WATCH: Ryan fumes over backlash and explains to Charmaine’s mom why he cheated on Rachel with Kat

After being mostly seen as a “good guy” by the futon critics, Ryan is now facing a mountain of backlash from his beloved female fans who have been expressing their disappointment over his recent cheating scandal that has been unfolding on Black Ink Crew Chicago, while also giving him grief for aggressively “shoving” Rachel after he was unexpectedly pushed into a swimming pool. Watch as he goes live to plead his case.

  • Excepcion

    hes a cornball.. the body language and tone is disingenuous. hes just happy that Rachel let the shit slide. *shrugs*

  • Margarie Buie

    Omg everyone should just be quiet….its his life damn. Everyone is not perfect and who are y’all to fucking judge. People make mistakes…I bet if y’all lives was on reality t.v y’all would have a couple of fuck ups. People be so quick to judge. Not saying he was not wrong but stop preaching like yall got it right each time.

  • Veronica Kabuika

    LOL thanks for the reminder fam

  • Veronica Kabuika

    hold up wait a minute, why is ryan acting as if he’s compatible to kevin hart. slow your roll you are on a VH1 realitiy show. It’s not that serious. you are not that important. P E R I O D.

  • MyKayEl

    Wait.. who thought Ryan was ever a good guy?? He’s always been an emotional fuck boy since episode 1 season 1 smh

  • Carrie Cocothadon Wiley

    I bet if we all stop watching the show and the ratings drop he will give af about ppl not liking him. Rachel is sorry as hell and as you can clearly see Ryan is being nonchalant af about what he did. If he can get away with it now. It wont be the last time.

  • lexdiamonz

    He is a real bitch ass nigga..these hoes making money but ain’t building no wealth bitch ass punk

  • lola hemans

    Never knew he had bi polar still like him though lol

  • Donisha Brown-Lights

    Exactly !!! That’s why I was like Ryan please shut the fuck up he look like he like dick too he just cum off a lil gay to me

  • Lol whatever, ryan. *sigh*

  • SpiceGirl


  • Camden

    His soff ass.

  • mikster

    all church. he mad hard in the video but on tv acting like a queen. He was bettet off not speaking, ever!

  • Donisha Brown-Lights

    Ryan please shut the fuck up talking bout I bet u got an answer wrong on a test before difference is you might not of have known the answer you know cheating is wrong period if you can’t say or do something in front of your significant other that means he shouldn’t be doing it . muthafukas act like aids herpes hpv shit don’t exist sum men and women are so weak all for a nut or just to have they cake and eat it and what really pisses me off is most people who dish this kinda bull shit can’t even take it you see how he push Rachel for no reason imagine if she was playing him he’d fucking lose it be single and fuck who u wanna fuck but when you with somebody you playing with the heart and emotions and love is the strongest emotions alot of y’all know people that’s dead cause sumbody dun kill a person for playing them why you think the show snapped so popular

  • futuresomething

    He has been smashing Kat for years. This whole storyline is fake. The baby momma been knew this.

  • TaRon T. Dot Thomas

    this the exact reason I don’t trust dudes. they’re always lien and acting all family oriented. chile please. you’ve been caught. the jig is up bish hahaha

  • Wonder_Woman15

    Shazam it

  • Wonder_Woman15

    And I’m from nyc that means we F$&# but it ain’t none of your business lmao

  • LaNiece Robinson

    Wrong…I’m pissed that his little pink ass has the nerve to talk about the viewer that gives the show ratings that gives his ass a check…And in this clip it was a personal live video not a TV show..So once again I will not be watching…I do have cable….

  • Nit18

    Hooked up and messed around can mean a number of things from kissing and touching to oral to fucking…It doesn’t mean just mean fucked

  • Ms jai

    Same in Cleveland

  • KACG

    Same for NY. If you didn’t hook up yet, then you would say “we’re just talking”

  • MsRika Lafaye


  • mikster

    Hooked up means f$$$ and I’m from Detroit lol. Don’t think they did that exactly but some people say sucking things is still sex. Ryan is not bill Clinton

  • MsRika Lafaye

    Who from Chicago? When you guys say “hooked up” messed around” you basically saying you fucked but you dont have a title on that person. Like it was one of those drunken in lust nights and I got me some, right or wrong?

  • MsRika Lafaye

    lol girl I dont know what they consider messing around. you might be right

  • MsRika Lafaye

    What is messing around? I could sworn that was sex. so its not….lol tf.

  • mikster

    For someone who watches a lot of reality tv myself personally (phone glitch speak ) have never gotten up in arms over a cast member because it’s all pretty fake but this ish really happened and Ryan is the queen of f&)$& boys for this video!!!!!! You keep saying you owned it but clearly you didn’t or we wouldn’t be here right now . You still lying and you on social media trying to prove you don’t care that we the people are mad but you do care!!!
    Nobody is perfect and yes we’ve all cheated but this ain’t about us!!! You and Kevin can have a seat and take the biggest L of the year !

  • mikster

    Hahahahahahaha best comment

  • mikster

    I’m equally as mad lol

  • mikster

    Because he still lying lol

  • Bre Prettynpaid Mcbreezy

    You had multiple weak moments bruh lol smh you got the woman who you been trying yo get back for 7 years and when you finally get her…you cheat?!?! Like damn dude, he didn’t waste anytime cheating either smfh!!! You smashed, stop lying everybody said, they heard ya’ll in the bathroom lmao!!!

  • Ancient Wisdom

    So Ryan how are you owning up to it but you still lying? You’re saying you didn’t f*** this girl, you had some type of sexual relations with her multiple times. You’re saying it may have happened once it may have happened multiple times, this is not a hypothetical. You were there! Why don’t you just shoot straight from the hip and keep it Pimpin.

  • braveheart341

    What the fuk does “messed around” mean?
    and who the fuk is this “ya’ll” that I keep reading about in the comments?
    You’re not being honest if you get busted and don’t have a choice now.
    He told his parents all he did was kiss Kat, and I just don’t believe that shit, but whatever.
    My life is fukboi free so i’m just here for the bants.

  • She said hooked up.

  • CC smithe

    Everybody commenting seem angry its tv as long as your man behaving himself😂😂😂😂😂

  • CC smithe

    You real mad why its tv just enjoy it

  • MzNeicy

    shit that make you say hmmm

  • Nit18

    Both Kat and Ryan said they didn’t fucked. She said they got drunk and messed around. Not once did she say fuck to rachel

  • Kristal Styles

    He cheated men cheat everyday he fucked kat he s been fucking kat he should been real about it but he wasn’t and he got caught up the end

  • Lovely Sunshyne

    At the end of the day ain’t nobody sayin he had to be perfect but don’t fuckin fake and lie to your girl and say I’m so happy where we are in our relationship. (What relationship!?)
    He wouldn’t have owned up if Kat ain’t step up and say something. He was still texting Kat whole on the trip !!!! Confessing his feelings…boy bye! He’s weak.

  • Vette Mun

    He did say you ain’t gotta fuck to cheat maybe he got head who knows lol

  • KnowledgeIsPower

    Is it SAFE to tattoo and drive and everything and snapchat???

  • Cynthia Watson

    Seems like he learned from his mistake. Half you chicks dude with another women now and yall about and still with him so stfu. Judgemental rats

  • leapyearpisces

    Sheeeeeeetttt!!!!!!! I know some BAD ASS toddlers going through their “terrible two’s” with more heart. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Them lil mofos be STANDING UP ALL IN THEIR “WRONGNESS (LOL), like yeah, I did it and????????????? what????????? LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Ryan is an ole bath and bodywork’s baby soft type dude. LOL.

  • J-Dub

    Well at least he’s being honest about the shit now, but a woman is never pleased with the truth or with a lie so… can’t win

  • Fina Jalaya Rose

    Y’all love looking up to these celebrities. People have their own lives to live. Leave the man alone.

  • lexdiamonz

    He a bitchass period..he mad cuz he been exposed

  • LaNiece Robinson

    Naw, Bitch I ain’t rich but I watched this bullshit show…..And what I’ve seen is Ryan is a punk bitch…..A Real Bitch-Boy…So as a non rich bitch, I won’t be watching this bull shit no mo with his charmin ass…..

  • MsRika Lafaye

    So if you aint fuck her??? What is all the drama about then??? Ryan, man come on…Let me guess it was a kiss and yall held hands…lol…But it if my dick out its going to stay out” Um, I love the show but everything aint for tv and when you put yourself out like that you look to the viewers very guilty. Hey if you didnt fuck you dont owe nobody no explanation.

  • Zarah

    Ha! This niggaz keep saying he fucked up and owned that shit, but his stink-ass attitude is really saying ” shut the fuck up, you no bettter than me…” 😂…..yeah, but you were stupid enough to do it on camera with an attention whore of a cast mate who said you were her brother for 2 seasons 😫🤧

  • Supreme

    The reason why folks was soo upset is because you put on a front like your a good guy and your not. You talk a game that you don’t play.

  • Amanda Thomas

    Just because other people cheated… it doesn’t excuse the fact that he cheated on someone who is about so much more than this tv shit. He might of went into Kat, might not have, he might of been flirting with him, letting her suck his dick, kissing her, fingering her, ate her out, he might of been doing other things. Cheating is cheating though. It’s not a mistake, you knew what you were doing. You’re a Dog. 🤷🏿‍♀️

  • A lost Sheep

    [email protected], he is a pretty dog, lol, Ryan is a cutie, n im tore up at him!

  • A lost Sheep

    Ryan, I dont know about others, but I looked up to u as not being a dog! I dont have money like tht, n my ex-fiancee cheated on me, while my ass laid up in the hospital, in a 6 week Coma, so u gave me hope again. U aint got to be mean to your fans, thts bullshit! Your girl seem so sweet, if I was her, I would of F Kat up! The B is a stupid slut! She did tht shit cuz she was salty u didnt pick her! Kat, dont nobody tht know u a hoe want u. U went from Phor, to Ryan, fkin friends, U NASTY! Even if u didnt fk Ryan, u know u slobbed! Men like hoes, at tht moment, n u showed ur ass on National TV! Kat, u a big L, n I have no respect fluent hoes! I use to like u, but u full of shit, u was just tryin to break Ryan up with his girl, n u CRIED bout it, didnt work! JUST STUPID! Ryan, u aint off the hook, n u owned up to it, because u didnt have a choice!

    SMH! Ryan, if I were u, Id fkin FIRE Danielle! Tht bitch messy, this all her fault, n then leave Kat, when your drunkard bf decide to come. U a very bad friend to Kat, n Ryan!

  • flavored_amo

    You dont need everbody to like u…but ur on social media explaing yourself He didnt own up to anything he got caught. Ryan is a pretty coward😖😂i kno teenage girls w/more heart😂

  • fox

    if he wasn’t stressing it he wouldn’t be on to be addressing it

  • LucyLove

    Chile preach. Men never take accountability for their actions and I’m so over it

  • Ce Ce

    Why is he addressing this on social media? say it to her directly, anything and everything for attention. Aren’t him and Rachael still together? so this was pointless yet again.

  • April_Moon

    Hmmmm well he’s saying that he didn’t have sex with Kat’s hoe ass sooooooo….what happened?

  • Miracle Saint James

    I actually used to like Ryan but he’s really just like any other nigga, always try to play victim with they do wrong and act indignant about their wrongdoings smh

  • MzNeicy

    THEN IF IT’S FUCK EVERYBODY WHY RUN TO SOCIAL MEDIA TO SAY SO!!!!!! Ryan just made his self look hella stupid lmfao if I was him I would not have addressed that shit at all!!