WATCH: Puff Daddy and Mase reunite backstage at OVO Fest

Puff Daddy and Mase ruled the 90’s with a string of hits both solo and separately but they have kind of been on the outs for the past 9 years for reasons nobody cares about anymore, nonetheless it seems that not even Puff and Mase care anymore either since they were both cuddled up backstage at the 2013 OVO Festival.

As the two friends giggled and pushed each other into walls and dark corners playfully backstage the whole thing was being filmed for the world’s pleasure, everyone loves a good rekindled bromance and this one right here is definitely that. Hopefully we’ll  get a brand new Puffy and Mase collab out of the deal maybe, or even a new Bad Boy tour with their old roster would be dope.. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing Craig Mack, Black Rob, G-Dep, The Lox, Total and Faith all hitting the stage again..