Real Housewives Of Potomac’s Karen Huger & husband Ray’s multi million dollar tax lein gets exposed

The ladies of Real Housewives Of Potomac spent the entire second season in an uproar over Karen Huger’s abrupt sell of her lavish Potomac home that came with no explanation, and unfortunately it appears that Karen’s strategy to stay mum on the subject during filming has backfired with the story now being left to be exposed by the Washington Post. Dive into the details of Karen and Ray’s financial woes below.

-Washington Post reports;

Her husband, software exec Ray Huger, whom she has called “the black Bill Gates,” owes nearly $1.5 million in back-due federal taxes and his company owes more than $3 million, according to public records. A major plot point of the show, whose finale was last weekend, involved cast members questioning whether the couple’s finances were as gold-plated as they portrayed them. Fueling the on-screen speculation was the Hugers’ sale of their Potomac home in August for $1.685 million, far less than its listing price of $2.5 million and its county-assessment value of $2.37 million.

It seems the suspicious pals were right: Something’s amiss. The government has a $1.468 million lien against Ray Huger, 70, a former IBM executive who founded software and consulting company Paradigm Solutions in 1991, according to an April 26 filing in Fairfax County Circuit Court. Paradigm Solutions, where Huger is the president and chief executive, also has a $3.06 million lien against it, Montgomery County Circuit Court records show. -Washington Post

  • Matty Burnside

    Ugly wife? U hope u look that good over 60. Karen is a bad bish, fawk outta here.

  • kneesee

    Ppl really need to be happy in life. Who takes the time to look up this??? Who cares! she can think she rich all she want….its a mindset! Hell I think im rich and I only make six figures a year (im in the lower six figure bracket) and watch free tv on brokensilence. LOL

  • Anevay

    This is so true, they will be first in line to collect even from dead people.

  • futuresomething

    I hope they can get back on track. I like Karen and her husband. We all go through stuff.

  • Jayden James Luciano

    Right they don’t give a fuck, they’re going to be what they are owed!!

  • jada

    The champ🥇🏆

  • Nita_rae

    Very extra, it’s not like they owe a few stacks…. they owe millions. I would be eating top ramen for the next year and be selling everything wigs, chapstick, beepers. anything…

  • Zola

    Thank you! Folks bothered by them getting dragged but not bothered by the fake Grande Dame not being able to pay bills but sporting $30, 000 dollar bags and pretending to be the rich bitch of Potomac- that is the type of image that makes us look bad…selling your house by force because of unpaid debt and renting a mansion- that makes us look bad! And they are too damn old to be on TV faking it. Be a real positive role model for young people or stay the f**k out of sight.

  • Cynthia Watson

    Smh. Pay ya bulls frck a image smh

  • Anevay

    Don’t go on reality TV parading a false narrative and you won’t having to worry of people parading your sad truth. They were paid to share their life story on TV and the more their story did not add up, the more Karen covered up. This is about uncovering the truth, not gloating about someone’s misfortune. Won’t even be a story if they brought the real like they were paid to do.

    These people situation and how they handled it on the show is a prime example of what makes us not advance as a people. They could have shared their real story as a teachable moment for young people to learn something about financial management and hopefully not repeat the same mistakes instead of parading “wealth” while .gov liens are erasing their investments.

  • zoe camilleri

    empathy is not something everybody has these days, what a shame, what a shame.

  • zoe camilleri

    wow the fact that they posted that is a damn shame, they won’t be the first to have irs issues and definetly not the last putting them on blast like that is so tacky and even if things aren’t as they were before for them why would you parade the shit someone is going through. this is why we will never advance as a people. happy for someones down fall smh

  • Me_Tee

    Bravo sure do know how to pick em huh?

  • Stac

    Depending on the amount owed to the IRS, they typically suggest that the taxpayer sell off their home to settle their debt owed. The IRS is basically a legal mafia. They always get their money- by any means necessary.

  • MzNeicy

    WHO GIVES A FUCK?!!!!!!!!! Why are you all trying to drag these good people great move on his part settle his debt saving money by renting!! #smater-cookies #hatasgonnahate

  • Zola

    He could have sold it for 62 mil to pay 61.9 million worth of debt …..who know about that money but the sequence of events makes no sense if they were able to pay at least the personal IRS bill.

    When the IRS sends their first bill, if it remains unpaid, that is when it turns into a lien on everything you own with more added interest penalties and fees. If he had the money it makes no sense not to pay at least the personal debt immediately.

    Banks will not lend money on a property with an IRS lien so Ray and Karen were limited to cash buyers- it makes no sense to put a house on the market without clearing off the lien first if you have the money to do it.
    ……they accepted a foreign cash deal for nearly 1 million less than asking price and assessed value…..everything about that says desperate and costly- not moves people with money will be making.

    They definitely had it going on at one time which makes it a bit sad.

  • Ancient Wisdom

    Just because a person has back taxes due does not mean that they are broke. It’s usually the opposite. Ray’s company is the tech behind cyber security for many of our government agencies in Washington, and he actually already sold his company 6 years ago for nearly 62 million dollars. He does, however, still retain a salaried position as a corporate executive for Paradigm as well as a position on its board of directors.

  • jus_saying

    Karen you need to learn from Robyn. Just be transparent then you can tell ppl to stfu like she told nosey ass Ashley.

  • Anevay

    Not saying she has to be all the way 100 but she was very materialistic and fake in her cover up….renting 10 bedroom mansion and that awkward PDA party was so extra.

    Juan’s connection to the dead scammer who took their money circulated the D.C. MD news when it happened so something would have come out, if not from Ashley, someone else- the move into the 2 bedroom apartment would have triggered it too.

  • Nita_rae

    yeah, but who would be that honest these days? Only reason why robyn was honest because Ashley chia pet went nosing around.

  • Nita_rae

    it’s truly sad

  • Nita_rae

    Or the CPA/ Financial adviser was pocketing the money themselves like how Robyn had a family friend taking care of their finances for them and lost their money in a shady investment. Everyone is not clean in these type of debacles. But with Karen’s attitude, the latter is more believable.

  • Nita_rae

    Why do they have to be all that? lol But I agree, they were trying to keep up with the socialites of Potomac when changes should’ve been made. #priorities/necessities. Out here looking like Wesley snipes

  • Ebony Imhotep

    He would know, being the faking scammer that he is. #TakesOneToKnowOne

  • Anevay

    That’s pretty much what Robyn did moving into the apartment, I can respect that a whole lot more than 14,000 sq. ft. rent to own home.

  • I’m sure Ashley must be over the moon. Smh.

  • Hyewon

    Say it again…these posers are renting a 14,000 sq foot mansion for the two of them.

  • StraightShooter

    Pretty much…

  • StraightShooter

    They’re an aging couple. Why move into a 10 bedroom mansion when you can just get something small until the dust settles? Hopefully they did that when the camera stop rolling. Dr Boyce Watkins was right! These celebs and such be fakin’!!!

  • Hyewon

    Who cares what people on here make…if you’re managing to pay all your bills with your income including a mortgage, and, grow your savings in the bank….guess what- you doing better and Karen and Ray at the moment because as of right now they can’t do either, LOL!!!

    The liens against Ray’s business may not be as big of a deal because most likely he is incorporated and they fall against the corporation, but the personal IRS lien against him is a big deal- the man is selling his family home to pay it, he is limited to a cash offer and it is clearly bothering the fuck out of his ugly wife…….a low ball offer from Chinese cash buyer sounds about right.

  • braveheart341

    why would she be homeless in the divorce?

  • OnlyMyOpinionMatters

    It sure is a lot of smart idiots in here commenting like they have degree’s in accounting. The bottom line is that they lived beyond their means and was irresponsible with their money. Look how the cookie crumbled. Let this be a lesson for EVERYONE

  • Hyewon

    I’ll have to stop making fun of Karen’s face…that how it is without a good night’s rest since 2013.

  • Excepcion

    This is 100% true. Especially these semi new money fools in not just Maryland but that keeping up appearances BS/ feeding ego will kill your life if you dont know when to cut it out ! Never over a dime would I loose my sanity or dignity just so that I can claim a certain status !

  • Zola

    From You:
    “Right it’s not funny ..could be US one day”

    “us” includes you because its written by you hun, not trying to be pricky but you included yourself.

  • Hyewon

    They may not have listened to their accountant. My father is a retired bank executive and now occasionally does CPA work…people don’t always want to hear the truth or think they know better than the experienced professional…..2+2 will never equal 5 no matter what you do and some folk stay living like it equals 10 until it all crashes down…then they sometimes keep it going by finding situations and people to blame….no thanks to that life, the people who will judge don’t give a shit about you anyway so why lose sleep trying to impress them.

  • Trice

    What .. I’m responding to her and no it’s not funny as I stated previously and of course I won’t be on a reality show .. so what’s next 😚🤔

  • Zola

    Charisse situation does not change Karen’s “reality”.

  • Pebbles

    I want to add she never gave a reason other than he moved for a job & distAnce cause of it but we all know that’s s bunch of crop because st his daughter’s part he wasn’t even cordial with her to him she didn’t exist. Behavior like that just doesn’t happen over night… . so there’s more to that storyb

    When Robyn is ready to address it Ian up to the fact that she’s not ready to let Juan go..because it’s clear Juan and s there three meals, place to sleep, & if they’re still being intimate than another reason for Robyn Cloudy judgement

    Ashely needs to concern herself with her own marriage anyone can see that’s a marriage of conviance

    Giselle needs to own up to the fact and be honest that she is seeking a man with a fat pocket & status .

    Another poster posted his net worth is over 40 million ifcthis is accurate so it could be an oversight they need to hire an honest accountant and pay attention to thier finances and rebuild

  • Zola

    well if its you, hope you don’t stress yourself faking the great life on reality TV

  • Nita_rae

    Damn! Wish I went for that CPA cert after my bachelor’s. Chile! These “celebs” and reality tv stars are so messy. They need to sue their accountant. How you just going to keep saying I’ll pay next year. These audits happen to rich people trying to get over. But they forgot they are black and with Karen over there trying to keep up appearances and being boastful. I know somebody with some extra thick glasses made sure they went to the top of the irs auditing pile.

  • Zola

    Not quite, Karen straight lied, like when they were in Bermuda and she said her house was sold…did not know where she was going to live but returned to the U.S. days later fully moved to her new rental mansion…she addressed it with lies. Robyn would of had to address it eventually whether Ashley brought it up or not….she moved into a humble apartment and rebuilding herself.

  • Lacy4u

    Ashley googled Robyn and told others on the show about Robyn’s financial problems (bankruptcy) so that’s the main reason why she had to address it. Otherwise, she probably never would have brought it up on her own, either (like Karen chose not to do).

  • Anevay

    This is not about business income criticism, this is about some major fake personalities on reality TV…Grande Dame pretending to be what she’s not….married to the black Bill Gates, moving because she is resizing although the rent to own house maybe larger….let call that for what it is: fundamental LIES. If you’re making 20 K and managing it well, kudos to that too. There is something to be said about living within your means and adjusting when those means change instead of lying about those adjustments while collecting a check to do “reality TV”

  • Matty Burnside

    Sharice is the MOST pitiful. Her man moved out and she can’t get a divorce because she’d be fucking homeless.

  • Matty Burnside

    SO WHAT! 99.99% of the people commenting won’t see $70k a year so I say so the hell what.
    If you know anything about business you’d know that it’s not a big deal. Slightly humbling but so what.
    If you don’t have a smooth mil in the bank that you made on your own then stfu.

  • Trice

    Right it’s not funny ..could be us one day

  • Talone

    😭 LMAO Im sayin

  • Messy Matt


  • Tahj Williams-Ayers

    she had an old ass dishwasher when they was showing the house to a potential buyer

  • R C

    Grand Dome of Bankruptcy

  • Oprah Brown

    all that money and she can’t buy better bundles? chile…that hair is a mess

  • Zola

    Hard to feel sorry for the Grande Damn Liar or as Charrice would say “Grande dame of not a damn thing” her reality is completely fake and broke with a superior attitude, that’s where the problem is.

    Robyn had major financial problems too and was honest about it. It’s actually a teaching moment to see her move to an apartment and rebuild their lives financially…..

  • Zola

    Why do people go on TV and be fake about something that is public information??? They always get caught, always! Won’t be surprise if Karen’s black bill gates fake rich bullshit triggers an IRS audit too.

  • Branden Gee

    That’s so true smh

  • Scarlette

    Nobody is gloating over anything. How are you keeping secrets on reality tv? You feel bad that rich people with more money than you was irresponsible with their money by splurging on materialistic things instead of paying their taxes? Ok

  • Scarlette

    The issue that people have with her is not that she’s in debt. The issue is that she’s on a reality show and didn’t show her real reality. If she would’ve been upfront about it on the show and controlled her own narrative of the situation then the news wouldn’t have even done this article on her since there wouldn’t have been nothing to tell.

  • Regina

    I agree

  • Yetunde

    People like to laud it over others in their time of difficulty. They’re going through a hard time, people shouldn’t be gloating, this is why she kept it all a secret.
    I feel for her and the family, I hope they get back on track soon, I’m sure they will.

  • wuzzy

    See Bravo when you get too close to the White House and it’s politics this is what you’s,fraud etc. just like your other show you had with those HW’s of DC smh

  • Monica Love

    I knew it! I said this about Karen weeks ago and here it is

  • MelaninGoddess

    Ooooooh now it all makes sense lol. It’s a sad situation. Black people we need to do better with our money smh

  • Natalie Gamble

    Yes I love this show and I would definitely be looking forward to another season.

  • Mz DiDi

    Oh WOW…I’m sorry to hear this news. I’m certain that they’ll recoup in time. We ALL have our seasons. Stay strong and be blessed Mr. & Mrs. Huger.