The National Music Publishers Association sends 50 popular websites shut-down notices over copyrights

The National Publishers Association is laying the smack down on about 50 music websites for posting lyrics to songs without coughing up the cash for copyrights, the websites were sent the infamous “take-down” notice with instructions to remove damn near all of the song lyrics from their databases or pay for them… If not then the NMPA says that they have a bangin legal dream team on deck that’s more than prepared to serve a little tough justice. Now, I really feel some kind of way about this whole situation but Ima just keep it moving since BrokenSilenze has a healthy relationship with those good ol folks as of now… More on this below.

-Billboard reports;

The National Music Publishers Association on Monday fired an opening salvo at lyric sites that it believes have not obtained licenses to publish those lyrics, including Rap Genius. The NMPA said it has sent take-down notices to 50 sites identified in an October report by University of Georgia researcher David Lowery as likely not having licenses to publish lyrics. The notices demand that the sites obtain licenses or remove copyrighted lyrics from their sites. David Israelite, Chief Executive of the NMPA, said his organization was not targetting fan sites, but rather commercial websites.

“This is not a campaign against personal blogs, fan sites, or the many websites that provide lyrics legally,” Israelite said. Rather, the NMPA “is targeting fifty sites that engage in blatant illegal behavior.”

The group claims that more than five million searches for “lyrics” occur each day on Google, and that over 50% of all lyric page views are on unlicensed lyric sites., which displays advertising, claims on its site that it has 12 million unique visitors a month. The site did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Israelite said that the take-down notices are a precursor to filing copyright infringement lawsuits against sites that continue to publish song lyrics that they don’t have the licenses to. (Billboard)