Diddy sued by intern for being “over-worked” at Bad Boy Entertainment

Ok so, most of us have an understanding that if we take on an internship with a company that you may be asked to do a lot of random miscellaneous tasks around the office sometimes like getting coffee for meetings or answering phone calls and taking messages, we also have an understanding that if you are not happy with the internship or the duties that it requires then you can always quit and leave at anytime since it’s unpaid anyways, you are never forced to do anything that you do not want to do unless there is a gun to your head.

What may not work for one person in an internship may be just fine for another person, so move the hell on so that the next young anxious lad that’s not as lazy can come along and do all the things that you had a problem doing in the position…Which brings me to Rashida Salaam, an ex-intern of Diddy’s Bad Boy Entertainment who is now suing the mogul for being “overworked” as an intern… *blank stare*

TMZ Reports;

Sean Combs is a corporate tyrant who had the audacity to force an unpaid intern to … gasp … GET COFFEE … this according a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

The ungrateful person behind the suit is Rashida Salaam — who claims she took a gig as an unpaid intern for Bad Boy Entertainment from January 2012 to May 2012 and couldn’t BELIEVE the kinds of work they had her do for free:

— answering telephones
— getting lunch and coffee for paid employees
— making deliveries
— gift-wrapping presents
— decorating the office during holidays

Just torture …
Salaam probably has a real case, thanks to recent changes in the law regarding unpaid internships (no more free labor for course credit) … but we’re guessing she’s probably hurting her chance at landing a full-time gig with the company by filing the suit. TMZ