WATCH: Lil Scrappy & Bobby Valentino fume over rumors of them being involved with transgender women

On the heels of news surfacing about Bobby Valentino being tricked into sleeping with a trans prostitute who hid her gender from him in a setup to later extort for cash, Lil Scrappy is ready to break his silence on the controversy and clear his own name now that media outlets are dragging him into the mayhem due to a questionable clip that recently surfaced. Get their thoughts on it below.

  • Chloe Jade

    Love this

  • Toria Victoria Nkethagod


  • Alisha Crawford

    Oooooo that is deeep as fuck I like how you explained this I’m copying and pasting it in my notes on my phone to have a discussion later on my Facebook

  • Golda

    Look Bobby No V ([email protected]) 🙅🏾you don’t have to speak on ishh if you don’t want to…. cuz the video says it all sis! 💅🏾🤷🏾‍♀️😜

  • Eleanor Garcia

    Accepting yourself is always going to be more healing than trying to turn a lie into a truth. All the hormones and implants in the world can’t make you a woman! As for the decepticon he-bitches playing games with men shouldn’t be.surprised if they’re found out & things get violent.

  • @ThisisAnointed

    They are a gang! They will fuck u up if u even sneeze the wrong way

  • Tai

    And that’s the problem the fact that they are forcing acceptance rather than minding their business and letting other people get on with life but no it must be pushed to the forefront

  • TaRon T. Dot Thomas

    yeah. you got some truth to that. i never knew that bit of information. i think we people are in the spotlight. record labels and public relations interfere. they probably feel as if he may lose female fans

  • Lauren M. Cameron

    It does have something to do with him. Him and Bobby were in the studio together with trans women but i really dont think they were trans at the time. Why post the video of you with a group of trans women and then later become involved with one only to deny it. He was open before and then all of a sudden hes not, why?

  • TaRon T. Dot Thomas

    (Pause) this discussion Scrappy had was a bit suspect. why is he even commenting about shit that don’t apply to him. if I know something ain’t right or correct about me. i will dub it. idgaf if I’m on wendy williams. i would quickly say, “look bitch. what bobby v and that transexual did had nuffin to do with me. next question.” this hollywood/youtube/instagram bullshit going too far

  • bettyboop777

    Bobby has always been questionable this is not new he’s been in a situation like this before

  • KristalisaDiamond

    Lies..I am a black woman & I don’t wear any of those things..if I can tell if a person is trans, then these black should also be able to tell but no they want to be so thirsty and wind up getting tricked in the process #stopbeingthirsty

  • KristalisaDiamond

    These Trans people need to be careful about who they are trying to expose..sometimes that can lead to a very deadly game.

  • Realbihhfirst

    I’m not homophobic. Phobia is when you fear something and i don’t fear gays. I don’t dislike them as people, I just don’t like what they do and the acts they engage in. But the real question is why should we the people accept them, when they can’t accept themselves and who they are. You was born with a penis, why you can’t accept that?

  • Realbihhfirst

    Any Man that has interest in a tranny sucks dick. That’s the only explanation that i can come up with. Because you wanna feel like you looking at a woman while you sucking dick. Every woman has a butthole sooooooooooo…

  • Scarlette

    Whether he was tricked or not is not really the issue, I think the problem is with the trans person feeling the need to “expose”. It takes a terrible person to willingly wanna ruin someone’s life and career over a $20 blowjob. The fact that the trans person is a proud prostitute also says alot about their moral fabric

  • Lola A. Summers

    Nobody valentino, is a loser! Forget caring about his preference 😒 if he settled his little man syndrome ass down he’d acknowledge the fact that if he wasn’t such a loose cannon his name wouldnt be in no shit but that is wat he likes lame ass nigga! as for the ladies that used be men I know these trifling ass dudes out here be leading people on its Wack! as shit but boo boo walk around with a stunt gun tell ur truth and wen that nigga pull up on yu like he finna do something zap ⚡️ his ass into next week! We all have rights let’s start exercising them!

  • rere

    They can try to bully us! #straightpeoplematter

  • QueenofSanity


  • R C

    Sorry I thought you was the person I was originally talking too…

  • R C

    I actually typed what I sent to wonder_woman to you… But again I wasn’t trying to offend you. You don’t know everything like I don’t and there are going to be things that you and I will be ignorant to, learning is the key though. So I don’t know why you trying to be insulting now. And why do I have to be something in order to be passionate? .. in sorry this is going left now and you aren’t fully capable of having a conversation without getting in your feelings. But I hope you open you mind a little more. Take carr

  • Kimberley K Gardner

    Does anyone else in here feel bullied by LGBTQxyz? I been feeling like I cant even make a comment on these types of discussions without being told I am homophobic or Im judging or discriminating or wrong. What happened to straight peoples right to free speech and their ability to use their head to form and speak a thought. I really cant take it anymore. Im starting a fucking movement…Straight People Matter! Straight People Matter! Straight People Matter!! DAMN!!

  • R C

    No like I told you I agree they should tell upfront. But this year alone 12 trans ppl have died including 1 being this week. Ppl are cruel. Just knowing sets ppl off. Trans ppl run risk of being attacked just for walking out there doors. .. yea I hope I didn’t offend you, I wasn’t trying to. I just think it’s more complex then we think. It’s not as accepting as some would like to believe. Especially in today’s time where you have the leader of the free world throwing shade towards them

  • Wonder_Woman15

    If they’re sure of themselves and what they chose to be I don’t see what’s so difficult to let a person know who you are and what you used to be especially if you feel your serious about a person? But then again why are you dealing with someone that you knowingly know that isn’t down for what you are?? Mhmm cuz these ppl be out her talking about they like the “challenge” or gonna “turn” ppl out and not aware of the consequences…in my opinion to be safe date whom your sure into it and disclose if you still decide to go the other route.

  • Wonder_Woman15

    So not telling is safer??? Explain the ignorance in telling, I’d like to know honestly I truly want to understand this is no attack or debate.

  • Wonder_Woman15

    It’s not that it’s about being homophobic and transphobic it’s about untruthful about a very serious thing which can cause someone to be harmed…think of it that way. Y’all want respect carry yourselves respectfully and let whom your engaging with know the real deal or not approach a and deceive those whom are not interested in this kind of lifestyle and stay in your lane. If y’all so confident and proud of who y’all are why lie about??? It’s just be careful.

  • LOL IKR!! #WhereIsTheLogic

  • Lol Scrappy is so funny. He should have like a talk show or somn’. I’d watch it. *Double Kanye Shrug* lol.

  • futuresomething

    There are a lot of men who are curious about trans women and can and will try one the only reason a lot more of them aren’t open is the backlash they might face from being involved with one. It’s 2017 be honest with yourself and each other because us straight women do not deserved to be fooled into a relationship with your curious ass down low men

  • Nette

    Far from ignorant. I would think that they care about their life so be up front with situation. Maybe he did know he was a tranny. Are you a tranny because you going hard in the paint for trannies

  • R C

    It really isnt… sorry you’re ignorant on the situation. Anyways, whos to say he didn’t know she was a tranny

  • R C

    Plain ignorant and prejudice

  • Natasha John-Baptiste

    High as a mf! LOL! Blunt in hand and everything!

  • Nette

    It is that simple to tell a person what your gender is, they want to keep taking chances with their life.

  • R C

    I don’t think it’s that simple. I don’t think you fully understand, no shade. The situation is more complex… But again I agree with your sentiment of telling your partner or whomever you’re sleeping with and not tricking someone

  • Nette

    If they are chatting or talking on the phone they need to tell them what it is. It needs to be said before meeting up with the person. Sometimes they can avoid the drama.

  • R C

    You right, I don’t disagree with that. But unfortunately as statistics and fact show many have been killed or hurt when telling which is why I believe they kind of stopped not saying it’s right.

  • Brandy Hills

    🗣But the GAG is…these fools were NOT tricked! Well not Bobby V for that matter 😂..y’all can’t tell me this man didn’t know he was getting involved with a Transgender!! So let me guess… His memory magically slipped as he forgot to pay her/him their money after being exposed 🤔🤔🤔 & then “y’all” wana turn around and put it ALL on the Transgender?? Cmon now! 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Chantel

    I cant believe this Bullshxt is making headline news!! 😒😒😒😒😪😪😪

  • Chantel


  • Chantel

    SMH. This is what happen when u sleep around with chicks left, right, and center. Look what happen to Usher!!

  • Truthteller20423

    Right? Lol that voice was a give away!

  • Peanut Butter

    Come on Bobby v u heard his/her voice its no getting past that

  • Truthteller20423

    Please don’t believe the lies see FBI hate crime data below! Out of 7,200 victims, only 15 were transgender according to the news!

    There were 5,818 single-bias incidents involving 7,121 victims. Of those victims, 59.2 percent were targeted because of a race/ethnicity/ancestry bias; 19.7 percent because of a religious bias; 17.7 percent because of a sexual orientation bias; 1.7 percent because of a gender identity bias; 1.2 percent because of a disability bias; and 0.4 percent because of a gender bias.
    There were an additional 32 multiple-bias incidents that involved another 52 victims.
    Of the 4,482 hate crime offenses classified as crimes against persons, intimidation accounted for 41.3 percent of those offenses, while 37.8 percent involved simple assault and 19.7 percent involved aggravated assault.
    There were 2,338 hate crime offenses classified as crimes against property, and the majority of those (72.6 percent) were acts of destruction/damage/vandalism.
    During 2015, most reported hate crime incidents (31.5 percent) happened in or near residences or homes.
    Of the 5,493 known offenders, 48.4 percent were white, 24.3 percent were black or African-American, and race was unknown for 16.2 percent of the offenders. The rest were of various other races.

  • Wonder_Woman15

    And these transgendered wonder why their murdering them at alarming rates because they out here tricking these ppl.

  • Wonder_Woman15

    Stay blaming black women it’s crazy and I’m tired of that shit

  • Wonder_Woman15

    What kind of comeback is this smh.

  • rawNsophisticated

    “I know when bitches are bitches”. For all representations of women, ya’ll are okay with being classified in that way?? OH OK!

  • Anevay

    Trans people say they’re of no obligation to do that because they get murdered by disclosing themselves too….wish them good luck with that because it’s not working either.

  • Zylphia Zadorra

    so tru Kay.. its fucked up and not kool and I’m in the fanily but I 100% totally agree!

  • Kay

    Lmao Ikr!

  • Kay

    I have nothing against them but they should be upfront about being trans, because not every man wants to have sex with someone who used to be a man 😐.

  • Kay

    No ones transphobic here. Do you think it’s right for a transsexual to not tell someone they’re trans and let that person kiss them and take pictures for the gram etc with them thinking they’re a real woman and then use that against them later to make it seem like that person knew all along? It’s not right. It should be illegal. It’s fraud, not to mention evil to do that to someone.

  • Kay

    Fact is trannies need to be honest with guys and potential partners that they are transsexual. You don’t have the right to hide it and let a guy be kissing you and spending time with you posing for the gram and snapchat not knowing your true gender. That’s fake af, sneaky, conniving and manipulative and I have no respect for transsexuals who do that. Let someone know your sexuality so they can make an informed choice.

  • Kay

    Ikr, he/she/it ain’t making no sense! 😒

  • Kay

    Wtf, don’t come in here bashing black women! How dare you! And there are more white drag queens which shows white women actually be the ones confusing men. I could care less whether someone decides to be a tranny but you owe it to someone to tell them before they kiss you or spend time with you. Some people don’t want to kick it with trannies, due to their preferences and beliefs so these trannies who trick guys are messed up. Be straight up about your sexuality so people can make an informed choice.

  • R C

    The hate ppl are showing in here is disgusting. Ya should be ashamed of yourselves

  • R C

    Agreed. Very disgusting qualities

  • Anevay

    So it’s black women’s fault, because you can recognize a trans-person in all other races…..LMAO!!!!

  • TSKitty

    Stop being so hateful!!! Maybe if black women didn’t wear so much makeup, lashes and hair they wouldn’t look so much like drag queens. The lines are now blurred and straight men are confused. It says a lot that black men can’t tell real women from fake. What does that say about yall????? 🤔

  • disqus_gU8RL9q6S3

    They both are ‘protesting too much’. *sips tea*

  • TSKitty

    Damn I almost forgot how homophobic and transphobic yall be in the comments on here, thanks for quickly reminding me

  • J-Dub

    Duh I would do damage control too if people were lying saying that I messed with transsexual escorts

  • Sky Vega


  • Candance Smith

    FUCK A TRANNY! Them wanna be Women bitches be doin the most. Bitches wont even tell a Man they a damn Man, just triflin! And dont come here callin me shit, either! I got one thing u wish u had, A PUSSY THT GOD GAVE ME!

  • MelaninGoddess

    These trannys are ugly both inside and out most of the time so I actually feel sorry for Bobby. Who cares what he likes sexually, it was low down and cold to tell the world. The real issue should be about the tranny being a prostitute and shamelessly revealing it to the world. Exposing yourself while trying to expose someone else smh

  • SanMarie Kirk

    Who cares. People can do what they want. If it’s not about you and your life who cares. People always gone talk and that’s just that talk. You have to be strong and not allow other say brother you. I wouldn’t have even addressed this to the public. Cause, lol they gone still talk and think what they want. Let them talk, most don’t have nothing more to speak about other than whats going on in someone’s else’s life, cause nothing going on in their’s. RT.