WATCH: Jill Scott teams up with Usher on NBC’s ‘The Voice’

Over the past year or so NBC’s smash singing competition ‘The Voice’ have stomped out American Idol  as the top dawg and is becoming the new go-to destination for upcoming songbirds trying to hum a few notes and catch a break, but now ‘The Voice’ is about to get even more soulful with the addition of vocal powerhouse Jill Scott who will be teaming up with Usher Raymond on Season 6 to help inject some real sangin into the mix…

-Extra reports;

Usher told “Extra’s” Renee Bargh, “That’s my secret weapon, incredible, as a writer, as a musician, as an actress, all those elements really help to prepare artists.” Jill added that Usher didn’t need to convince her to join him on the show.

“When Usher calls, you take the call.” She’s ready to help Usher win “The Voice” Season 6. Her best advice for contestants is, “Listen to your gut, follow your heart and it will lead you somewhere special.” Watch the season premiere of “The Voice” at 8 PM Monday, Feb. 24 on NBC. (Extra)