Toni Braxton loses 27 hit songs from her music catalog in bankruptcy case

R&B icon Toni Braxton has had many unfortunate ups and downs over the years concerning her health and financial woes but just when the storm clouds were seeming to clear for the songbird she is hit with yet another devastating blow.

As part of her bankruptcy agreement Toni was going to lose publishing for 27 songs to help pay off her debts and she would later have the option to buy them back for $20,000, only problem is that there was also a clause in the agreement  that would allow anybody to outbid Toni for the purchase of the songs and that appears to be just what happened. An average Joe by the name of Ross M. Klein offered 40K for the collection of hits and walked out the door..

– According to TMZ;

TMZ broke the story … Braxton struck a deal in her bankruptcy, in which she settled with her various debtors.  Part of the deal — Toni could buy back 27 songs from her music catalog for $20K — with one BIG string attached … she could be outbid. Enter a guy named Ross M. Klein, who doubled Toni’s price and nabbed the tunes.

Among the 27 are a few hits, including “Your Making Me High,” “How Many Ways,” and “Always” ..“Un-break My Heart” is not among the 27, and we don’t know its fate … although it looks like it’s still hers. Sometimes, it’s hard to carry a tune in bankruptcy.