WATCH: D-Roc from Ying Yang Twins speaks on issue with French Montana

Everybody and anybody who haven’t been living under a rock  for the past few years can tell you that the slang phrase “HAAAAAAA” was first heard from Ying Yang Twin’s D-Roc, but in recent years the phrase seems to have been adopted by French Montana and rebirthed for the new generation. Sort of like the way Nicki Minaj rebirthed Lil Kim’s swag for the younger generation, most will assume that the concepts are original because it’s new to them and never sometimes realize that it’s just a reinvention of someone else’s concepts and creativity.

I don’t think Montana using the phrase is the issue, it’s the lack of credit that he is giving to the originator that may be ruffling a few feathers. After years of not hearing any Ying Yang shout out’s from Montana on any of his songs D-Roc is starting to take the issue personal and has just linked up with TheIs50 to air out a few things. Peep the interview