Forbes release list of top earners in entertainment under the age of 30


Now if you took a minute and thought about every person you know and how much money they may gross yearly, then add it up, multiply it by five and then add another million to it and I can promise you that it still won’t amount to the amount of money that one single person on this list has made over the past year. Forbes Magazine just released its list of power earners from different areas of entertainment that is  garnering a lot of ooooh’s and aaaaaw’s from the everyday 9 to 5 working common folk..

1. Lady Gaga — $80 million

2. Justin Bieber – $58 million

3. Taylor Swift — $55 million

4. Calvin Harris — $46 million

5. Rihanna — $43 million

6. Katy Perry – $39 million

7. Adele — $30 million

8. Jennifer Lawrence — $26 million

9. Kristen Stewart — $22 million

10. Taylor Lautner — $22 million

You can peep the complete list of Forbes highest earners under 30 here..