WATCH: Waka Flocka explains where he got his name from and speaks on Suge Knight’s influence on him

Waka Flocka Flame recently let cameras follow him as he tested out new DUB certified cars and did a little shopping for some gear out in Los Angeles. While filming for the DUB Magazine Project the MC opened up about having complete control over how he is perceived in the media and making sure that record labels did not dictate how his image and sound should be, Waka later went on to reveal that he was born in Queens, NY but was later raised here in ATL in the Riverdale section of town.

Music mogul Suge Knight also makes a cameo in the piece as Waka rides whips around Suge’s stomping ground of LA , and the MC goes on to explain why he respects the Death Row boss and have learned a lot from him. Peep it out..