WATCH: Lil Mo, Dream Doll, Somaya Reece, Safaree & more round out the official cast of Love & Hip Hop NY Season 8

With its October 30th premiere date now etched in stone, the new Love & Hip Hop New York Season 8 roster has emerged packed with a few fresh faces and a handful of returning cast members. Hop below to peep the new line-up and get VH1’s rundown of the upcoming season.

-Via VH1;

Remy Ma fresh off her win at the BET Awards as Best Female Artist and with her position in the hip hop game solidified, Remy’s mission is to push unity for women in hip hop and show an overly-masculine world that women can have and do it all. She is ready to get the IVF process started and give Papoose the baby he’s been asking for. But will their busy schedules get in the way of the couple’s dream to start a family? The career driven Yandy Smith-Harris has been holding down her family while her man Mendeecees is in prison. As Yandy gears up to reignite her EGL brand and get back to the grind, Mendeecees struggles with his wife giving her all to a very demanding career while he languishes in prison awaiting a potential 2018 release. Will their trust be broken when he starts to overstep his boundaries?

Always an open book, popular hip hop singer “Lil Mo,” has joined the cast with her new husband, gold medal winning boxer Karl Dargan. With over two decades in the music industry, Mo is hard at work on her sixth solo album while juggling her third marriage and blended family. But will the cheating rumors floating around threaten the couple’s happily ever after? Safaree returns to New York ready to bring his talents back to the city that raised him and be with his family. Focusing all of his energy on the launch of his coconut oil and men’s boxer brief line, he’s ready to get down to business and possibly find a new fling.

Newcomer Anais is already a star in the Latin market, but the over-the-top, sexy Dominican singer is ready to make her debut on the New York scene. Managed by powerful hip hop attorney Navarro Gray and his girlfriend Ashley Diaz, Anais poses a threat to any relationship. Despite her marriage to an older man, she can’t hide her flirtatious ways. Harlem rapper Jaquae been making a name for himself with catchy singles and noteworthy collaborations with some of hip hop’s heavyweights. While still getting adjusted to the newfound fame that comes with success, he’s hooked up with former video vixen Sophia Body—a girl with an infamous dating history. Will his friends ever support his new romantic relationship or is the couple in for a bumpy ride?

The talented Bianca Bonnie is back, but continues to be sidetracked by her personal struggles and a slick tongue. How will she respond when another young, hungry female rapper, Brittney Taylor who is tied to her past, tries to take her spot? How will they react when they finally run into each other after their last tense encounter? Following her breakup with her J. Adrienne last year, Snoop hopes to settle down with the right woman and start a family soon. While she looks for a new flame, building her label Gorgeous Gangster Records remains her top priority. After a recent health scare earlier this year, Rich Dollaz has changed his outlook on life and is now ready to put 100% of his focus back into Dollaz Unlimited.

After the success of her book “Secrets of a Jewel,” Juju plans to turn it into a play and recruit some of her fellow “Love & Hip Hop” cast mates to star in it. From the streets to the clubs, Power 105.1’s DJ Self is making moves and providing the soundtrack for a good time. Looking to expand his Gwinin Entertainment empire, DJ Self recently added new artist Dreamdoll to his talent roster. Image consultant Jonathan Fernandez began his career at age 16 working with the biggest names in the industry. Now starting his own makeup line, By Jonathan Cosmetics, he returns to his hometown of New York to reunite with old friends and explore his new relationship with up and coming R&B singer Trent Crews. -VH1/Love & Hip Hop NY

  • A lost Israelite

    Mona trippen, tht cast HUGE! Huge cast, huge Drama! I am beginning to think Mona an damn Arab! Tht bitch dont care about black ppl, just money!

  • Lady Imz

    DEAD 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♀️🤣🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Ancient Wisdom

    I remember reading about Lil Moe’s man on the DL a few years back….allegedly.

  • Ancient Wisdom

    You KNOW Peter want and need that Mona check. He was probably still taping Marriage Bootcamp with Amina…embarrassing the shit outta her yet again! If Amina likes it, I love it!

  • Ancient Wisdom

    Atrocious dollar store wigs

  • Ancient Wisdom

    I feel you. I actually rewound the video to confirm what the fuck was that? She needs spanks, no shade.

  • Ancient Wisdom

    How could she not, she’s real tight with Mona too. Remember her & Joseline got into it on IG over Mona & K told us Joseline turned her mansion into a trap house?

  • 2f7y

    Boa that is one BIG ASS CAST OF PPL

  • thekeep itonehundred

    Yandy boring ass back

  • Bri Truthful


  • mirra.k

    Its funny seeing Lil mo husband on TV I grew up with him n north Philly he a boxer

  • Reina1718

    So everyone who is no one back on? Except for yandy, pap & Remy…. the others need another hustle

  • pooty

    boooooooooo to many faces to remember or care and I’m sure a whole lot of petty ridiculous drama. I think I might pass

  • Chezza49

    You can tell these MF are going to be ratchet just by looking at them !! Let the bullshit begin !!

  • Chezza49

    Wtf is goon on with Yandy’s lips ??? They look over filled or she done a bad lipstick job !!

  • Jae’ Dasean

    It’s 30 of them & I only know 9🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Such A Baddie

    omg stop 😭 Lol…we’ll have to wait and see

  • Cardio32

    I think it’s gonna be good.

  • Bri Truthful

    Lol he probably got Another break baby we don’t know about 😕

  • Who’s are half of these folks? 🤦🏽‍♀️ Mona you gotta do better sis.

  • rere

    Why so many people? Idk what to think about these show’s anymore…I am tired of seeing faces that have been in the game already acting ratchet!!! This show just need’s an total makeover.

  • Giselle

    I can’t lie, I’m here for it 🍿🍿🍿After a hard day at work this bangs #escapism

  • Opiiee Bee

    Too many mfas.

  • Shera Latoya

    Nice messy cast. I wonder who smashing who’s man? Lol 😁

  • jasmine

    I can’t wait to see who plays the fool this season it was yandy. She made herself look absolutely crazy.

  • jasmine

    What a messy messy cast! I can’t wait!

  • Such A Baddie

    He got 8 yrs….so I’m still not sure why she’s on this season. like girl, we don’t care! lol

  • Bri Truthful

    No it’s true people often compared my husband to either Mendeeces or Avant where ever we go sometimes even R. Kelly but it never fails where ever we go someone says something to him about his looks it’s fkng annoying!! My sons too! And they are only 6 nevertheless they probably will do just that with Yandy but it’s possible for him to get out early how was long was his sentence anyway?

  • Such A Baddie

    Did you just say trash can yan! 😭😭 I totally forgot that’s her name! Does your husband really look like Mendecees or was that a joke? Is he a little man like him too? I think they’re just gonna flow her “working”, being a mom and taking his prison calls. Online was saying he could get out in 2018, but that seems way too soon he hasn’t been gone that long to even be released early for whatever reason right?

  • Bri Truthful

    Not from the music I heard she sounds horrible 😷 it’s has to be the youth pumping her life because today music is already trash

  • Bri Truthful

    Vh1 been ushering them in remember they had Megan on basketball wives

  • Bri Truthful

    Chile he working with MONA she is the Devil 😈😈😈

  • Bri Truthful

    Lies! the only thing she is good for and a Anorexia Bulimia PSA

  • Bri Truthful

    I already know he is his personality is over the top and now they throwing his boyfriend in the mix you already know Mona go throw some shit in there that’s going to have him turning up and showing out

  • Bri Truthful

    Hey I like trash can Yan and my husband looks like Mendeeces how dare u!!!! I wonder what both of them are going to be doing this season

  • Consuela Martinez

    True, true

  • Akire

    don’t forget jermaine, tito, randy, marlon and their kids lol

  • Akire

    Agreed. Dear Mona where is the love and the hip or the hop. Not only are you degrading our people you are closing the door on fresh young talent. I’m in my 40’s and I’m tired of your mess!!! Can you feature some up and coming artist geeesh

  • Pebbles

    It’s more to it than just cause she be ok with it.. He would have to take care of them (pay for everything ex: housing clothes, rent, food, for the wives ,children etc.) the women don’t have to contribute to anything unless they choose too.

    See Peter ain’t taken care of a soul …he just slinging from coast to coast

  • Such A Baddie

    😂 Exactly!!

  • Rokses

    MONA BI###H you found another group degenerates to bring the ratchetness. You devious mf Mona, just enough fools who are ready to pop at any time so you dont have to pay them.

  • Rokses

    can’t wait to see which castmember is gonna be played the hardest by your girl Mona.

  • GetBodied

    Yasssssss Kabrina!!!!! Hope she beat dream dolls ass!

  • Chantel


  • Chantel

    yASS Baddie leave our snow white girl alone. lol

  • Chantel

    Mona be hiring anybody for these shows, u dont have to have talent to be on this show.

  • Chantel

    She’s being okay with it!!

  • Chantel

    Girl i could care less about these ppl just here for the fxxery and ratchets they about to serve.

  • Chantel

    That’s who she could afford, they are cheap

  • Chantel

    CAN’T WAIT FOR THE BS TO COME ON. Mona Bxxch!!! I am ready for fxxery u about to show us!!!!

  • Lacy4u

    So is K-Michelle going to put in a couple of appearances because her bestie/stylist Jonathan is now on LHH New York?

  • Carlifornia

    Not the colourful wigs 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Victoria M.

    How do they plan on fitting all these people into an hour show? lol.
    I truly hope that Lady Luck’s storyline isn’t about how much of a Remy Ma hater she is. That story is old and tired.

  • Ci Ci_24

    That’s the same thing I said. Why sooo many people?

  • Such A Baddie

    Hey I like Mariah Lynn! Leave bones alone 😭I wanna know why Yandy is back. Ugly Mendeece is still in prison, without Erica and Samantha to argue with what are we gonna watch her do?

  • Such A Baddie

    I hope he doesn’t act a fool, because he seemed very loyal to k Michelle (even when expressing he wanted to branch out and work with other celebs etc) and didn’t want her to be upset. He’s been doing a lot of industry and celebs make up, and I want him to keep getting to the money.

  • Abigaël Katharina

    Yassssss, I think Kabrina was so bomb on bgc! Happy to see that she’s joining LHHNY. I don’t really care for the rest except Juju, Papoose and Remy. Peter and Rich Dollaz y’all know damn well this ain’t no love and hiphop grandfather edition.

  • That’s too many damn people wtf

  • MChantye

    umm, who’s missing? Well as many of them as they are, they should gone on and add, erica mena, joe n cyn, tara, amina, chrissy n jim, ronnie, bobby, ricky and mike

  • Nicole Sanders

    So we just recycling cast now???? That’s wassup 😒😒😒

  • livelovegrind

    Yes rem and pap is back on this season too. Yay I love them. They are def relationship goals. Pap can spit and is a great Lyricist. (Did yaw see his 7min freestyle on funk master flex on wshh today btw) I don’t really care for all the other old cast members. But I’m excited for the new faces, and to see what they will bring to the show. Mariahlynn lil boney ass, is not taking all that meat. He gotta be a paid boyfriend.

  • sebastianchristopher

    25 cast members (maybe more) on this new season and not one of them is a break out star like Cardi B.

    Remy Ma is a has been which is why she’s back on the show and Bonnie and Mariah Lynn will never be stars. Safaree is a joke and a wannabe something. Rich Dollarz is there for the check. I could go on but it’s 25 people folks.

  • Verbal-Leigh

    Its hanging.. That’s what happens when chicks where clothes to tight. They gain weight and it distributes in the free area.. She ditched the waist trainer😂

  • Lol last season she had a flat stomach. Guess she lost it haha. XD

  • Verbal-Leigh

    Her pooch was popping

  • Verbal-Leigh

    I hate some of these fuckers. I used to love lil mo. Till she became a Twitter hag.. That bully from BGC I can’t call her what she wants to be called at all.. Not really looking forward to this shit

  • 9Ether


  • I’m not even trying to be funny or anything. But that last scne with Bianca, is she pregnant or was that just the outfit?? O_o

  • Catina Williams

    Thank god no Peter Gunz and his concubines

  • Chrissy

    Why so many cast mates ??????????

  • She’s good TV. lol White trash TV but good for the idiot box entertainment. LOL

  • I didn’t know. Gosh, I feel bad for her. I guess she will be divorce soon. Maybe husband #4 will be the one. so sad.

  • BlackGirlLost

    🤔hmmmm I wonder how much Mariah Lynn’s ol boney ass pay that fine gentleman to be her boyfriend this season??? I’m here for everybody BUT her 💅

  • Too late, he already did. He wasn’t all that on KMichelle’s show to be on LHHNY! He’s sucking someone’s d%ck. lol No shade just facts just if that’s the case Michelle girl BFF should have been on the show. Mona had to made that Spanish speaking quota! Look around baby, the Spanish speaking and mandaranding aka Asian speaking people are coming up! Start learning their language if you want to get/keep a job.

  • Abstruce

    Lady Luck was hating on Remy’s Nicki diss heavy a while ago.

  • Scarlette

    Lady Luck is only on here because her past beef with Remy and she’s Somaya’s girlfriend 😝

  • RealBadGyal876

    How many people do they need DAMN! I still don’t like Yandy and Why is Lady Luck on here? I hope not to have beef with Remy 🤦🏾‍♀️🙄

  • Cynthia Watson


  • WhitWhit


  • Lady Imz

    Here we gooooooooooooooo

    Yandy still looking a mess! I don’t wanna hear ANYTIHING about dogdeecees and he’s other bitches!

    This is Gona be full of fake story lines, colourful wigs, traumatic outfits and fake bodies

  • Consuela Martinez

    So no Peter , Tara, and Amina. Peter need to just become a Muslim and get four wives. Clearly Amina will be okay with it.

  • TaRon T. Dot Thomas

    the underdogs are winning these days. I’m glad he’s doing his thang. Let’s hope he doesn’t sale his soul

  • Vette Mun

    Why is her ass on here she a BGC chick I’m confused

  • Bri Truthful

    K.Michelle friend done came up!! He went from a sidekick to the main attraction!
    Do that Jonathan

  • April_Moon

    Lemme just put my lil two cents in and say that I’m sooooooo glad that they did not bring Peter Tara and Amina back with that nonsense. I’m sure that a lot of their younger children have literally grown up watching that threesome play out on tv over the many years smh

  • Bri Truthful

    Yup lol now he trying to make a reincarnation of Cardi through the whack chick dream doll or Chyna doll or whatever kinda doll she is
    And if course it was in new it soon as he said It the shipping and switching their cast around

  • Queen Dichridah

    What!? He is cheating on her! Didn’t they have a baby?

  • Candra Denise

    Well damn Safaree what was that at the beginning of this video🙈🍆🍆😜

  • Pebbles

    I’m sure self kicks himself everyday choosing Mariah Lynn over Cardi

  • TeaSipper

    That look like K.Michelle’s friend Jonathon lol..oh, and everyone around these parts already know that Karl has been cheating on Lil Mo FOREVAAAAAAA

  • Miracle Saint James

    Lil Mo was a trip on r&b divas so I already know that she’s going to be over the top as usual. Somaya Reece and Lady Luck are annoying me already and it hasn’t even started yet. Dream doll is going to OWN the entire season I bet. Yandy doesn’t have much of a storyline withought Samantha and Erika but we’ll see….

  • Bri Truthful

    Omg they brought bones aka Mariah Lynn back AGAIN! 😧wwwhhhhhyyyy