WATCH: Marques Houston from IMX reveals why the original group member left and if he has beef with Omarion

I remember back in 1993 when the group named “Immature” hit the scene with the album Playtime Is Over, I swear that was the first full cassette album that I ever owned and I saved up my allowance to get it. Their debut song “Munchies” was so catchy that I couldn’t get it out of my head, back then the group didn’t include member “LDB” since the original member of Immature was this Asian kid named “Half-Pint” who was pretty dope. Another group that came out at the time was called Another Bad Creation (ABC) who had the hit song “Ieasha” and pretty much shared the same fan base, those also were the days of a young BellBivDevoe, Boyz 2 Men and TLC.

Group member “Half-Pint” later left Immature and was replaced with new member LBD (Lil Drummer Boy), the group was re-branded with the name IMX and axed “Immature” but fans never knew the reason why he disappeared at the height of their success, well Marques Houston has finally come forward to explain what happened to the young singer and the reason just may surprise you..