WATCH: Future speaks on not getting the credit and respect he deserves in new interview with Power 106 LA

ATLien Future and his ego hit up Power 106 in Los Angeles to talk about how many hits he has had to date that goes unacknowledged and how he feels that he doesn’t really get the credit and respect that he deserves, he must have went in there feeling some kind of way since he seemed to jump right into making that point straight out of the gate. I guess getting million dollar paychecks is not enough credit.

He went on to say that radio DJ’s can have much better programming if they stopped playing artists that sound like other artists on the radio, which was kind of odd coming from an artist who has been said to be copying T-Pain and even sounding like him at times on certain records since he hit the mainstream. So I guess if the radio DJ’s took Future’s advice then that means that he shouldn’t get spins on the radio himself, or pretty much anybody else who picked up autotune after T-Pain. I tuned out after that but he did later touch on his involvement with Ciara and his new single “Honest”, check it out..