BLAZIN CLIP: Kirk Agrees to take a paternity test in this scene from LHHATL Season 6 Episode 13

Now that Logan has popped up out of the blue claiming to be the father of Jasmine’s child, watch as Kirk finally agrees to take a DNA test in this scene from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 Episode 13.

  • Lady Imz

    DNA test or NOT it still doesn’t change what he’s done! U smashed her RAW paid her bills and rent! Like REALLY. When do we as women say it’s enough, sometimes ” for the kids” isn’t a good reason to stick with a FOOL like Kirk, HOW MANY more times will he embarrass her

  • D money

    Kirk stfu !!!! Cause you was paying this bitch rent and giving her money you knew wtf you was doing slimy ass dude

  • Jalessa Blu Smith

    He spending $20,000 to try to FIX that test! Who you think you’re fooling.

  • Ttrini

    Yep and i agree….what’s the point carrying on when your ass gonna stay regardless? Might as well pipe down and live in peace if you aint gonna leave

  • Papibobbybrown

    Them 3 ear rings blinging baby *real tears* 😩😭

  • Hope road

    On another note… not feeling this look Rasheeda 🤦🏽‍♀️. Hair a mess, that Kaftan makes you look super manly. Come on girl you’re beautiful don’t let bum Kirk throw you off your usual queen swag

  • shasyl

    The chain she threw in the fire look smaller than the other she had.I think this is all for a pay cheque cause no black woman ain’t that stupid.

  • DJ Tia

    They did!!!!

  • DJ Tia

    Best comment yet! Good point about women sleeping with married men knowing wives don’t care. That’s so true…

  • Chantel


  • Chantel


  • Chantel

    Mona Bxxch we are tired of these FROST FACTS, stop dragging this longer then it has to be.DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sunshinegirl

    Spending $20K just for a DNA test is stupid. Boy, you better go to child support enforcement in Georgia, open a case, and it will only end up costing whatever the fees are for testing if the baby is his.

  • Stunna

    Im too disappointed in Rasheeda cause of all the cast members she was the most inspiring. I get shes married an maybe putting up for the check but gaaaahhdamn. This guy only agreed to take a DNA cause another dude stepped in…its an insult to the single mothers who aspire to be married but leave the relationship when your not being valued. She is type weak, when crying ass kandi comes off with more strength in her advice its a problem….

  • Sarahspeaks

    That only changes the percentage to 50% doesnt change the fact Kirks a scumbag. Hes not even sorry prob just a storyline for a cheque

  • Rokses

    It’s the dumbest trick everrrr then, you know already Kirk is a hoe who has again cheated on you. This vile hoe didnt want his baby to be kissed on the mouth by his grandma.smh

  • Rokses

    A whole cast of ignorant people.

  • Cristian Charles

    What woman will be so cool talking to a husband about getting DNA test to prove if he did father another woman’s child… SMH… Rasheeda need to go get some self worth and leave Kirk nasty ass alone….


    I pray never to be this foolish about a man at this age.

  • Jessica Johnson

    Resheeda let kirk ugly ass go!!! I be dame if i let a man take me threw all that an we aint even fucking an we married…😕…..karlie hopin from dick to dick…joc act like he in love with karlie…Tammy getting back with Wacka is ok but its another rasheeda an kirk its just kirk sloppy with his shit👊…….Joseline acting like she the queen an can talk to anybody anytype of way bitch u aint god hoe. .😂😂😂Fame will bring out the worst an ppl ..Jessica Dime im happy 4 her but it sum about ohh boy ….

  • Victoria M.

    Wow. Smh.


    $20K of I shoulda kept my dick in my pants money. KIRK FROST DONKEY OF THE YEAR!

  • Keliyah-Renee

    That’s exactly was gets me plus word on the blogs that next dude ain’t even the Dad. So if that’s true and she ain’t been with anyone else, Kirk you is the Papi

  • Reina1718

    She look like she helping him smh

  • Reina1718

    Mmm well i read this whole Rasheeda thing is made up & truth is Rasheeda dont even want kirk she been over it, blogs are saying he set this up & paid them ppl for all of this drama just for tv…they want a spin off

  • Fia Brown

    A black woman that has had women scream their pregnant by her habitual cheating husband. They have been together for years. I’m sure this has happend before. I bet kirt was really wild before the camaras.

  • Fia Brown

    Right. I think the storyline is real and rasheeda is doing exactly what you said, shifting the truth. I think they have been down this road with negative results so rasheeda is hoping it will be like the past

  • Tinisha MrsHarper Sutphin

    I just don’t understand Rasheeda you are too good of a woman to be dealing with this. That man don’t even look sorry for what he did. And he’s going to keep playing her because she keep tolerating the B.S married or not HER AND TAMMY gonna keep getting cheated on!!!!

  • ThatBi

    She’s dumb that’s why lol woman are very weak sometimes and it’s sad. I pray I’m not as weak as her ever ☺️😇

  • YoungFabulous

    I feel like the whole story is fake. What black woman you know will be going this easy on him. Anyone peep Rasheeda at the bon fire? Now that was a inside cry cause I didn’t see any tears or do I need new glasses.

  • Renee Jones

    Right…. Hello, and I think this is a trick to get Kirk off guard to take the test because once he knows that someone else is stepping up to be the father he thinks that he won’t be. Get’em Rasheeda

  • Zola

    Some stand by your man backward bullshit, her choice but I wish they will keep their old asses off TV – Kirk is damn near 50 years old, horrible examples for young black women, men and marriage.

  • Zola

    It’s not his baby but you could have HIV because your man sticks his dick in anything without a condom, smh!

  • Hyewon

    Ok so Kirk cheats on his wife, but at least wear a damn condom! STDs are rampant out there, don’t care what anyone says- you cannot be the father you should be with kids spread over several households, so backward and selfish!

  • MelaninGoddess

    Oooooooh Ima just cross my fingers and hope that they really didn’t say that mess lol

  • MelaninGoddess

    Not sure why Rasheeda feels sooooo liberated by the possibility of someone else being the father as if the bigger issue of him cheating is irrelevant to her. She’s acting as if its her and Kirk as a team against Jasmine, when in actuality its all Kirk’s fault since he’s married. Even if the storyline is questionable Im sure the issue of him cheating on her in general is very real

  • SapphireRoyale504

    Now he decides to do it now that another man has stepped up to be the mature one, he’s still a dumb fuck. He’s never going to be faithful to Rasheeda, he’s her sperm donor.

  • Natural Beauti

    Like the Braxton’s said : “if u ain’t gone do nothing about it then let ur man cheat in peace”.

  • Ariel


  • Ariel

    I can’t stand Kirk!

  • Nakia Corbin

    I know man, he ain’t even worth all this trouble