WATCH: Kenya Moore goes live to flaunt her elusive husband Marc Daly and silence naysayers

Though producers have reportedly tried to persuade him to film scenes by offering a hefty financial compensation that the husbands of the show don’t normally receive, and accommodating his schedule while promising to only shine light on him as father and entrepreneur, restaurant owner Marc Daly has continued to refused to appear alongside his new bride on Real Housewives Of Atlanta following their secret wedding in St Lucia back in June.

The circumstances now leaves Kenya out to be grilled by her co-stars, and at risk of possibly losing her peach, but watch as the lovebirds go live in effort to silence the critics.

  • Lexy Samuels

    FACTS i was thinking the same thing but didnt post it because i didnt want no one coming at me but thank God you said it lol it ended up being good comments though so thats good lol.

  • Lexy Samuels

    THIS! I think theyre gonna make Eva take her place because whenever reality tv stars start putting their hands in the camera and threatening to leave the show. Most likely, they do leave and dont show up next season. So, i’m gonna make a prediction… Eva is taking Kenya’s place while she enjoys her marriage. In the future I BET Kim is gonna beef with Porsha REAL soon (talm bout “I love porsha shes such a nice girl”) And Nene and Sheree is gonna have their beef and Kandi’s beef with Porsha might continue but it wont be the hot topic of the season because of the other women’s story lines. I bet the producers are gonna make that happen.

  • Lexy Samuels

    Exaggerate** no shade just helping

  • pooty

    It seems like people are super bored and hating. I can see if some of y’all were on the show and needed to be rude for some drama and a check but cmon now let her live.

  • Lauren Grant

    I don’t know why but I think this one is real. He just does not appear to be bothered to act as though he is in love, which you would do if you were pretending. I can’t stand Kenya’s nasty antics and two faced indignation but this time got to give her her dues, she appears to be telling the truth. Unless……………… oh dear I do hope I don’t end up eating my words, yet you never know with Kenya.

  • Selena R Harrison

    Yes I’m so glad you said this cause these ppl are all followers not leaders . just jumping on the bandwagon to hate Kenya, why ..This man knew he was going to be in the spot light when he decided to marry a former Mrs USA winner anyway .

  • Darkness

    He seems annoyed by her

  • Carrie Kittles

    Why do ppl concern themselves this much with Kenya’s life! Why are ppl so passionate in their opinions of her love life and sex life! If she’s married bless them in their marriage! You don’t have to play inspector gadget on someone else’s life, let alone someone you don’t know or who doesn’t know you exist! For years ppl focus negatively on this woman’s life! Ppl say she want this or that so bad so what we all want something bad. Let’s move onnnn! Ppl are so ignorant and bitter with their opinions if she is not paying a bill or taking care of you you should not wanna fight someone over their opinion! Moving on…

  • India

    Please she is not married …we all know she was dying to get married why wouldn’t she call her friends and let them know ..they found out just like we did on social media and we all know she would have had the biggest wedding ever …and not tell her dad at that …girl bye ..go twirl with the wind and be gone with all them lies get rid of her snd bring Phadera back …

  • Inipow

    Lol ! On fries , too too much . I love it !Girl trust Kenya been around a long long time and hasn’t missed a best. Different industries and less publicity .

  • Cynthia Watson

    I void your point. Cause it was clear she had stop messjng with matt over a year ago that was the reason for his anger. If you comprehend these shows properly you would know when they show the shows to us almost a year would have already passed. Smh dinh dong long production

  • Hyewon

    😂, understood, I can relate to pouring some drinks, watching shows and commenting 🤣

  • NewbieNubian

    Honestly, reading this back, I don’t think I was replying to you, but in the event that I was (it was a tipsy night and on my way home) I’m sorry that, to you, I came off strong. If I indeed meant this for you, I think that I only skimmed what you said but to reiterate I wasn’t upset or even lashing out (again I was tipsy and enjoying my uber ride lol) I use caps for emphasis and nothing else. It usually isn’t received well tho. Anyway, I don’t even know what point I was trying to make lmao. Shouldn’t read forums while drunk my bad lolll 😂😅

  • NewbieNubian

    Thank you. I was literally trying to make a point she kinda proved. I love love though, could never hate it

  • Chudney Hadura Williams

    they were still “messing around” AFTER taping.

    remember the whole peter/matt dibocle was during their Promo Cycle.

    the reunion is filmed WELL AFTER
    the season has wrapped (LHH, RHOA, etc.) it’s filmed rather close to air date. actually approx. 4-6 weeks.

    so when they are on the media circuit still promoting their tumultuous, on&off/will they or won’t they “relationship”….and then NOT 5 months later kenya announces she is “married” my intellect kicks in and ii go “SOMETHINGS OFF. SOMETHINGS NOT RIGHT” “SOMEONES LYING” “ONE OR NONE OF THE RELATIONSHIPS ARE NOT REAL”

    when ii step outside of convention and realize it’s just television, “reality” or not, and it’s all dramatized stories and plots to keep us interested and coming back.
    media is media.
    ii don’t know WHY everyone refuses to believe it may contain an exaggeration or two.

  • Chudney Hadura Williams

    did your memory serve you clear with that ‘time overlap’?

    or did you miss the whole point of my commment “TRYING” to be right? 😩

    “did your memory serve you clear”….😩😩😩😩🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️😩😩😩👍🏾

  • Eleanor Garcia

    Kenya god bless & good !uck with your marriage. If you wanna keep this man forget the housewives nonsense. Make your man & marriage a priority cuz he’s clearly not liking all the spotlight your trying to shine on him. If you want this to last cut the BS asap.

  • Bridgette Lee

    That’s all she doing… I wish she would be more honest tho and stop playing victim.. ijs I don’t like her.. now Kandi is a real business women.. Kenya still on fries🤷

  • Hyewon

    Hey 🤣🤣

  • Inipow

    I agree Nene is handsome kmsl

  • Inipow

    Even though it seems in real time we have to remember the show often airs 6 to 9 months after it films . So she and Matt were done before the show aired . They bill it like it’s current for our interest .

  • Inipow

    Say it honty!

  • Inipow

    Yes she is a business woman. Hell duck lip Kim as well as Kandi exploited their weddings for the network . The only one making money off Kenya is Kenya . Mogul moves ! Sell that video and pictures your damn self .

  • Inipow

    And if people remember , that was because Fakedra’s marriage was in shambles and she was insecure . Appo (not misspelled) was a strip club dog and attracted to Kenya . Unfortunately people blamed Kenya for that whole fiasco and never let it go . Kenya is a very smart woman and parlayed that misfortune into a reality career. I’m happy for her .

  • Inipow

    Exactly! The only reason I’m here. Although I’ve had to get ugly a few times . People take other people’s lives too seriously. Lol

  • Jasmine

    I don’t like this heffa, but if this is for real, then good for her. Every one deserves to experience happiness. My thing is, if the relationship is in fact real and in a good place, then do like Kim Z. did when she first married Kroy and leave the dang show now that she has what she wants. She already mentioned fighting his mother and other people for marrying her so those are already breeding grounds for issues right there. Most folks say reality tv ruins marriages, but I personally believe these marriages are already in shambles BEFORE reality tv comes into play. The shows just exacerbate the problem(s) and eventually put the final nail in the coffin. Porscha and Kordell already had issues BEFORE she got on the show. So did Cynthia and Peter, as well as Apollo and Phaedra.

  • Keyzee

    Hey, yeah back in the flash even if just for a laugh.

  • Adrianee P

    Exactly. The only reason ppl are on her is because of Phaedra constantly hollering cheap shots at her because she wasn’t married

  • Cynthia Watson

    She made it clear she kept him quiet because of previous mishaps. Did you memory serve you clear with that. Plus he never had a ibterest in the show

  • Inipow

    Well said !

  • Inipow

    Btw Hey you ! I have missed the real folk on here. I didn’t care for most of the summer shows so I didn’t post much. GLAD to read ya lol! Gotta repeat this to a few others !!

  • Inipow

    Hey you ! I have missed the real folk on here. I didn’t care for most of the summer shows so I didn’t post much. GLAD to read ya lol! Gotta repeat this to a few others !

  • Inipow

    Hey you ! I have missed the real folk on here. I didn’t care for most of the summer shows so I didn’t post much. GLAD to read ya lol! Gotta repeat this to a few others !

  • Inipow

    I have never felt like Kenya has just throwing shade , I always felt she was returning the energy the haters threw at her. The only time I felt she was kinda wrong was with Kim Fields and even then Kim was walking around shading the other women about their clothes and makeup and then lied about the whole co director thing . I might be mis remembering but I can’t think of one time she started with anyone . She is just more intelligient than the other women and has a very sharp wit . Pour salt no but she will season the soup.

  • lola hemans

    Cute but way too much to prove a point “my hubby loves teaching soccer to little kids” giggle giggle giggle *weirdo* lol

  • Kemi

    Bingo. Always been Team Kenya but no need for this video. Seems too forced and Kim Kardashianish… I agree with an above poster. Leave the show. Too many doomed marriages in the housewives franchises across the board. Like 50 of them are divorced.

  • Kemi


  • Hyewon

    Huh! Calm down, she is just a person on a show and I’m telling it like I see it. Don’t know the woman to hate her and clearly don’t take this as serious as you do.

  • She really does! 🙂

  • Reina1718

    2late no one cares

  • NewbieNubian

    Actually, congrats on your union. Truly. I’ve turned down three by now and am afraid of ultimately ending up alone due to my standatds. All I’m saying is u don’t know her life, the same way I don’t know yours.

  • Hmeda Aaliyah

    Hello Kenya,
    Are you mad, Whats the deal.
    BTW yes he put a ring on it hate on that 😛

  • NewbieNubian

    EVERYBODY in the franchise throws shade. Please give up this lame excuse for your unjustifiable hatred.

  • NewbieNubian

    Whos the last Man U f$*ked? Will he be putting a ring on it? 🤔🤔point being… you DONT know her life

  • NewbieNubian

    Lmaooooooo chile u did the UTmost😂🤣😂🤣

  • NewbieNubian


  • Mz DiDi

    I’m happy for the both of you. Kenya you have NOTHING to prove to anyone. Enjoy this time with your husband. You prayed for him and the Lord has answered. You guys are a beautiful couple. Many blessings from Chi-City.

  • Romz

    I didn’t see he was annoyed by her, it was early Saturday morning, maybe yes he could have done without it, but he seemed fine with her filming genuinely and even popped into shot himself a couple of times.
    But those fist bump photos in her wedding and not seeing them kiss, is weird.

  • Romz

    Yes and I haven’t seen one picture of their wedding where they are kissing 🤔

  • singer4101


  • Ancient Wisdom

    What is the point of this video? It definitely doesn’t prove that she’s married if that was her intent. She looks like she’s trying too hard. If she’s married, great. If she’s happy great but the whole way she’s going about everything looks suspect. I hope going forward she stops being so mean conniving and nasty to others and then she wouldn’t be getting this type of backlash.

  • Rosi

    Thank you! And it’s called reality tv, don’t like it then quit and live under the radar with “hubby” in Williamsburg.

  • I think she should leave the show. Reality tv ruins relationships. It’s seems like this one might be for real so I see why she’s so protective this time round

  • Donnell Hamilton, Jr.

    I never seen so much bitter people hating on someone’s marriage lol Let kenya live her life while some of y’all get one lol accept that she’s married and move one….

  • MzNeicy

    Right I am like can’t a bitch live damn poor Kenya!!!!!!!! I am scared social media and them bitches gonna run him away from her yeessssssssss Kenya bitch keep him to your self enjoy your damn man fuck everybody who got a problem

  • Keyzee

    Let’s be honest Kenya is a beautiful woman and I’m sure she can get any man she wants. Some ppl are camera shy and private. Hopefully Kenya respects his wishes by not exploiting him and just enjoy the romance. Congratulations Kenya a big step up from lil boy Matt. Now tone it down some and stop playing around with ppl just to get a rise out of them.

  • April_Moon

    Yes I was thinking the same thing, he looks hella annoyed by her

  • Anevay

    I get where you’re coming from but let’s not forget Mad Matt was deranged and doing most of the broadcasting himself, don’t think anything can compare to that insane fool.

  • Hyewon

    I like Kenya, but what you’re saying about other women applies to her as well before she was married. She spent years poking other relationships on the show and throwing shade in her confessionals; she’s not being respected in the same way she did not respect others.

  • Damn

    Shit her hub seem like he can handle her dramatic ass , he look like a manly man . I honestly think it’s him that telling her to keep people out her business cause he doesn’t wanna be broadcasted like her last disaster of a relationship.

  • Twerkist

    the reason people cant stay out of Kenya’s business, is she never stays out of other people’s

  • C K

    This proves nothing. Instead of acting like newly weds, he seems annoyed with her. In all the photos of the two of them he seems bored & there’s enough space in between them to fit a third person. Also, who fist bumps their bride at their wedding? He doesn’t look in love for sure. Body language is very telling. She’s all over him, and he stands away stiffly, trying to keep his distance.

  • Inipow

    Not just one but 2 and gag bitches gag. Everyone questioning how long they dated . When a women is a particular age she doesn’t need a year long waiting period or to be tried on for size. Only people hating are lonely mofos . Women who are happy celebrate other women’s happiness. For all the naysayers get you some business and a man , or a women or a goat . But get your mouth off other people’s shit !

  • MzNeicy

    Kenya need to tell everybody to eat a fucking dick!

  • cherish

    Ya’all hate fucking too much!!! Can’t Kenya more truly be happy? Leave her the fuck alone to enjoy her man, with your stupid ass negativity.
    Let Kenya breath for once

  • Chudney Hadura Williams

    WHEN did she date him tho?

    cuuzz if memory serves me correct……wasn’t that matt fiasco JUUSST 8….9 months ago?
    soooo…. been datin him the entire time? or met him after? n decided y’all “knew” each other long enough to “get married”?

    *ii’m just asking for a friend. PLEASE don’t kill the messenger*

  • Shante’ Kaneisha

    i like kenya too

  • mikster

    all the hate is crazy!! that man is fine as heck!!! I would keep him away too. these haters cant deal.

  • MisTeaBlue

    I kinda feel sorry for her though, it’s like she is going out of her way to prove to people that she is worth loving. I hope he is the real deal and she doesn’t push him away with her orphan issues.

  • Hmeda Aaliyah

    So let me get it straight not long ago she busted open back of Matt’s car. Now she is married, so she was doing both at the same time ? Or is it 90 days fiancé type 🤔. What’s next she is pregnant now. #justsaying

  • Bridgette Lee

    She knew keeping her wedding a secret would get more attention than going on social media and announcing her elopement.. Trust me in Kenya head it’s all for fame and t.v. ijs.. So far that’s the type of character she’s been displaying to me🤷 She wants to be the HBC so bad🤦

  • Cynthia Watson

    Its called dating. The other chicks did the same. She kept it real they kept it fake and they all lost they husband while attacking a single women. Run around

  • Cynthia Watson

    Yass Kenya feck these haters

  • Talone

    The way that he looks at her seems like he’s kinda annoyed by her filming him with her phone so I’m not surprised that he doesn’t want to film for the show. He’s cute though

  • A lost Sheep

    Well, I will tell u like this, IM NOT FROM NO ISLAND! WHEWWWWWWWWWWW! IM LMMFAO!

  • DvlDoggBAM412

    Handsome woman as in the way island people with say it?! Because I know the way my Nonna says it, it means that a woman is ugly but was just saying that in a nice way . I just needed a little Clarity that’s all… LMFAO

  • NewbieNubian

    He is so damn fine!!! YES Aunty Kenya!!!

  • Naima Isa

    Since when have any of these shows really followed their title? Most of them on the show are unmarried or divorced lol

  • Naima Isa

    Ppl be so obessed about what other ppl are doing. That’s insane asf to me.

  • Naima Isa

    Who cares that much? If I was her, I’d let the speculators speculate because at the end of the day she is the only one paying her bills so everyone can keep speculating while kissing my secretive ass.

  • Zarah

    Never doubted her marriage was real but seems like she married quick, put a lot at risk, hubby don’t seem to be compromising any…..very out of character for an independant intelligent woman who waited this long to get married.

  • sebastianchristopher

    This chick bounced around from dude to dude and married someone out of haste (not love) to show off on a reality show.

  • mandi

    i dont blame him for not getting on the show its full of drama and if she dont wanna flaunt her husband she have every right to i actu like kenya while many hate her

  • A lost Sheep

    THANK YOU! Kenya dont need to pay no man to be with her, she is BEAUTIFUL! I think her attitude on Housewives, got ppl trippen, n she probably gettin paid to act ugly for ratings. Its Reality TV, but some things dont be reality!

    U doin right, Kenya,keep him off tht show, esp from NeNes messy ass! Ugh, I cant STAND her handsome ass! Quit, if u need too, take lessons from Cynthia, I really think tht damn show, ruined her Marriage! Congrats, girl, fk these ppl, n their negativity!

  • OnlyMyOpinionMatters

    Ummm I’m still not convinced Kenya. He looks kinda suspect. It’s sad that her relationships seem so unnatural like she does it just to prove to everyone else that she’s happy

  • Scarlette

    I understand trying to keep privacy and everything but….How are you going to be on a show about housewives and not show that you actually have a husband? Go ahead be happy, but let someone else new come on the show to replace you that has has a husband that’s not ashamed to be on tv with them

  • Tiffany Davis

    All I know is, if someone else was doing the same thing she was doing she’d have so much more than anyone else to say about the situation. I give it a couple seasons. This one he won’t be on, he will appear next season, then the problems will start the following season, Kenya is too predictable man 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • getyolyfe

    Idc what anyone says. Her marriage is real and how she is protecting her happiness is the right way. Kenya girl u had to grow on me