WATCH: Accusations fly and tempers rage at the Real Housewives Of Potomac Season 2 Reunion

With Karen getting putting on blast for have a secret blue-eyed boyfriend, Ashley getting humiliated by the demise of her marriage, Robyn getting blasted over Juan’s lack of desire to be with her, and Gizelle getting schooled by Monique, the Real Housewives Of Potomac Season 2 reunion is set to be full of scathing accusations as the ladies go for blood. Get your first look at the mayhem below.

  • Shantel Hyder

    Can’t wait for the next season. More will be revealed!

  • jada

    Because she doesn’t like Viagra with her young men!

  • Victoria M.

    Again. We can agree to disagree

  • Chezza49

    She still talked bad behind someone’s back though !! And to call somebody a Trick is going to far !!

  • Victoria M.

    Girl we can agree to disagree because there’s a big difference between coming into someone’s home and talking bad about them for absolutely no reason vs. a person talking about someone in retaliation to them being disrespectful. lol.

  • Chezza49

    Yeah talking about someone is different to calling them a trick !! Bit much I think !!

  • Victoria M.

    She called Giselle a trick because of what Giselle was saying about her in her own house. That’s talking trash? Giselle shouldn’t have been talking about her at her own house. Lol.

  • Chezza49

    Actually it was her house ,She called Gisele a trick !!

  • Victoria M.

    Yes. You and me both.

  • Victoria M.

    What was said because I missed that as well.

  • Hyewon

    Robyn’s situation is messy but she is right about Ashley not having any experience to be talking. Ashley looks like a mouthy teen flapping her useless jaws at grown folk. Several slaps are in order.

  • Hyewon

    What did they say….think I missed that.

  • Chezza49

    Ashley is the most annoying person EVER !!! Up in everyone’s bidniz ,up in everyone’s relationship !! She’s gotta get her shit together before giving advice !!

  • Chezza49

    Monique talked trash at Karen’s house and so did her hubby !!!

  • mocha brown

    Omg this real house wives show seems so boring and dry… Pass 💤

  • Trice

    Giselle : people go to other people house and talk noise
    Monique : no they don’t …but you just did ..and your husband at Karen and Ray’s house ..wth 🤦‍♂️🙄

  • Victoria M.

    Giselle needs to get over herself. Lol. Nobody goes to someone’s house and talks trash unless they don’t like the person. 😂😂😂😂 And when Monique approached her about it, Giselle didn’t even own up to what she said. I can’t with her.

  • Kbella

    Yeah all of them irk me except Monique and Ashley but she gotta let that man go for real.she just too cute to be with his old behind.she can find a rich younger guy

  • Cynthia Watson

    Robin is weak!!!!! Giselle is miserable. Monique is the truth and my fave. Ashely is small with a big bite. I hope she leaves that man tho

  • LaNiece Robinson

    Mrs.Karen OMG …Did y’all see her head, and I do mean head because there is no hair there….She looks bald…She need some damn hair plugs, damn…And she’s sitting up there swinging that damn wig, like it’s her real hair….

  • Bri Truthful

    Agreed 100%

  • KnowledgeIsPower

    Agreed with this list EXCEPT for Karen. Why do you think she has a boyfriend? Why would she jeopardize the black Bill Gates?

  • Hope road

    Every time I see a straightening iron hit Robins hair I cringe 🚿CONDITIONER

  • 23 Isback

    One thing I do kinda like about Potomac,that I wish Atlanta would follow with is that they dont have clear divisions in the group and so the conflict seems more organic and the configuration of drama doesnt get so stale. Karen and Gizelle were friends this season yet they’re going at it during the reunion.

    My gatherings:

    1.I def believe Karen has a white boyfriend!
    2.What purpose does Gizelle serve on the show,let alone sitting in the head seat by Andy?
    3.Charrisse is not as delusional as people think
    4.Juan likes the comfort that comes with Robyn. I’m beginning to think she just allows him to sleep around but she’s content with having every other part of him
    5.Ashley can be ANNOYING AF but she’s authentically that way so I kinda like her for it
    6.Monique is what Bravo needs to look for more of in their Black housewives! She’s pretty,wealthy,MARRIED and she’s bragadocious without being bougie and on that High Society shit.

  • 23 Isback

    Right! I love Phae but this last reunion that eyelash literally was weighing her entire right eye down 😂😂😂😂

  • ThinkItsNotIllegalYet

    Ooo! That’s a lil harsh 😂😂🙈

  • Tiffany Estefania Feurtado

    I can’t wait to see this

  • Well damn

  • Lacy4u

    Ashley looks really good. She looks more mature on the reunion show. Karen has on too much makeup & she has those huge eyelashes like Phaedra wore that look heavy af like they can barely keep their eyes open.

  • SupremeRose

    Can’t wait to see this one.

  • SupremeRose

    Oooo I love Karen’s dress!

  • MyOpinionMatters

    Surprised to see that Juan is there, I hope that he finally speaks the truth to Robyn so that her delusional ass can WAKE UP

  • Inipow

    Damn where the hell did the season go? I officially quit, Cherisse is just unattractive. This is probably one of her best hair hats , but on her it looks like someone flattened a muskrat into a mullet and slapped it on her head. This bitch is a transformer. Expensive bundles right into Wigtrosity.

  • MelaninGoddess

    Robyn and Gizelle are slaaaaaying their looks. Lemme find out that Karen has a blue eyed boo on the side though lmao

  • Zola

    Damn these ol gals are cutting each other up!

  • yvette lawton


  • Kamo Brinson

    So everybody beefin with everybody on the reunion🤔…

    Sept my girl monique,😏..yeh I’m ready to see this..ready for them all to throw each other under the 🚤..
    (😄Mmmahhh ha ha☚
    that’s my evil laugh btw
    That’d the only emoji that seem to fit😋)

  • Lynnie

    I Can’t Wait!!!

  • vbtiff80


  • Ttrini

    Fml lol i got the same message

  • “This content is not available in your location.” #ColdBlooded 😣