WATCH: Kanye West interview on Kris Jenner Show

My first question is..Why is Kanye West sounding like a gay white man from Germany? Kim Kardashian’s mother Kris Jenner decided to pimp their baby out for ratings by having Kanye West come on her talk show to reveal the picture of baby North West, during the interview Kanye claimed to be a shy family man who only lives by his christian beliefs… *blank stare*

I’m not sure if the intimidation of “white” media has him trying to make himself less intimidating now or if him being around those Katrashians for so long now has him brainwashed with ways he can pimp the media by playing “white gay christian family man”..who knows?..Either way it’s a sad day for Hip-Hop, just be yourself.. and in the words of Chris Brown..”If you don’t like it..Fuck you”. I’m completely against conforming to other people’s expectations of what they feel you should be or how they feel you should act just so that they can feel more comfortable with your presence. Fuck you