

  • SupremeRose

    Right. Tiny files for divorce to shake him up and he’s hurt about it. Hence that’s all he was talking about in the episode before last. At this point I believe tiny is right, his ego is too damn big for him to save his marriage.

  • Lacy4u

    It’s time for these two to call Iyanla so she can fix their lives, too.

  • Lacy4u

    Actually, Denzel spoke about cheating on his wife Paula earlier on in their marriage. He almost lost her but they chose to work through that obstacle & he said he’d learned his lesson & vowed never to hurt her or his family again.

  • Akire

    Hell Denzel has been in the industry for years and is married to an average SISTA and you never hear cheating rumors. People always make excuses for bad behavior. TI is wrong on all accounts.

  • AnointedPrincess

    This short skinny turd is such a loser smh. He just lost a fan smh

  • mocha brown


  • Soft kitty

    I hope she beat the bitch up

  • Truthteller20423

    “I spent millions on you” he says like she was a paid hoe and not a wife! He is disgusting! His mentality is disgusting! Your wife and best friend is crying and hurt and you blame her!!!
    #not raised right!!!


    Are they talking about Mayweather ?

  • Ab

    Right like first of all that’s your wife and mother of your children who was down before you had millions mfka. He’s pathetic .

  • MissL

    Tip has some nerve! Everyone’s talking about they want them to stay together but I think if that’s the person she’s been dealing with, she should get while the getting’s good.
    He actually had the audacity to ask Tiny if she was at odds with the girl he slept with that she introduced him to 😤 He needs a f***ing slap.

  • Alexa Michelle

    Why does everyone keep justifying TI because “he’s in the industry”. There’s no justifications to his action because that is a grown ass man who knows right from wrong and knows the difference between family and industry. You chose a hoe and blatantly disrespected your wife . Not to mention that Tiny had a singing career of her own and yet she not out here breaking her vows. Society is so fucked up that many of u think what TI did is ok…. smh

  • SupremeRose

    Ultimately TI is a man who’s in the music industry who has been cheating on his wife for years and I’m sure Tiny was aware of this from the jump. The thing is TI spat in her face by sleeping with the employee! Tiny isn’t dealing with it anymore. She’s hurt and so is he. Even tho She wants to work things out but ti ego is too damn big for him move clearly. With him reacting like this he’s definitely going to lose his queen.

    I hope they are able to seek counseling to mend thier marriage.

  • SupremeRose

    Honey let’s be realistic with the industry that he’s in. It’s not anything new here it comes with the territory of dating a rapper, a list celebrity, athlete. These women know wassup.

  • KandiKaneBanks

    STOP YOUR SHIT BRO ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌
    Omg 😲 I’m from Toronto and have seen YOUR shit first hand 🤚
    BROOOOOO stop ur shitttttttt FML

  • Abstruce

    Where’s Empire? It aired tonight.

  • KeKe D.

    he lost me at “i spent millions on you” and? that woman has done soooo much for this nigga. she went to jail for this nigga! i realllllly wanted them to work this out, but he ain’t shit. his claims.. reasons to get back (which were assumptions) held no weight. sound like some a young nigga would say. Tiny go on your tour, fuck Tip!

  • Candance Smith

    Yeah, YOU ARE UNDER ARREST, PLACE YOUR DICK WHERE I CAN SEE IT! In other words, “keep MY dick in your pants, U MARRIED!”

  • Pebbles

    I like this season this one of the best seasons since they’ve been on no fake bill Cosby family, they have issues they need to work out. ( both sides said: they stillllay with each other )

  • empress c

    Solo wait meant. U assumed I slept with someone. So u go sleep with the help. Dudes so egotistical. The sexist shit is weak as hell. Anything u can do I can do better bih. You a cool artist, but fuck out if here tip with that male dominance disorder. You have no prove that’s why u look stupid.

  • D money

    tiny im not convinced you’re just as guilty as him, he’s just easier to blame and make you look good in the public eye

  • Candance Smith

    TI is pissed too, but make me understand, your shit all over the internet, u hoebagged so bad on your Wife, u cheated with HER employee, but u mad tht she friends with your enemy, fuck what u did, TYPICAL MAN, NERVES OF STEEL n he brewin too, lmao, is u BIG mad or little mad, u funny TI, I cant support a CHEATER no more. Damn TI, u just like all other men, u aint shit! Tiny rode with u, put her wants on the back burner for u, carried babies for u, HAD babies for u, held u down thru all your shit, she was your ride or die n u got mad nerve to treat your children’s Mother n your Wife like trash, YOUR DONE! Thts a strongggg woman u fucked over, damn good one too, u know God will not give u another one, welcome to the world of hoes, cuz thts all u will get, u dont treat real women right! Tiny, im all about family, but if u stay, he WILL do tht foul shit again! I know what he mad about, but guess what, he fucked your employee, baby he can be mad til he turn purple, dont end your friendship with him, TI violated, said fuck his Vows tht he took in front of God, let his ass explode n go get yo money! Respect loss! I hope u beat they asses before u fired the Home Wrecker!

  • BrainsNBeauty

    Absolutely. It doesn’t help that he knows all of her insecurities so he knows how to pull those strings. I’m mad for her. You can tell Tiny is really a beautiful person & her good nature & spirit illuminates on screen & off. He knows that. Dog. 😒

  • Rashekia Thomas

    My heart aches for Tiny! She has been so caught up with Tip that she lost her self along the way, she has changed her appearance on the outside, my guess the s to make her feel better about herself! But it’s the inside that she should be trying to make better!

    I seen an interview she did where she talked about how if the people who talked smack about her had money, that they would get work done themselves,

    I disagree any person male or female who are confident in themselves don’t go through extreme surgeries that aren’t medically necessary it doesn’t matter if they have money or not!

    Now would be a good time for Tiny to actually find herself before Heiress becomes of age and see the self hate that her mother possesses. The others already see it and some have already followed suit “Niq Niq”

    Kayne West “All falls down” 🎶

  • SupremeRose

    Men get so mad when thier partner the tables turn.
    They need a spin off show for marriage counseling or something done off camera.

    I really want them to work out, not so much for the kids but more so because true love resides in thier heart for each other.

  • SupremeRose

    Of course Infidelity would take place with Ti being in the music industry. I’m sure there was an understanding between them about it. However he got sloppy with it. Good for Tiny for standing up for herself.

  • Halo’prettyface Deffinately-ba

    Just like any other man who can’t be a Mann about shit 🙄 But swear they grown ass hell 🤷‍♀️😣 guys sit up here and don’t want see their own woman elevate . But wanna see them be loyal while their out doing whatever the fuck they want , but when they see you boss up it becomes a problem 💯💪🏾 I’m tired of niggas always making excuses to do woman dirty ! Own up to to your shit and all of your shit . Why make her feel bad 😔 when she didn’t do anything . I hate selfish people then trying to throw up what he did as if money compares to any of the real shit she went through with you

  • kneesee

    Though I do think they have had threesomes, I dont think this was the case with this girl. He asked her that because he like she was your employee. I dont think she would be as mad if it was a chick she was banging too. I think its the fact he did it behind her back clearly. And the sounds of it he did to be spiteful and it backfired on his butt. They seem like they have a pretty open relationship. She was in the dark on this and trust he didnt want the girl he just wanted to bring some sort of hurt like CLEARLY he was hurt over the mayweather thing. But at the end of the day, I think she is so over it now. Poor lil Tip TIP. Even if he move on he will never love like he loved her.

  • ♥Sugar&Spice♥

    LOL Yeah I was just thinking stay because family is beautiful but leave him because he’s a bit of a manipulator…a man who seems to want to keep his woman in ‘her place’.

  • kneesee

    Ikr…her leaving TI actually made her even look prettier! I am all her for her! Go girl.

  • kneesee

    LOL i know right. Weird.. I still want them to be together. But I want her to leave him too. BIPOLAR …I just cant see them without each other tho.

  • kneesee

    Wow…surprise TI let this air out. But its good to see Tiny not a dumb chick…go get ya money boo. She over it! Deuces TIP

  • ♥Sugar&Spice♥

    I love how strong she is. Stand up to that moron.

    I hope they work it out.

  • Keliyah-Renee

    Tiny girrrrl go do your thing!! you got your tour coming up. I lost major respect for Tip, going to a party and cheating are no comparison

  • KnowledgeIsPower

    GARBAGE TI !!! Garbage. Own your ISH man! He’s tryna throw it back on her. Even if she was at a damn party, HE put his manhood in ANOTHER woman. Not just any woman, but her EMPLOYEE. This ish is a mess, its just like Mary J Blige’s ex Kendont. You have women TRYING to handle their business in a male dominant industry, raising families and have to worry about stalking their husbands and employees too?? Its MORE hurtful and affects business! I use to rock w ya TI, but the fact you’re tryna turn this on her to take te heat off your awful actions is GROSS. Also, that spent money on you crap don’t mean ish if you’re a husband and can’t keep honor your vows.

  • BrainsNBeauty

    He is doing nothing but deflecting & projecting to get the heat off of his snake azz. So immature. Just own up to it & stop making excuses. Negroe you wanted to be free anyway so whatever. Already bad enough you stepping out on her, but out of all these chicks in Atlanta you choose a bitch that your WIFE has to see around her house and/or work with???? TOO disrespectful. Smh. And it sounds like there was no shame in their game & the girl continued to see him whether Tiny was there or not! I can hear his controlling azz telling Tiny that’s his house & the girl can come over if she wants to. Let me go, I’m getting pissed talking about it. Lol

  • YoungFabulous

    Get him Tiny. Finally shut his ass down.

  • thekeep itonehundred

    I wish she would’ve left him when he was in prison twice or when he was hustling trying to get on and she was in Xscape. They say a woman’s loyalty is tested when her man has nothing and a man’s loyalty is tested when he has everything. I haven’t seen him ride for her as she did him. But don’t worry somebody will appreciate her.

  • thekeep itonehundred

    I hope she moves on. T.I showing his true colors.

  • Papibobbybrown

    This just shows you if a nigga ain’t shit, he always not gonna be shit. No matter the time / money involved.

    Tiny literally rode out for this man put her career on back burner took care of all them kids & let’s NOT forget went to JAIL for this fucking nigga. Shit like that makes me SICK. I mentally couldn’t deal with a nigga tryna blame me for HIS wrong doings. Just tryna flip the script inmy face knowing all I’ve done for him. Have your shit back bitch made nigga! I’m GONE! Lucky if I don’t beat his ass on the way out tf

  • Thalia

    That’s right Tiny… U handle this mofo!!!!! I never tuned into her like this over the years but I’m definitely siding with her! Ti u ain’t coming off as smart as you think you are!!!! Lol smh

  • Ree_RN

    he forgets that he cost her millions because of so many opportunities she passed up on or lost because she was trying to be loyal to him…and/or taking charges for him! UGH I can not (joseline’s v.)

  • mirra.k

    Why do I say that about him too smh he’s a jerk

  • mirra.k


  • Jay W

    I legit just lost all respect for T.I. .. No I’m sorry or nothing just blame blame blame like its Tiny fault and she stood up for herself ! Tiny you can do soooooo much better than this bull..All the obvious mind games he tries too o play that your now seeing through 🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Scarlette

    Wow T.I. is a clown ass dude for doing this to her after she put her career off for his ass for years just to hold him down. Props to her for speaking up for herself instead of letting him try to manipulate her into thinking that it’s all her fault. Men are so tired and tacky smh

  • thekeep itonehundred

    This is why u don’t give men a second,third,forth,fifth chance. Because they won’t even think about giving u a second chance. And from the looks of it, he saying he cheated BC she was out with Maywether? 👀 Petty at his best and Tit for Tat, combated all that. He couldn’t wait to get her back. I use to love some T.I, but nawww not anymore.

  • Victoria M.

    Dudes always act like their feelings are more important. Smh. Typical man to think that she’s more wrong for hanging out with someone he didn’t like when he slept with someone else.

  • Chantel

    T.I. saying he spent millions on her did he not forget she had her on millions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mirra.k

    They was having threesome’s and he starting fucking the girl without tiny…and that’s y he just ask her was u at odds with her!!..are u dumb like nyga yes once y’all became a twosome… Foh loyalty my man and that’s all these rappers rap about but have very little of it!!! Tiny u shouldn’t of brought hoes into your bed room! But we live and we learn💯👌

  • JaaBless

    Go on, tiny