Struggling Canadian artist threatens Lil Kim with a $150,000 lawsuit

The struggling Canadian makeup artist that have been swarming around the Queen Bee like a pesky flea over the past couple of months trying to get some money for a picture of a below-average 5th grade makeup job that she posted on Reddit for free, the work is mediocre at best compared to some of the other artists on the site but Samantha’s now convinced that it’s worth thousands of dollars.

After getting gassed up by her Reddit followers she has now lawyered up and threatened Lil Kim with a $150K lawsuit over the 75 cent photo, read more on this below…

-TMZ reports;

Lil’ Kim is 2-faced, according to an artist who claims Kim has jacked the punim she made famous … and she’s going after the rapper in a big way. Canadian artist Samantha Ravndahl lashed out at Kim on social media websites in November for lifting her scary image off Reddit, then using it on the Lil’ Kim website and Instagram accounts to promote her music.

Ultimately, it looks like Kim blew off  Samantha, so now the artist has lawyered up and fired off a letter to the rapper demanding Kim pull the image … or else. The “or else” is suing Kim for $150K minimum. And the lawyer’s letter points out a Lil’ irony. Kim once went on Hot 97 radio and complained Nicki Minaj stole her swag, adding, “If you are going to steal my swag, you gonna have to pay.” (TMZ)