BLAZIN VIDEO: TLC unleashes their new music videos for ‘Haters’ and ‘Way Back’ featuring Snoop Dogg

After sitting on ice for a few years while they raised the cash to craft their new project, T-Boz & Chilli has finally unveiled the first visual taste of what’s to come in the form of their new music videos for their latest singles ‘Haters’ and ‘Way Back’ featuring Snoop Dogg. Peep it out below..

  • Candance Smith

    I like both songs, but Way Back is the shit! My Girls, I started with yall n u still got it! I miss Left Eye soooooo much! My heart aches so much, so I know yalls do, Rip, Left Eye! DO YALL THANG! YALL STILL LOOK FABULOUS! I LOVE T-BOZ, CHILI, N LEFT EYE, NO REPLACEMENT!

  • Santana

    Way back was so tight ain’t seen the other one yet but they still got it ❤️👌🏾

  • MzNeicy

    This was dope as shit

  • Yetunde

    I will always love TLC.

  • Sheniel Dixon

    I looooooove it! 😍😍😍 That can be beatin in the ride🚘🚘

  • Talone

    Yaaaaas I love it! Chilli knows she be goin OFF dancing


    Has that nice summer jam vibe \(^ω^\)

  • SapphireRoyale504

    I love this video and the ladies still looks fierce as ever!

  • Temesia MsTee Heath

    Loved The Song N Video.

  • Kay Cherell

    Kool song 😉

  • MrsNedra CookieBoutthatlife Ja

    Its coo not the shidddd but coo🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Lacy4u

    Chili’s body still looks like a little girl’s. It’s amazing how she’s been able to keep her abs tight. Why does T-Boz have on that long sleeve coat. She looks hot af compared to everyone else, especially Chili because she has on a itty bitty top on. It’s a nice song though. What happened to that girl they added way back when they did that reality show?

  • Mskeepzitreal

    I loved the song and video

  • ImSomebodyToo

    ummm, did chili get old just for the video? Lmao. Her makeup looks…negative. 🙂 Still love them though.

  • ImSomebodyToo