WATCH: Fantasia performs a blazin set for Steve Harvey’s 2013 Neighborhood Awards


Steve Harvey recently held his 2013 Neighborhood Awards in Las Vegas and the night’s stunning headliner was none other than songstress Fantasia who gave an amazing performance of some of her biggest hits such as “When I see You” and “It’s All Good”. The Neighborhood awards is designed to honor hard working African-American men and women from different communities and various neighborhoods throughout the US that are positive pillars in their neighborhoods and good role models.

The night’s special guest Fantasia is good example of a strong black woman who have overcome a lot so it was a perfect it, she has never been shy when it comes to her stage shows but she took this one to a whole new level and didn’t need a million background dancers and a ton a strobe lights to pull it off. Fantasia worked the crowd from the stage to the floor and all the way down the aisles.