BLAZIN VIDEO: ‘T.I. & Tiny: Family Hustle’ star Domani Harris drops off the visual for his new single ‘For You’

Despite not being able to grab a spot on the ‘Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta’ roster alongside his sister Zonnique, Domani Harris still plans to gesome shine for his blooming music career by putting fresh heat behind his ‘The Constellation’ album and lacing his latest single ‘For You’ with an eye-catching video treatment. Get into the visual below.

  • Tabby


  • Tony Montana

    Probably around 18-19

  • Yetunde

    He is not speaking from his own experiences. He doesn’t know anything about working to provide for his woman, that’s what makes this unlikeable to me.

  • NotNiceImRude

    OK 4 u..

  • MzNeicy

    i actually like it and not because T.I. is his dad cause I am really not a fan of T.I. to be honest but this was a dope song he did an amazing job it was well done better then a lot of shit that is already out.

  • Holly👱🏾‍♀️

    The song isn’t bad.. and he’s growing up nice.. he wasn’t all that cute when he was younger he looks much better now.. how old is he 🤔

  • wuzzy

    Oh so this is Sway Lee lol

  • OK, I think everyone just needs to leave the auto tune to T-pain. 😐

    He’s the only rapper I’ve heard so far, whose autotunes actually go great with his songs. The rest of them just do my head in.

  • Sharnuska Honoly

    Nice much love frome the netherlands

  • Doris G

    He did very well, I hope he keep doing his rapping and growing. Very nice!!!!

  • Reina1718

    If TI wasnt daddy this video would look a whole lot diff!

  • Lacy4u

    Naw. Anyway she’s waaay to old to be in a video with a young buck like him. LOL

  • Shay Dramafree Sledge

    Come on through Domani, I Love It

  • Kamo Brinson

    This lit..🔥💃
    I’m here for it..🙋

  • LeoPrincess38

    OMG! That was awesome! Congrats to Domani and the whole Harris family!

  • He’s cute the video is dope and I like the song…. We got us a new young artist!!! I love this music family!!

  • MelaninGoddess

    Wait is that Darnell from WAGS Miami or am I trippin?

  • Scarlette

    Ummm it’s still her stepson dear, they’re not divorced yet

  • Arra Super

    That’s not Tiny’s son damn!

  • Mskeepzitreal

    Ok ok I like do ya thing 👍