Remy & Papoose: Meet The Mackies Episode 2 – ‘Egg-xactly’

On episode 2, Remy takes the adult kids onj an eventful trip to North Carolina to explore the options of them living on their own. Meanwhile, Pap continues on his mission to have everyone “baby ready” in preparation for the new arrival.

  • Jayne

    She hasn’t had a new baby in nearly 2 decades and at that time she was young and clearly couldn’t do everything she wanted to. Now she’s married and has someone who wants to support her in everything, especially after being told she can’t have a baby naturally. She should definitely be excited.

  • Ms H

    Remy being a bit of a pregzilla but if her family love her thru it, so do I – GO GIIIRL !

  • WhatMoreCanISay

    This drag queen makeup era needs to die.

  • WhatMoreCanISay

    2 cribs? He really overestimating that 20k,

  • WhatMoreCanISay

    I think he gon get fly after this season. You know the internet will roast a mf into a glow up lol That and seeing yourself on tv I’m sure. He has potential.

  • Lala

    No he said new sibling

  • Juanita Applebaum


  • Juanita Applebaum

    I get a lil brooke and a lot of fantasia. shes a cute girl.

  • DQ [helloEgo]

    Is it me or does papoose daughter look like brooke Valentine can be her mom 😵😅

    Sn idk how pap can deal with his gay ass song him being so hood musta been a disapointment but i kno he loves his kids regardless but damn he need to atleast freshen him up kuz her lookn uggg lol

  • Jus post my damn comment

    Papoose getting in shape like he gonna have to fight the baby..

  • Not Enough Drama For You, Huh?

  • If all fathers were like Papoose, nannies would be out of jobs LOL. ‘Nanny’ might have never even been a profession.

  • olaa

    boring and papoose son is GAY

  • Jujubeejade

    Love this show, so real down to earth. I just love their love, even Remy’s harsh honesty (rudeness) lol.

  • Courtney Wheeler

    i want to like this show but its really kind of boring. feels like every scene is manufactured for tv.

  • Bionca

    This bitch is one of those UGLY Light skinned bitches Who love to Talk so much shit about dark skinned women. And honestly she truly the most bogus looking Roach I’ve ever had to Check. Fuck the bitch

  • ThinkItsNotIllegalYet

    Seriously though babe. What was that about? lol

  • Shespeakstruth

    I like the couple but this whole ignorant east coast young way of thinking about the south is annoying. Blacks actually progress a lot better with jobs homes education better in the south. Furthermore I like Remy but this over the top spoil ass I’m pregnant attitude is turning me off. It’s like damn Rem girl u act like u ain’t never been preggers before. 🙄🤣

  • Sofia Iqbal

    I love these 2

  • DaTruth4Liarz

    Well said

  • Ms. CoCo Chanel

    Love their #blacklove

  • Bionca

    😭😭Now, what country Would a full time crackhead live at WITHOUT a trap house?or A CRACK PIPE?? 🤔 Like I said..Sounds just like that junkie😫ON FOOD STAMPS

  • Bionca

    Yeah Sounds just like That full time Junkie…

  • bossrere

    lol far from personal because i dont know that person..nor do i live in a country that has food stamps or crack pipes for that matter…despite her bitter comment ima still sleep good tonight and stay blessed 🙂

  • bossrere

    lmfaooooo! feel better? you tried your best to hurt a strangers feelings over a show that you have no role in! let me go cry in the corner now hahahahahah NOT!

  • Kyaa

    Lol I had a feeling it was personal..

  • Bionca

    I had a LIGHT SKIN BITCH Talking SMACK…Behind me about Another dark skin bitch ….i turned around and looked at this bitch looking like #Felicia I made her CRY.. IF ONLY U HEARD WHAT SHE SAID..Just because HER man Liked The Darky…Then here I am AGAIN.mindin my business and the FIRST shit I see is how this bitch wants to talk about somebody’s ugly mamma .Facing ANOTHER Ugly ass light skins bitch..Making the same FUCKING COMMENTS…About a Dark skin MOTHER…

  • Tina

    I really love this show it’s down to earth💖

  • Tina

    Actually their ratings are very high on VH1, and on VH1 they have more comments.

  • R C

    Dammn wtf?! 😱🤯

  • Kyaa

    LMFAO geezzuuss omg why are you so upset?

  • Bionca

    You are THE UGLIEST LIGHT SKIN BITCH..I have ever come across …Bitch you look Nasty 🤢..I bet 💯 on it YOU don’t know your Dad #NeglectedFromBirth Where’s your Mother?? She still smoking on that CRACK PIPE just like YOU…Watch out for JUNKIES like this bitch. They Try to be RELEVANT by any means nesesary. GO WASH YOUR PUSSY and CHECK Your MOTHER’s STANK PUSSY…..FIRST…Before you chat shit about someone’s MUM…
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    FUCK YOU, You Stank Hoe

  • Bionca

    I love the MACKIES

  • bossrere

    damn the ratings on this show must be bad as hell.. only 12 comments meanwhile love and hip hop over there with hundreds…poor remy and pap..eith way remy momma look scary as hell and remy and her son got the same stank ass attitude

  • T Hale

    Me too!

  • Marry Jane Goodrum

    I know remy did not just say “You cant do it by yourself” 😵😵 Since when 😔😒

  • Kayla

    I love this family. Positive vibes, kids are hilarious. I don’t think Remy is rude, she has a close relationship with her family and she’s being herself. Pap adores Remy. I love their love.

  • Selina Ruan


  • Addae Brunder

    I like this. that joke that Dj said to her grand mother though “the baby was smoking, that second hand smoke” lol Remy got a handsome son already though

  • not realistic

    Oh his head is not bad. I thought Papoose was working with that Neo, by the.way he kept wearing that hat.

  • Marry Jane Goodrum

    Why she pushing them kids out 😵😔

  • Marry Jane Goodrum

    Crazy im 9 monthis and im eating cereal and ice cream now .

  • realtea.

    Remy’s unnecessary rudeness is becoming boring.

  • LaReyna09

    Why is she so rude to her mother and mother-in-law?! Not feeling it. However, I love the way Pap loves on his wife. It’s a beautiful thing.

  • LaReyna09

    I love how Pap keeps saying “him” when referring to the baby. 😊

  • nani ngai


  • R C