WATCH: Real Housewives Of Potomac’s Gizelle Bryant goes unfiltered with The Breakfast Club

Now that Phaedra’s “Mr. Chocolate” has been exposed as Gizelle’s ex-husband, pastor Jamal Bryant, Gizelle plans to do some exposing of her own with her upcoming book that’ll shine light on the dark side of the church. Watch as she hits The Breakfast Club to rave over the new project while also blasting her Real Housewives Of Potomac co-stars Monique Samuels and Charisse Jackson.

  • spiritualsherene

    Giselle hair just TERRIBLE!😖..

  • Stacey Young

    love Her

  • NewbieNubian

    Can someone tell and direct me to when and where Matt chocolate was exposed?

  • ♥Sugar&Spice♥

    I didn’t like before now. She owns her shit. Good.

  • Oprah Brown

    fuck religion

  • Sarahspeaks

    8:59 secs in I realised it was 26 mins long and I’m already bored so I’ve give up with that I don’t like Giselle she’s a miserable bitter bitch.

  • My2cents

    Yea she still has the conceited attitude from her YOUNGER years when she was known as the pretty light girl with light eyes. But she needs to realize that she now just look like an old high yellow bitter hag

  • My2cents

    She seems like a miserable person and she doesn’t really interview that well being that she doesn’t come across as down to earth. I wish she would leave Monique alone, she’s too old to be a damn bully

  • Inipow

    Same here

  • SapphireRoyale504

    Gizelle’s just mad at Monique and Ashley because they have the life that she wish she can have and she’s tripping over her ex giving Phaedra something to melt in her mouth and not in her hands in the past. Kevin needs to come and ride his blonde horse into the sunset.

  • KC

    I love Gizelle! She keeps it REAL.

  • Hyewon

    A typical sorority hypocrite turn old bitter ass

  • Hyewon

    Gizelle is totally fucked up for trashing Ashley’s restaurant on a show with millions of viewers. Don’t have to eat camel or anything like that- the menu has quite a few regular items, she is such a HATER…. karma is a bitch, let’s see what happens to that dead face make-up line

  • MelaninGoddess

    This chick is so passive aggressive both on and off of the show that I really do believe her when she says that the producers are portraying her correctly on the show. I see why she doesn’t have a man. Stank ass attitude

  • Ree_RN

    I used to like Gizelle…after this season, I don’t see it for her jealous, hating ass. She’s still throwing shade at Monique and it’s unnecessary!