WATCH: Tamar fumes as Toni raves over her engagement to Birdman – Braxton Family Values Season 6

On the heels on Toni Braxton and Birdman recently announcing their engagement, they plan to give viewers a more candid look into their relationship through the lens of the upcoming season of Braxton Family Values that will shine light on the couple as the make plans for their upcoming wedding ceremony.

Watch as Tamar sulks over her looming divorce, while Toni’s upcoming nuptials are celebrated in this extended preview of Season 6 that’s set to unload on March 22nd.

  • ZionLive

    U going straight to hell 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m coming wit u cause I’m fucking dying at this smh stop it

  • EffU


  • Kay

    He owes Wayne all that money AND he owes Drake and Nicki some coins too! 😐 AND he owes 2 million in taxes AND he’s apparently about to lose his Miami mansion cause he’s in serious arrears. This is just messy 🙈. Toni, what are you doing?! 😩

  • Kay

    Girl, I can’t believe she’s with Birdman either like what a weird couple! I feel the exact same like I would expect her with a gentleman like Babyface or something, not some “gangsta thug” type guy like Birdman 🙊 lmao we’re not even being stereotypical, that’s what he portrays himself as! 😆 The craziest part for me is that he is in soo much debt like he owes over 2 million in taxes and he owes Wayne 30 million and he owes Drake and Nicki some coins so why would Toni marry someone whose clearly soo poor with money management 🤔. I don’t get it 😐. But I hope she’s happy, I wanna see her win!

  • Ariel

    I HAD NO CLUE, NO IDEA THAT TONI WAS WITH BIRDMAN! I am shocked lol! I didn’t watch last season or the one before. I got bored at some point. I would have never thought I’d see Toni with a rapper, not Birdman, maybe the likes of Common etc…she comes across like such a lady, I just didn’t think she’d be into Birdman. I really hope it works out though. I’d hate to see her get hurt, especially by him. Not with the “secret” of how he likes 🍆. I want to hope it’s all a fat lie.

    As for Tamar, girl! Is you really getting a divorce from your hubby?

  • Ariel

    He did never! 😱 Wow! I see I see. I also didn’t watch the last 2 seasons I think, I got bored. Birdman though 🙃 I could have never seen that coming, not from Mars, not from hell, not from nowhere. It seems sooooo random.
    It’s steriotypical/obvious but I would have seen Toni with someone like Babyface. Ah just seems like a lot of lady for that kind of rapper. I don’t know. I do hope it’s real and it works out though

  • Ariel

    Girl that makes two of us! I had no clue

  • Ariel

    Vincent the Herbert 🤣 y’all too much

  • Angel Montana

    Exactly! I agree, I think she leaks it herself too.

  • MonoMax

    I’m shocked they didn’t know all this fake drama would make them look bad. I’m sure she did know vince is a garbage husband but not a garbage manager loool. He potentially ruined his reputation for what I don’t know

  • AveryWest

    I’m here for it!

  • labalaba

    I have to agree. Like men in drag.

  • Lanegra💃🏽

    I mean they should have let the episodes roll before the went on the view doing damage control. I mean all that drama for what? Now even Remy ma is calling him a garbage manager.

  • Smiley ArmonieSucha RudeBiish

    She has lupus ma’am it’s inflamattiOn and or fluid plus steroids

  • Leah

    Lmao why in the thumbnail Toni’s face look extra chunky?

  • gdubois

    Why does her sister call her Toni Braxton???

  • PlayerP

    I haven’t watched this show in years butterums…Toni, ma’am, Birdman likes penis. All facts. He fronts like he like women too, but it is one of the worst kept secrets from those that know him. I suspected him from the beginning, years later it was confirmed by a very popular industry male who used to date him. Now the only reason why I’m commenting at all, is this type of deception is not cool. If she knows, then more power, if she doesn’t, I hope that someone she trusts will put her up on game. And that money ain’t all the way right either.

  • Sunshinegirl

    Teddy Ruxpin! It was a little talking bear that was a huge thing when I was little! I had one. You’d put the cassettes in the back of it and it would read and tell storeis, LOL!!

  • Alice

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  • Gemz

    Wanted that type ring or that type man?😂🤦🏾‍♀️ Tamar wudda suit a rapper husband. Bet that what she wanted but none wudda taken her attitude like Vincent the Herbert did

  • MonoMax

    Forreal. I really liked Tamar but why would you put your shit out there like that like we ain’t gonna see you two together all the time like gurrlll.

  • Ugo Tai

    She woulda been divorced him when he first hit her…she play too much!

  • Ugo Tai

    Thank You!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • chi_gorgeous

    What in the hell did the sister call Vince when they were talking about the divorce…she love her Teddy Rumper what? That shit was funny as hell 😂😂😂

  • MonoMax

    Tamar you ain’t getting divorced, stop it ✋🏾

  • MonoMax

    I agree and then I don’t. I wouldn’t want to be a part of that sisterhood. The drama is way too much and I would never want to fight my sisters like they have fought in the past. I hope most of the beef is fake because they have been really nasty to each other in the past

  • MonoMax

    They all happened to have cameras with them the precise time they got the phone call and found out. Bitch please

  • MonoMax

    How is Towanda asking Toni if she had to wear the burka in Dubai. I’m sure you that stupid ffs 🙄. Unnecessary ignorance irks me

  • Trinidivine

    Totally agree! Out of all her sisters she has the most class and is the prettiest. Why she settle for him I don’t know? The tattoos on his face is such a turn off for me too. He looks like lil Mike Tyson!
    Like I was even thinking Naomi Campbell picks her men well. Don’t know why she can’t get a ring on it!

  • Trinidivine

    It’s a buzz in the industry but we will never fully know till one of these men come out with facts. And as we see currently in the news that can be years from now.

  • Ugo Tai

    So we just gonna act like that scene with all the sisters finding out Tamar filed for divorce isn’t fake


    Yes it definitely seems as if she settled. Thought she was classy! what in the hell does she see in that piece of shit looking dude. I cant even get past all the tats on his face ewwww

  • Victoria M.

    Girl she’s been with him for at least a year. Lol. I don’t even watch the show like that and I knew they were together.

  • Aice

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  • Lisa King

    Tamar will always believe strangers over her sisters. A stranger tells her her sister leaked information and tamar will not hesitate to believe them. I tbink tamar leaks things herself and blames her sisters

  • Cynthia Watson


  • Trinidivine

    Like anybody but birdman!!!!

  • Trinidivine

    Stranger! His business is out there!!! Who said anyone’s obsessed. It’s a blog! It’s not that serious. You may like the no good broke niggas! 😕😮isn’t that what Toni’s about to do marry a no good broke nigga. And who said you have to be a celebrity to have the finer things in life!

  • Trinidivine

    I didn’t know he owes lil Wayne all that money! Toni is in bankruptcy mode she’s still recovering financially. He must got some money hidden somewhere, he did buy the Bentley jeep.

  • EducatedRatchet

    This is such an unattractive family..

  • PowerFanatic

    I mean like they pump up dramatics like “oooohhhhh this big secret is going to come out” and then its not even that serious. We have already heard about the Evelyn TMZ drama & Vince drama. Anything else juicy enough would have been in the media already.. idk..

  • Lmfao Towanda sprinted outta there like she suddenly got possessed by Usain Bolt. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cardio32

    I truly think this engagement is a storyline. Remember their last season was supposed to be their final season. I think this is all for ratings.

  • Yukiya Wells

    Y’all don’t know that man from a can of PAINT.. people that are obsessed with strangers are WEIRD AF.. she’s happy he’s happy .. who cares .. y’all love the no good BROKE niggas that y’all suck n fuck so what that differences .. and FYI celebrity “broke” and regular broke is 2 DIFFERENT THINGS.. they STILL have the finest of things you’ll never touch. So stop being weirdos .. let them LIVE

  • Yukiya Wells

    Y’all don’t know that man from a can of PAINT.. people that are obsessed with strangers are WEIRD AF.. she’s happy he’s happy .. who cares .. y’all love the no good BROKE niggas that y’all suck n fuck so what that differences .. and FYI celebrity “broke” and regular broke is 2 DIFFERENT THINGS.. they STILL have the finest of things you’ll never touch. So stop being weirdos

  • Babe

    WOW the ladies out here are so unforgiving and so unhappy for Toni. Can’t yall just want someone to win in love. I hope their marriage works out coz some people out here talking about Baby’s finances like their his accountants!

  • Babe

    Like who? After watching Birdman on Wendy’s show, I understand their love. I think his gonna marry Toni and I hope their marriage works out.

  • Kay

    I agree sis! How the hell can she marry Birdman who owes Wayne soo much money?! And his mansions just gone into foreclosure like I really hope he doesn’t dig in Toni’s purse! 😩

  • Kay

    Me neither girl! The 22nd can’t come soon enough! 😩😆

  • Kay

    I actually think it lives up to the drama like it’s always super lit and they’re authentic and real unlike the Kardashians where it all feels scripted. I can’t believe Toni’s marrying Birdman though like wtf. He owes Wayne 51 million dollars!! How are you going to marry a man that’s owing that kinda money?! 😳

  • Kay

    Girl, you must not have watched last season lol she’s been dating him for awhile and he even got her a Bentley truck!

  • Kay

    Oh lord Jesus, I can’t wait for this! Yaaaaassss!!!

  • MelaninGoddess

    Noooooo! So when was someone going to tell me that Toni Braxton was even dating Birdman???? 😱 Yikes. For that reason alone yes I will be tuning in to the new season

  • PowerFanatic

    They always hype this show up to be more than what it turns out to be. Extra,team too much, fake, clickbait.. lol
    I have always felt an undertone of jealousy from Trina Tracie & Towanda.. less Tracy more Trina and Towanda… IDC IDC

  • Dee West

    I simply cant wait

  • Baybeetricia

    They REALLY did a 3 way call about Tamar filing? Is it really that serious? I mean, I can understand her not telling them about her filing because, aside from Toni, she isn’t really on good terms with any of them. Yes, they’re family and they go through some stuff but they’re not really that close anymore. They all are doing their own things and, after what went down last season, can you really blame her? [Side note: It was someone in her camp that told the press that she filed. She didn’t come right out, immediately, and say it herself]

  • Baybeetricia

    Towanda was in the play with Porsha??? Really?

  • Natalie Brooks

    It’s 2018 & we still believe in rumors when love calls your name you never kno who u will end up with we don’t kno these people personally who is 2 say he can do better than her I wish dem the best cuz everyone is expecting dey 2 fail

  • Trinidivine

    Toni can do way better! But I know as a woman sometimes we settle for less.

  • Trinidivine

    😂 Holy water… That’s what I’m saying! I don’t want any man that chase hoes or drugs!!

  • Talone

    Sooooo true. But lets not forget that the man has slept with all types of strippers and groupies and have done all types of drugs as well so she need to dip his behind in some holy water first 🙏🙌

  • Miracle

    Yuck! I think they make a disgusting couple. Toni can do so much bettter…..And don’t even start bringing up how much money that the man has cause it’s already in the news that he owes taxes, just lost his house and is in debt up the ass. I guess two broke people are attracted to each other like magnets

  • Rosalind Tatum

    I am sooooo happy for Toni and Birdman, I love the Braxtons period. I love the fact that a whole family of sisters are there for each other. The drama adds too it but for the most part their family is just like a lot of other black families, no matter what !, they have each others back. I love yall Braxtons and I pray everything works out for each and every one of them. God bless yall.

  • Lisa♥️MoreFire🔥

    This is gonna be juicy 👏🏾👅🤤😋

    😧Oh no 😢Ms Evelyn crying 🤭 I ♥️ her she’s the backbone💪🏾 of this family‼️

  • ammbeesweet

    Right. His home was just seized in Miami….all I want to know is if shell be helping him pay Wayne?

  • Tasticks

    I see Trina has learned nothing from her Tyler Perry stage play days. I know these scenes at set up but her reaction to Towanda telling her about Tamar’s divorce was so fake! I’m usually team Tamar but she’s gotten on my nerves with all the foolery of the “Tamar & Vince” show. How are you trying to plan a wedding with all the drama you have going on? And don’t tell me it’s a good distraction. It’s just another way for Tamar to be at the center of attention. If they can’t work together, Towanda is the better choice.

  • Lina

    Am I the only one who is happy for them?! I mean I do give Birdman the lil side eye sometimes but Toni looks happy and healthy!!! I’m wit it!!! Congrats to them!!

  • Shaquanda Keys

    Who’s financing this bcuz I thought the man was filing for bankruptcy and isn’t Toni only a good 5yrs into hers? With 2boys she still has to put through college and one having Autism

  • thats the same ring he gave wayne

  • R C

    Oh snap!! 😲😣