Charlamagne Tha God goes HAM on Lauryn Hill over “Consumerism”, crowns her as Donkey Of The Day

The Hip Hop world roared with applause yesterday as music icon Lauryn Hill was released from prison after serving time for tax evasion and once everybody caught wind that the MC also had a brand new song on deck they were even more optimistic about a triumphant comeback for the troubled Hill….until they heard the song that is. Fresh out of the pen Lauryn dropped her new joint titled “Consumerism” to the masses and after the Hip Hop community stood in bare silence as a whole for a solid five minutes in complete shock at what they were hearing, the tongue lashing and feelings of disappointment sweeped across the web causing mass confusion..

The song happens to be very fast and I think that Lauryn purposely does that so that it does not get played on the radio, she has been very anti-media over the years and I think that she’s afraid of going mainstream again. With Hill being as soulful as she is do people really think that she couldn’t make a radio-friendly tune if she wanted to? The point of the song is its message not its melody, I get it…but not everybody does, which brings me to The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne Tha God who wasn’t too pleased with Hill’s “Consumerism” and with that followed a hilarious rant as she is ceremoniously crowned as “Donkey Of The Day”..