WATCH: Check out Jay Z’s new Comador Cigar Documentary


I usually split my cigars down the middle and flush them out before filling them with the finest greenery that north ATL has to offer, but Jigga just launched a brand new line of cigars that’s strictly for the bougie and pretentious folks called ‘Comador Cigars’ that’ll cost you a slick $1,000 a case… Eh, I’ll stick with Tropical Fusion Swishers for now but in the meantime check out Jay’s new documentary about the new luxury cigar line..

Vibe reports;

The leaves are transferred to the Dominican Republic and then said to undergo a four-year aging process, concluding with a year of finishing in Dominican rum barrels and then a six month resting period in a cedar lined room.

The kicker? The cigar is only part of a package that includes a humidor, 21 cigars and a small travel case. Barney’s has already listed the humidor on their website for a cool $1,000. Comador’s website is offering a box of seven cigars for $210 and a travel cylinder for $350, which also includes seven cigars. (Vibe)