WATCH: Saniy’yah Samaa gets candid about her past and talk Basketball Wives LA Season 6

Chester/Philly-bred firecracker Saniy’yah have been met with mixed reactions from the futon critics since shaking things up on Basketball Wives, but with the recent airing of her on-camera catfight with Hazel now reigniting fresh questions about her past and uncertainty on whether she’ll be a good permanent fit for the show, she’s ready to address her critics and clear up a few things.

  • Choose the Red Pill

    We saw her do those things on TV. She also admitted her own affair with an engaged man on TV.

    I hate Jackie! That psychopath needs to GO.

  • Tye Zhanee

    All the news came from others. Jackie isnt a good fit if thats the case. Saniy OBVIOUSLY didnt want hoes she didnt fuck with at her party. She has every right to feel that way. The bitch didnt wanna leave she helped her out.

  • Consuela Martinez

    Any one who is loyal to Jackie is not stable. Birds of a feather…

  • Scarlette

    The nerve of Tami to say that she’s done filming with Saniyah after only one fight when her ass get into a fight every season and yet people continue to film with her

  • Doris G

    I think they did Saniy’yah wrong. Why would Hazel and Ashley allow production to use them? Evelyn went after Jackie to fight, and Jackie ran to fight Evelyn. Saniy’yah was able to get a good lick in on Hazel and Ashley. She asked them to leave and they refused. I do not condone what she did, but I will say she was set up big time, and that was not fair to her or the viewers.If she is not going to be on the show anymore, I might not watch anymore. BBWLA and VH1 production teams were very unfair to Saniy’yah.

  • Choose the Red Pill

    But why? 🤔 She has started drama out of the blue from the rip, carried abortion bones, banged married men, and then attempted to act politically correct to save face before her inner hood rat/coon came out.

  • Keishabae

    If they can have Tami’s big ol’ ghetto self on the show then they shouldn’t be sayin that they’re done filming with Saniyah. They did the same thing to Brandi, they don’t like having bitches on the show that can stand up to them!

  • Talone

    Yo everyone has a past. I hope that they keep her on the show I actually like her a lot. Hazel and her bum ass friend Ashley can kick rocks though