WATCH: Flavor Flav feels that artists like Drake & Kendrick Lamar are not real Hip-Hop


Hip-Hop pioneers Public Enemy recently sat down for an in-depth interview in which they spoke on their impact on the Hip-Hop culture over the years and their thoughts on the current sound of rap music. It doesn’t seem like the duo is at all pleased with the current state of the genre stating that the tempo of the music has slowed down too much and that it’s basically too many rappers pillow talking on records and making love songs now.

The duo also went on to point out their annoyance with “swag rap” in which all a rapper talks about is how much money and clothes that they have, Flav shared that he feels that it causes young naive listeners and fans to put artists up on pedalstools for all the wrong reasons. Flav later stated that he feels that artists like Drake and Kendrick Lamar are not real Hip-Hop, and I tip my fitted hat to him for having the balls to make that statement.. Dickriding is at an all time high right now in the industry and Flav just let me know that there still may be a backbone in Hip-Hop somewhere.