Gucci Mane sued by pissed off concert promoters

Gucci Mane is all about that paper and sometimes he just may spread himself a little to thin just to make sure that he cashes in on every dime that can be made, but it seems as if that approach has gotten Gucci in some hot water now with some club promoters out of Little Rock, Arkansas who are claiming that the rapper performed at another club in a different state on the same nite that he performed at their event that left them short-handed.

Empire Entertainment filed a lawsuit stating that Gucci Mane only performed 3 songs for them and then bounced out to the next venue, they feel that they didn’t get their money’s worth from the 15 minute set and doesn’t seem to be taking it lightly..

TMZ reports;

Gucci Mane tried to pull a fast one and perform two gigs in one night — in two different states — so says the pissed off concert promoter, who’s suing the alleged two-timing rapper. Empire Entertainment filed a lawsuit against Gucci — real name Radric Davis — claiming it paid him $22,500 to perform in Little Rock, Arkansas on November 22nd … but didn’t get their money’s worth. Here’s why: Empire says prior to the gig, a nightclub in Tennessee began advertising a Gucci show for the same night — and says Gucci himself promoted it on Twitter. Empire says it called Gucci’s people — who assured them, no TN gig was happening.

But the night of the concert, Empire says it became clear Gucci’s people lied … claiming the rapper only performed 3 songs (15 min of stage time) and then hightailed it 138 miles to perform at the other club. Then drove back to stay in the hotel Empire provided. Empire says Gucci’s 2nd gig torpedoed their ticket sales. The company is suing for breach of contract and fraud. It wants all the cash it spent on his fee, hotel, travel and promotions. (TMZ)