BLAZIN CLIP: Tammy tries to get Dime to squash her beef with Tommie in this un-aired scene from LHHATL Episode 13

If it wasn’t bad enough that Tommie Lee only got paid for 2 out of the 14 episodes that she filmed last season, she’s once again finding herself in the dog house after not being invited on the cast trip to Jamaica due to all of her ongoing beefs. Watch as Tammy tries to get Dime to call a truce in this un-aired scene from Episode 13..

  • Chek

    Ok je vais voir sa alors ses acteurs joue bien leur roles et les cultures sont aussi differentes si nan je veut améliorer l’anglais ? Bon courage

  • Svlxm Mvlik

    moi aussi je suis français et aussi anglophone. Ces séries sont lourde on est du même avis. Si tu veux un avis regarde avec sous titre comme ca tu auras la traduction des mots. ( Surtout des insultes )

  • Chek

    Slt cest charles je suis francais et je vit a paris et voudrais ameliorè mon anglais a travers ses filme qui me passionne merc

  • Leonie Kin

    Hey Hey big up JA, guan Beenie. Si wi ya JA wi large! we all ketch pan Love and Hip Hop raaaaye.

  • 23 Isback

    I still somewhat liked Joseline but molestation alegations are just a whole new low. She is disgusting to even try and put that on that lil girl!

  • Sheba

    AY! Beenie Man is out here trying to be a match maker LMAO… that was sweet tho. Karlie and Joc could be a great couple if they worked at it in a mature manner but right now like the general said “DRAMA!”

  • Rokses

    Why us Karlie always acting a fool… smh

  • So Karlie and Joseline are friends but she doesn’t have her number? 🤔

  • Dark che mack

    So funny everybody on the cast is team DIME now…..but yall didn’t even like her…. So phony

  • Sali

    I agree. Joseline went way too far. Allegations like that are serious.

  • Karlie shouldn’t want everybody to hate Tommie, but as far as joseline and Mimi… You have to understand Jose called DFACS on Stevie J stating that he was raping his daughter and Mimi knew about it. Eva literally almost got taken away because of that. My friends couldn’t be cool with her either!

  • she has a daughter thats like 20 or 21. Of course she’s not young

  • Renee Jones

    Yes either that which I think orrrrr she was just apologizing for it even happening

  • Renee Jones

    Tammy drink fell in the water.

  • Victoria M.

    Karlie needs to have several seats. If she can be friends with Mimi and make up with joseline (somebody who disrespected her at every turn), then anybody can make amends with anybody else. Foh.

  • MyThoughtsMatter

    NO Jessica Dime need to stay far away from Tommie’s crazy ass now that she’s engaged and trying to do better in life, Tommie still has a lot of growing up to do

  • Talone

    It’s kinda lame that Tommie wasn’t allowed to go on the cast trip when she basically carried most of the show last season. Tresure gets to go to Jamaica but Tommie doesn’t? smh

  • Joscelyn Brooklynn Washington

    KARLIE SAID SHE AND MIMI HAVE BEEN FRIENDS SINCE KIDS! THAT’S PROOF; then Karlie is around Mimi’s age and Mimi is 47, so Karlie must be there, too!!!!!

  • Lacy4u

    Jessica knocked over Tammy’s drink into the water.

  • Rosabelle E. Dawes

    what fell.. and did it fall in the water loll i just want to know